Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

Ace Young’s single “Scattered” is available for download at iTunesTaylor Hick’s performances of “Hell of a Day” and “What’s Going On” are now posted at and available for viewing.

And finally, a little Elliott Yamin news.  Shirley Kennedy interviewed him for the National Ledger.  Here’s an excerpt about the music he’s currently recording:

Yeah, there will be some ballads on there, but I want to definitely have a live feel, a live sound to it; meaning, when I go in the studio, I want to have live drum tracks. I want to use piano. I don’t want too many overproduced, studio kind of tracks, you know what I mean? . . . I would like more of a live band feel to it. That’s really what I get off on is that live stage and live instruments behind me.

I just can’t wait to start writing and co-writing with some great writers that I have—that are in store to work with. When I get back, I’m going to be working with Derek Bramble. He—actually—I just talked to him on the way over here. He sent me a couple of tracks via MP3, and I heard them over the phone. . . . Derek Bramble is the gentleman that produced the Top 12 compilation album. He’s done work with Faith Hill—a lot of big artists in the business, but he’s really an R&B/soul guy.

I’m really good at—when it comes down to recording, I’m really good at arranging vocals, just because I have that ear for it. As far as my writing, I’m kind of a rookie writer, just kind of starting out and getting used to writing. I wrote a song before we left L.A. for the tour, and I recorded it with DJ Lethal. It’s not finished yet. We laid down the scratch vocals and everything on it. DJ Lethal is, of course, Limp Bizkit’s DJ, but before that, he was in House of Pain. He’s a lot of fun to work with. He’s a good friend of my cousin, who is managing me—Josh Abraham—so I hung out with him all week, and we recorded a song and worked on a couple of other tracks that he had.

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