Adam’s American Idol Tour 2009 St. Louis Mo Recap

This is my second American Idol concert, last year being my first, and I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it just as much this year. I’m a 16 year old male, not exactly the main demographic for the show, but I went in knowing it, and I had a blast. During the show I was a huge KRADISON fan, but I was also a pretty big fan of Megan. My seats were in row 18 on the floor, last year we had the row right in front of the catwalk that came out. I knew that nothing would be able to top our view from last year, but I was really happy with our seats this year. Even though we were closer to the back of the floor than the stage, I still felt close and connected with the Idols. So if you are worried about having seats farther back on the floor, I wouldn’t.

The crowd was…insane. On level of loudness, I don’t have much to compare it to as I haven’t been to any of the other shows on this tour, but they WERE loud. The fans Idol concerts are very different. Many people are nice and respectable, whereas many others are rude and ignorant. I think that because the show is so competitive, the fans feel that they need to be too, although the competition is over. I, along with most of the rest of the floor, stood almost the entire show, which I loved. The girl next to me was very enthusiastic. She stood the entire show and sang out loud and danced to everything. Her attitude made me feel good about enjoying the show and not feeling awkward about wanting to stand up when others were sitting down.

Michael kicked off the show very nicely. I’m not a Michael fan, but his set was so short and painless that it was pretty pleasant. The crowd really enjoyed him.

Megan has the unfortunate spot of being after Michael because when he’s singing, people are excited that the concert’s beginning, but by the time she came, a lot of the excitement was chill. That said, I am a pretty big Megan fan and I was very happy with her set. I’m a huge fan of her voice and I understand that you either like it or you don’t, but I don’t feel like she could have done any better than she did last night. Many people around me seemed to enjoy Megan, although they weren’t very vocal.

Scott was okay. Most people seemed pretty excited when he first came out. He did just fine, I just couldn’t get into his set much. A Thousand Miles was more fun than Bend and Break. There were a few bum notes and I don’t really care for his falsetto. I also enjoy the fact that he can laugh at himself, but I felt that his jokes were unfunny and forced.

Lil came out singing her heart out. I loved all of Lil’s power notes, it reminded me that she could actually sing, but I feel like the audience didn’t care for her that much. I felt that No One, although sung okay, was bland. The audience all got up when she started singing “Single Ladies”, but I felt that she was out of breath and her singing just wasn’t the greatest during that song. She just couldn’t keep my attention much.

Anoop is a fantastic vocalist. I wish that he wouldn’t have sang two slow songs first, then finally sang the uptempo, My Prerogative. I did notice that it sounded like his voice cracked at one point during “Mad”, but other have said that he’s been doing that at most shows, so it might be on purpose. I’m not sure about that. Overall, he was pretty good.

Matt came out on that stage bursting with energy, and the audience LOVED him. I had heard that “Hard to Handle” was great, but I wasn’t expecting it to be THAT awesome! I especially loved when he started banging on the piano toward the end of the song. “Georgia”, and “You Found Me” were solid and kept the crowds attention pretty well. I was very impressive with Matt.

The group number before intermission was probably the most unmemorable moment of the night. Although it was fun to watch, there was just nothing that special to remember about it.

Allison is my FAVORITE. As soon as the lights when down I jumped up and started cheering for her. There’s not much to say about her that hasn’t been said, but I feel like she was underrated last night as the crowd was only moderately loud for her. All three of her songs were fantastic, like I’d knew they would be. I felt like her set was too short and I didn’t want it to end.

Danny is not my favorite. He is an alright singer, but I think he is over-hyped by many. The crowd loved him, especially the older women. I felt like some of his notes may have came out a little too forced. I enjoyed grooving to some of the music he was singing, but I just don’t like watching him while he’s performing on stage.

Adam made the arena explode! His energy was just fantastic and the crowd was screaming for him. “Whole Lotta Love” seemed extra-high energy, which was awesome! His set was really great, not much to say.

Kris is more of my type of artist. I knew that the crowd would be louder for Adam, but it wasn’t really that big of a difference at all. Although some sat down, the crowd was still very excited for Kris. Bright Lights and All These Things That I’ve Done were the highlights for me. I really like when he plays guitar. It adds so much more intensity to the performances.

“Don’t Stop Believin'” was so much fun. I was singing and dancing with the girl next to me, and it was great!

The tour buses park in the parking garage at the Scottrade Center, so barricades were set up in the lobby for the Idols to come out and sign. They had the barricades setting right there when everyone was leaving and they were trying to hide that the Idol were coming out so MANY, MANY people were there. I felt like it was way more than last year.

The crowd was so rediculous, it almost wasn’t worth staying. We were about 2 people back from the front of the barricades andI had my younger brother with me, who for a while couldn’t see and was getting very squished. A lot of people didn’t pay enough attention to look down and watch out for younger children, which was unfortunate. Eventually two nice ladies let my brother come up to the front, so he could see and could get more air.

Some people were very nice, and I enjoyed relating to them and chatting, while others were rude and inconsiderate of others. Megan, Allison, Adam, Scott, Matt and Danny came out in the end and I got a chance to get all of their signatures. Matt and Danny were especially nice. Before Adam came out there was some very rude chanting of Adam’s name when Megan and Allison were being nice and trying to sign, but there was nothing I could do about it.

All in all, I had a fantastic time and I could say that it was just as great as the Season 7 concert. I recommend it to anyone who loves music and great entertainers.

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