Aaron Lewis Botches the National Anthem At the World Series (VIDEO)


Singing the National Anthem before a big event is a nerve-wracking experience for performers, because there’s no room for mistakes. Just ask Staind lead singer turned country dude, Aaron Lewis, who botched the Anthem pretty bad last night before Game 5 of the World Series (Oct 26).

HAMILTON's Leslie Odom Performs...
HAMILTON's Leslie Odom Performs National Anthem at Subway Series Game

Aaron took the field in San Francisco to sing the SSB a cappella and promptly screwed up the lyrics–a BIG BIG no no for Anthem singers. Instead of singing “at the twilight’s last gleaming” he sang “were so gallantly streaming.” When that lyric came for real later during the song, he repeated it. OOPS. He was also off-key in spots. Not a good rendition, all around.

Afterward, the singer was so embarrassed, he took to to the front page of his official website to apologize and make sure we all knew he really really loves ‘murica.

All I can say is I’m sorry and ask for the Nation’s forgiveness. My nerves got the best of me and I am completely torn up about what happened. America is the greatest country in the world. The Star-Spangled Banner means so much to so many, including myself. I hope everyone can understand the intensity of the situation and my true intent of this performance. I hope that the Nation, Major League Baseball and the many fans of our national pastime can forgive me.

Check out the singer’s flub here:

To be honest, I had no idea the guy from the post-grunge band, Staind was singing country these days. He’s released FOUR country singles since 2011.

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  1. This is the guy who made some not so flattering comments at a Jingle Ball 6(?) years ago regarding Idol singers. I’ll be kind and not comment on his rendition.

  2. So he went country too? lol. Thanks for that info.
    Explains why I never hear him (them) on rock radio anymore.

  3. There are 2 ways to get noticed singing the NA. Do an amazing job or really mess up.

    Somebody’s getting more publicity than he has in years.

  4. Actually there is only 1 way to get noticed – when you mess up. Story is all over the media.

  5. He went country, but hasn’t really had much success (1 of his singles made Top 40). He performed at Rockfest this year. He performed Staind music, but by himself. I remember a story & videos that came out at the time where he berated the crowd for molesting a teenage girl who was crowd surfing.

  6. I’m not sure if he made negative comments about Idol singers, but he did make remarks about Carrie. When “Last Name” was released he said that he would never record music that didn’t represent himself. Also, he said the lyrics & representation of her in the song sends a bad message to fans. He said he doubted that she really had much input on the song & just chose it from her songwriters.

  7. It kinda reminds me of Scott Stapp’s situation. Ex-lead singer of Creed, now a solo act (low selling, barely hanging on at Wind-Up, probably dropped by now) that still sings in a style totally out of touch with the current hard rock sound popular on radio.
    Next I’ll hear he’s ‘going country’ as well ;)

  8. I recall some fuss about that at the time, wordnerdarchie, but I ignored it as a bid for attention. This screw-up got him even more attention, but not in a good way.

    The people who don’t screw up make it look easy – but those are the same people who would sympathize with this guy, because they know how tough of a gig it really is. I listened, I can only smh. That one is The MLB organization’s bright idea.

  9. The irony is the reigning Idol winner that Fox is clearly so embarrassed by likely would have done a nice job on the anthem and wouldnt have made the mockery out of it that this guy did.

  10. Well if MLB and the Giants in particular are picking this guy out of the thousands of singers available to sing the anthem I now have little to no faith in their choices across the board. And, to be honest I have never heard of him or his once upon a time grunge group….though, to be fair, I was doing other things than listening to grunge in the 90s.

  11. I never could stand this guy’s voice anyways. He is not even a mediocre singer IMO.

  12. At first, I was thinking that getting a case of nerves while singing the anthem could happen to anyone, but after seeing this video, all I can think is “Up yours, Aaron Lewis!”

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