The Chair of Doom

The Top 44 got whittled down tonight to The Top 24 in  the Hollywood  episode me and my buds at my home board lovingly call “The Chair of Doom.”   The contestants wait in a room several floors below where the judges sit.   Each contestant takes  an elevator up several floors, and walks  down a long hallway into the “judges chambers.”   It’s like a poor little lamb going to slaughter.  Sitting nervously in a chair facing the judges,  each contestant  learns their fate.   If they make the Top 24,  they continue  on to compete for a spot  in the Top 12.   Cameras follow them,  chronicling the contestant’s reactions.   This episode is pure reality-show drama.

Interspersed are clips of contestants auditioning–usually from  the a cappella audition that  preceded the Top 44 cut.   Some of these kids we barely saw and NEVER heard sing.   I find it really  frustrating that a contestant that makes it all the way to the last 44 is never heard, while   viewers are made to suffer through 3 weeks of really bad singing during the audition rounds.   With that  sentiment  in mind, I’ve decided to do some research, and find out a bit about some of these “lost” contestants–and feature them here.   I think I’d also like to feature some of the contestants from room 1–the room that was cut right before the Top 44.   So, if anybody out there knows anything about the 20 plus contestants who didn’t make the Top 24, give me a hollah.   I’ll probably feature a few every day.   Right before the competition starts next week, I’ll  post another rundown of the  Top 24, with additional information.   Comments posted here that include websites, song clips etc are welcome.   I save every comment posted, so I’ll be looking  through info that’s already been left here by readers.   Thanks!

In the meantime–I really really am working on episode recaps.   Honest!   I’ve got this lil thing called a JOB that seriously cuts into my internet time.   Dang.   You’ll see the first one right below this post soon.

Articles done by hometown papers on a few of the Top 44/24 contestants:

Kevin Covais
Paris Bennett
Becky O’Donahue
Ayla Brown
Crystal Stark (Top 44)

One last thing.   Thank again to the folks who helped me compile the Top 24 spoilers.   We batted 1000!   You all RAWK…ya rawk hard…

Ahem.   I hear the kids are in Hollywood right now and will be taping next week’s shows this weekend.   I’m looking for information as always.   Info on themes, clothing, song spoilers, DRAMA…you get the picture…please contact me at   Or click the little yellow envelope at the end of this post.   Confidentiality is guaranteed.   Or I’ll credit you and thank you profusely.   Take your pick.