Headlines: Adam Lambert Talks Wicked, The Voice Coaches Worship Mariah

Adam Lambert Talks 15th Anniversary Of ‘Wicked’

Mariah Carey Is Here and the Coaches are Losing Their Minds – The Voice 2018 (Digital Exclusive)

Two minutes and 20 seconds of The Voice coaches kissing Mimi’s ass, basically.

Open Space: Stro

AKA Astro from X Factor UK. He has positive things to say about his time on the show.

L.A. City Attorney Declines Tom Arnold’s Assault Case Against Mark Burnett

The case of assault filed by Tom Arnold against Mark Burnett has been declined by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed. The decision was made because of insufficient evidence, officials told THR.  On Thursday, in response to the decision, Arnold released a statement saying there were several witnesses who saw that he was the victim, but they were intimidated to speak with police because “Mark Burnett is a powerful man.” – Read more at Hollywood Reporter

World Premiere Exclusive: Adam Pasc...
World Premiere Exclusive: Adam Pascal Talks & Sings 'Maria'

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  1. Maddie’s and David Cook’s new songs are out!

    Loving the Cook iTunes snippet (I picked a bad week to have $0.04 in my iTunes account…) and love, love the whole song Maddie posted on YouTube! :D

  2. Nice interview for Adam on ETCanada. So glad he was asked to be part of the Wicked Special. The PR has been great.

  3. Adam was on the cover w/write-up of this Sept/Oct special edition about the QAL Vegas Residency.

    “In the world of rock music, there are some frontmen who are so strongly associated with the band, it’s impossible to envision the band existing without him. You couldn’t have the Rolling Stones without Mick Jagger; Steven Tyler is the face of Aerosmith; and for years, Freddie Mercury was the performing heart, soul and voice of Queen. When Mercury met his untimely demise in 1991, it was a forgone conclusion that Queen was over. It wasn’t until Adam Lambert captivated America in season 8 of “American Idol” that Queen found what they were looking for…”


  4. Adam looks amazing! I love him being with Queen. Being the frontman for such an accomplished and iconic rock band has given him so much exposure and is great for him financially. But it is also wonderful that he continues to have solo opportunities, attention/publicity and invites in his own name. He truly has the best and makes the most of both worlds. He comes off the road with Queen but is still front and center with solo accomplishments and interest.


    “Heartthrob! Singer Adam Lambert, 36, looked quite dashing in a midnight blue pinstripe suit, and pair of white soled sneakers” (loafers not sneakers, lol)

  5. Still “Wicked”: Celebrating 15 Years of The GRAMMY-Winning Musical

    “The musical that won Best Musical Theatre Album at the 47th GRAMMY awards is now bringing together GRAMMY nominees Ariana Grande, Ledisi and Adam Lambert as well as GRAMMY winners Pentatonix to perform with original cast members Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth to celebrate the 15 years of magic.”


  6. QR’s upcoming Live album/DVD, “Quiet Riot – One Night In Milan” has just shown up for pre-order on Nuclear Blast (which is the major hard rock distributor/record label in Europe). It’s also listed the same as the earlier German metal site’s release date of 1/25/2019. It’s available 2 ways to pre-order, as a CD and DVD combo or Blu-Ray. No album cover pic is available yet, probably coming soon with the official press release from Frontiers Music. It hasn’t shown up yet for pre-order in the U.S.

  7. So far, the pcs. seem to be coming together nicely for this! This entire scene is pretty much what you’d have hoped for happening for them (James/QR) as a group. Great to see it showing up now & soon then for us.

  8. We should be hearing some official news from Frontiers soon as most of these pre-order sites have just popped up this past week.

    My guess is the cover art will be something from that official photo shoot the band had in Milan during those days they were there for that festival. Remember this from that shoot… it would make an awesome cover (or back/inside pic), imo…

  9. Gonna give it simply “interesting” & The Jefferson’s theme song lyrics bec it is probably as much as James & Heidi themselves dwell on “riches” but everyone knows it’s important to get paid ….& climb that ladder to try & keep up: (all in good fun/humor)
    Took a whole lotta tryin’
    Just to get up that hill.
    Now we’re up in the big leagues
    Gettin’ our turn at bat.
    As long as we live, it’s you and me baby
    There ain’t nothin wrong with that.
    Well we’re movin on up,
    To the east side.
    To a deluxe apartment in the sky.
    Movin on up
    To the east side.
    We finally got a piece of the pie.

    All I seem to have put together is that their (Heidi & James) attitude toward friends in the biz & his fans, appear anyway, to have remained pretty constant over the yrs. Its remaining like that thru hopefully many more achievements/worth$$ possibilities is what long fans of his/theirs would probably agree–likely won’t change whatever future figures may show up for him.

  10. Agree. They could change the background maybe (or not lol) bec my 1st reaction when seeing that was that it is a long, wild hairdo on him.

  11. Perfect. lol.
    All kidding aside though, I’m sure the majority is from touring, but don’t forget Road Rage was released worldwide in 2017. Who knows how much it has sold to date worldwide, but it seems Frontiers was satisfied enough to greenlight this second live album for 2019.
    (And don’t forget, James also wrote all those songs on Road Rage. Him, Frankie and Frankie’s writing partner Neil. So those songs don’t have a ton of co-writers to split royalties.)

  12. Same page we are lol,,,, Enjoyed seeing & hearing the video. Even imagined James strutting like George Jefferson does in the end. Love it!
    And I’ll turn to the serious also..noticing Road Rage being featured on those sites gives hope that the good album is getting some push. His voice, their playing…style, you name it…all worthy imo.

  13. Speaking of Road Rage, the Japanese release had an exclusive acoustic version of “Make a Way” as a bonus track. I’d really like to hear how James’ stripped down that song. Never found it on YT. Love to hear that one someday.

  14. And you nvr know, we may just get that…he’s kind of accommodating that way.
    Throwing it in here, hope we get video from the casino–same songs yeah, but like the crowd scenes.

  15. Always hoping for video. Saw Frankie’s FB post they just landed in Kansas.

    Also forgot to mention did you see the pics on his and Chuck’s FB from that celebrity golf event fundraiser dinner the band was at last night in Fla. Check out the pic with Patrick Warburton (loved him as Putty on Seinfeld, lol). Laughed at how casually Frankie mentions the pic of all of them was taken by Jim McMahon, QB for the Chicago Bears who won the Superbowl in 1985, who was also there, lol.
    (Pics on his and Chuck’s FB)

  16. 1st…I AM weak…just simply from our discussing it, I had to go to Road Rage & find no need for an Acoustic version of “Make A Way” & that’s lighthearted also BUT the record’s version w/full band couldn’t get much better than that.
    Now I will make way to some of those pics you mention. There was 1 Chuck had posted of James sampling a guitar in a shop they were in—nice.

  17. I had seen the post about the Seinfeld character & didn’t recognize him & I was a big Seinfeld fan so will have to research what episodes I must have missed.

  18. He was Elaine’s dopey bf. The NJ Devils fan, the car salesman, he was on a ton of episodes towards the end of the show’s run. Funny, funny stuff.

  19. Ok then, will be looking them up—old stuff beats most of the new on tv these days anyway.

  20. They used such a georgous photo!

    This will be a lot of fun! Here’s more info about the show from the theater:

    “For those who asked, yes, Adam will be present live and in-person, but he will not be performing a concert. He will be interviewed and will participate in games and general dreaminess.”

  21. Going to wind up this convo by saying after viewing only a single snippet of Seinfeld w/Putty in it, I totally recall who he was & the fact that he was in multiple episodes. Guess I just didn’t recognize him right away from the picture Frankie had originally posted & didn’t know his name from the show.

  22. Another horrific act of violence, this one killing 11 worshippers at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. And another clueless, empty-worded response from Trump.

  23. Devestating. The neighborhood that synagogue is in, Squirrel Hill, is home to the largest Jewish community in Pittsburgh. The pain they must be in now is unimaginable.

    I lived in an adjacent neighborhood for a few years after college. Loved that area of the city so much. If I hadn’t moved to Boston I’d probably be living there now.

    It’s a very progressive area—near a bunch of universities. And the synagogue itself is Liberal from what I understand. Trump says he’s going to visit them. I doubt they even want him there.

  24. …and then goes on to make tasteless attempts at a joke about canceling because his hair got messed up while delivering those empty words.

    People were murdered, he’s trying to joke about a “bad hair day”…I really can’t with this ish.

  25. I saw this on Twitter. Adam seems to be everywhere. He’s busy, having fun, and the media is right there to capture it all.

  26. James Durbin
    2 hrs ·

    I’m about to board a flight home. I wanted to let know that I just finished the last scene of my Vlog: JAMES WORLD, edited and uploaded to my YouTube page!! If you wanna see what I’ve been up to the past week, this is the only place to see it :) Here’s some of what happened:

    This week I set off for Panama City Beach, but due to Hurricane Michael that concert had been canceled. So we took an impromptu band vacation to Sandestin at Miramar Beach, FL to trip around, eat breakfast at Alex’s mom’s house, attend a celebrity golf event & even ended up performing at one of Alex’s old haunts. Once that was done we headed off to Pittsburg, Kansas for a SOLD OUT show at Kansas Crossings Casino. Follow my travels and a brief glimpse into my world.
    (Songs used on this week’s episode are from James’ recently released 4th solo album “Homeland”)

  27. Nice thoughts from Archie! We can get interesting, fresh answers when the Alumni do interviews with unexpected publications…for some reason, Travel publications are especially good for that…I like this wrinkle, maybe it will turn into a trend… Heh.

  28. Hypocrite Trump had to mention that the murderer was not his supporter, but not one mention about the mail bomber being a huge supporter. He and other Repubs tried to blame the bomber on Dems.

  29. Interesting interview with David Archuleta, focusing on travel-reated topics given the publication, with some insights we don’t get in most interviews. Love this exchange:
    ML: One of our core objectives at SCP is to bring people together while traveling, not only to influence people to see and appreciate our beautiful world, but to also minimize cross-cultural divides. What effect does traveling, specifically surrounding music, have on humans in this regard? How has it broadened your perspective of the world?

    DA: It helps you realize that there’s more to life than what you see because sometimes you feel like this is how you’re supposed to be, or this is how you’re supposed to think and this is how you’re supposed to behave. You go to other places and you see that what you think is normal, other people think is so weird. Like you’ll think, “You can’t do that, it’s not normal.” But, other people could think it is normal.

    So, you see different ways to live and you can still continue finding joy, happiness and peace. But, it also helps you realize how similar everyone is because everyone still has those day-to-day struggles of feeling loved, feeling like you have a sense of purpose. You could be friends with all kinds of people from different countries even if they’re living completely different lifestyles than you are. It’s a really beautiful experience.

  30. Oh, the singing & dancing w/Chuck Wright….showing once again I misread the guy cuz that was so unlike Rockers—entertainingly silly & out-of-character. Liking the bits from Frankie & Alex too & the look-into being on the road which gives you the impromptu fun that comes up & the d-r-a-g of travel time (long drives, early wake-ups, tiredness & those miserable airport delays). Thanks to James & the guys for letting us in a little again.

  31. Forgot to “thumbs-up” the background music from his newest recordings on Homeland–very fitting & sound great. Also loved the shout-out to missing his kids at home & watching their fav cartoon shows w/o them lol.

  32. Chuck does seem to be the most fun loving and the first one to join in with James’ nonsense, lol. Can’t wait to see the episodes from Mexico next month, those should be tons of fun.

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