Brittenum Twins In Trouble With the Law

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Heh. Breaking news.   Hollywood-bound twins, Derrell and Terrell  Brittenum  are in trouble with the law.  Details here:

Terrell Brittenum, 28, has been in jail since Jan. 10 on an outstanding warrant for charges related to the illegal purchase of a car in Rockdale County, Ga., east of Atlanta.  

He and his brother, Derrell, are accused of using another man’s identity to buy a 2005 Dodge Magnum in June.

Derrell was expected to turn himself in on the same charges of forgery, theft by deception and financial identity fraud, The Commercial Appeal newspaper reported.

I posted yesterday that both Derrell and Terrell are, well were, potential Top 24 contestants–both names  having been  registered by Idol on December 9th by NETNAMES.   I wonder if this situation has anything to do with the rumors surrounding potential Top 24 contestant Tora?   A friend of hers hinted in  a radio interview that Tora may have replaced a disqualified contestant on the Top 24/44 list.   Hmmmm.   Stay tuned.

I’ll be back on line later to post last night’s recap.