Wither Cortney Jetter?

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A picture named CortneyJetter1.jpgWither Cortney Jetter?

Super-sleuth, TM,  from the AI  Forum at Survivor Sucks did some Zapruder-like fact checking of last night’s and Tuesday’s Hollywood  episodes and noticed that something was amiss.   Only 44 contestants were featured during Wednesday’s “Green Mile” episode.   However, in Tuesday night’s show, where they cut the contestants down to 44 by eliminating rooms of contestants, (well, 1  room in this case)  3 rooms of 15  were advanced to the final round–that’s a total of 45 contestants.   After comparing Tuesday  night’s contestants to  Wednesday’s, TM discovered the missing contestant was Cortney Jetter, pictured on the left.   I double-checked the Top 44  list that Chris Cambler  compiled from domain registration databases (by the way, Chris–good job–you got everybody!) and Cortney’s domain name is on that list.   Here’s Cortney (middle girl) from a screen cap of Room 2.A picture named room2.jpg

So the question is, why wasn’t Cortney part of Wednesday night’s episode? If there were 45 contestants  rather than the typical 44, could she have been an alternate?    Or, as the Top 44 were picked 6 weeks after the Hollywood rounds, could something have happened in the meantime?   Over at Survivor Sucks,   TM posted that she  heard from a source that within those 6 weeks, Idol conducted intense background checks on all the contestants.   The source felt sure that at least one of the group would be quietly edited out of the show without a mention.

Other Strange Happenings:

Could Top 24  contestant,  Katharine McPhee, be a Scientologist?   She took some courses: “Purification Rundown Procedure” and  “Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life.”   If I’m not mistaken, the purification rundown is  a  “treatment” that includes butt-loads of niacin, and constant saunas and exercise.   I think there’s something about cooking oil in there too, but I could be mistaken.

Here are the 18 contestants who didn’t make the Top 24 (sans Brittenum Twins).   You’ll be hearing more about them later.

1. Jessica Santos
2. Bobby Bullard
3. Brooke Barrett-Smith
4. Nick Whitten
5. Stephanie White
6. Crystal Stark
7. Bobby Dillard
8. Antonio Bridges
9. Eugenia Littlejohn
10. Mark Adam Lockyear
11. Marcy Smith
12. Nicole Ortiz
13. David Avram
14. William McCoy
15. Brianna Taylor
16. April Walsh
17. Megan Bobo
18. Syd Harcourt


The AI Website has its Top 24 contestants  page  up. It  features interviews,  videos and pictures.   I gotta check that out myself…