Top 24 Results

Gone from the competition tonight:

Bobby Bennett – Predictable.   He was the right person to go, and he knew it too.   Bobby–don’t choose songs for your grandma–choose songs that can advance you to the next round.   You might mull that one over back at your day job at Target.   But, maybe it didn’t matter.    I think contestants like Bobby are chosen only  as fodder to be ripped apart by  the judges–for the amusement of the masses, of course.  

Patrick Hall – Predictable, unfortunately.   And the more I think about it, the more disappointed I am.   Some times one mistake, like choosing the wrong song, can be fatal.   That very first song in the Top 24 round is so important.   Now we’ll never get to hear Patrick sing a ballad.   Dang.

Stevie Scott – Predictable.   I’d heard rumors that Stevie wasn’t feeling well Tuesday night.   Despite that, she was way out of her league in the competition.

Becky O’Donohue – Unpredictable – She’s not a good singer, but I thought her beauty and sweet personality would keep her in the competition at least another week.   Coincidentally,   Becky and her twin sister Jessie did a photo shoot and web video for Maxim Online  in 2004.   Extra did an “expose”  of the story yesterday, with Simon Cowell’s girlfriend Teri “surprising” him with a screening of the web video.   The pictures have been floating around on the net since December–not much of an “expose”–and certainly the show’s producers were aware of them.   I don’t believe the rumors I’ve been hearing–that Becky was disqualified.

I have a subscription to the American Idol Magazine (yeah, I really do) and I just received the newest issue with Constantine Maroulis on the cover nice.   There are some real nice photos and an article about him on the inside.   Also, there’s  a feature on the Hollywood rounds and  profiles on each of the Top 44 contestants–which is nice, since  there were  several  who got no screen time.   The issue’s a little on the thin side though–only 64 pages–20 of those pages  make up  a semi-final round “score card.”   Play along at home, ya’ll.

Worth sharing from the magazine–AI5 Schedule for the rest of the season:

All shows start at 8 pm


Tuesday, February 21 – 12  Female Semifinalists (2 hours)
Wednesday, February 22 – 12  Male Semifinalists (2 hours)
Thursday, February 23 – Results Show (1 hour)

Tuesday,  February 28  –  10  Female Semifinalists (90 minutes)
Wednesday, March  1 –  10  Male Semifinalists (90 minutes)
Thursday, March 2 – Results Show (1 hour)

Tuesday,  March 7  –  8  Female Semifinalists (1 hour)
Wednesday, March  8 –  8  Male Semifinalists (1 hour)
Thursday, March  9 – Results Show (1 hour)


Tuesday, March 14 – 12 finalists (2 hours)
Wednesday, March 15 – Results Show (30 minutes)

Tuesday, March  21 – 11 finalists (2 hours)
Wednesday, March  22 – Results Show (30 minutes)

Tuesday, March  28 – 10 finalists (1 hour)
Wednesday, March  29 – Results Show (30 minutes)

Tuesday,  April 4  –  9 finalists (1 hour)
Wednesday,  April 5  – Results Show (30 minutes)

Tuesday,  April 11  –  8 finalists (1 hour)
Wednesday,  April 12  – Results Show (30 minutes)

Tuesday,  April 18  –  7 finalists (1 hour)
Wednesday,  April 19  – Results Show (30 minutes)

Tuesday,  April 25  –  6 finalists (1 hour)
Wednesday,  April 26  – Results Show (30 minutes)

Tuesday, May 2  –  5 finalists (1 hour)
Wednesday, May 3  – Results Show (30 minutes)

Tuesday, May  9 –  4 finalists (1 hour)
Wednesday, May 10 – Results Show (30 minutes)

Tuesday, May 16  –  3 finalists (1 hour)
Wednesday, May 17  – Results Show (30 minutes)


Tuesday, May  23  –  2 finalists (1 hours)
Wednesday, May 24  – Results Show (2 hours)