September 24 Wilkes-Barre Idols and Limbo Show

A picture named tree.JPG

It's almost over, kids.  Tonight is the last show of the American Idols tour, here in Wilkes-Barre PA.  After the show, Taylor Hicks band, the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra takes the stage of the Woodlands Resort for the last After Idols party.  Word is out, Taylor and the gang will be on hand to jam with the guys. 

And I'm here for the party.

Look how purty.  This part of Pennsylvania is nestled in the Pocono mountains, and it's beautiful.

As I pulled up to the resort, the AI buses were just leaving for the arena.  Ace was still outside signing autographs and taking pictures with his fans.  I snapped a few.

A picture named acebus.JPG



Just as the buses pulled out, the skies opened up, and the rain came down–hard.  I went inside and holy crap, it was one crazy scene.  Fans everywhere.

I left to drive to the hotel next door where I'm staying, and thankfully, it was much quieter.  I'm an introvert, I need my alone time!  Anyway.  I have the worst high speed internet connection ever, but I will still try to keep you all updated.