Sunday Night Spoilers

Sunday Night Spoilers.

What songs will the kids be singing this week?   I do have a little inside information to share with ya all.   OK.   I know it ain’t much.   But it’s somethin’.   And I’m ever so grateful to my sources.   Thank You.

Nothing cast in stone, of course, but here’s what I got:

Ayla Brown is  working on a  Sarah MacLachlan song. Supposedly, she has approved a preliminary arrangement and has rehearsed it with the band.

Will Makar will be singing a ballad this week.    Nothing more specific on that, yet.

ETA:   Ok, I’ve received more information from a reliable source. Thank You.   Spoiling songs is difficult, because song selections ARE subject to change.   Ayla may have been rehearsing a Sarah McLachlan song, but for various reasons, her selection could have changed.   And I have more information on Will’s selection.  Again, nothing cast in stone, yada yada yada…

Ayla Brown – a Celine Dion song

Will Makar – “Lady” –  by Lionel Richie

Ace – “If You’re Not the One” –  by Daniel Bedingfield

David Radford – “The Way You Look Tonight”  –  Standard, by Frank Sinatra and others,  recently done by Rod Stewart

Taylor Hicks – “Easy” –  by The Commodores, I believe

Before They Were Idols

I thought it would be cool to feature music made by the Top 24 before they auditioned for Idol.   Some of these clips were emailed to me, left in my comments section, or found on message boards (particular thanks to the HH).

Here is an original tune performed by Bucky Covington posted on Bucky Covington

Jose “Sway” Penala’s fansite  has an entire page devoted to Sway’s music and tunes recorded with his band, 6th Day.

Here is a song  recorded by Paris Bennett.

From the CBS StarSearch Page, Lisa Tucker competing in Star Search – Junior Division when she was 13.

A snippet of Ace Young’s song  on the “Little Vampire” soundtrack.

Music  and  more music  from Chris Daughtry’s band, Absent Element

Taylor Hicks, who’s been gigging for 10 years, has a ton of stuff out there.   Here are  four mp3s to down load: Georgia on My Mind  (this is a gem, highly recommended),  Heart and Soul, Hell of a Day  and Soul Thing.   Also,  mp3s Taylor’s college band recorded, posted by Taylor’s friend, Steven Jackson.

Ayla Brown’s fansite has posted   mp3s and video  from a benefit she performed.

Will Makar’s  band, Last Born.   And, a home video.

Any other Idol hidden gems out there? Either  shoot me an email, or post in my comment section.   Thanks.

I’ve updated  and added website links  for Bucky Covington, Will Makar, David Radford  and Taylor Hicks, here.   And I’ve re-written and added pictures to the guys’ performance recap from Wednesday.   I re-posted the guys’ recap  here–with the girls’ recap posted right below.