Thanks everybody who left comments on my last couple of entries!  

Spoilerai tells me not to give up on the Brittenum twins just yet, as  an arrest  doesn’t mean a DQ.   True, though it might be kinda hard for the boys to compete from a jail cell, yes?   At least one of them is still behind bars.   Unless Nigel bails him out.   :).   Interesting that the producers still chose to feature them despite their legal troubles–and then the news story breaks the next morning.   A coincidence?   Hmmmm.   After last year, I think they’ve decided that Scandal is Good–they seem to be running with it.

Just Me makes an excellent and obvious point:   Why would Tora, a female contestant replace the twins when the Top 24 are made of of equal parts girls and boys?     Are the Top 44 equal as well?   If so, then….NEVER MIND.   Another anonymous poster suggests Jose Penala, the OTHER potential Top 24 contestant WITHOUT an obvious NETNAMES registration as the Brittenum replacement. *smacks head*   Yikes, that one was staring at me right in the face.   Thanks for the excellent suggestion, anon.

Another anonymous poster says they KNOW for SURE that Tora and the Brettenum twins did NOT make the Top 24, but that April Walsh, Chris Daughtry, Ace Young, Becky O’Donahue, Lisa Tucker and Paris Bennett DID. Oh yeah?   If you say so, I guess.   Actually, that sounds like a reasonable list, except for April.   While she’s got oodle’s of personality, she’s not a great singer (you hit the nail on the head on that one, spoiler).   Anyway,   Simon’s got a rule–No Fat White Chicks.   I’ll bet he’s got one of those signs with a big red line running through it hanging in his office.

Finally, according to Just Me, the girl whose mother I was asking about in my Chicago recap is in fact, potential Top 24 contestant, Paris Bennett.   Her grandmother (not her mom) is Ann Nesby from Sounds of Blackness.   I’ve never heard of her or the group, but apparently she’s pretty famous.

Jessica and korey, both freinds of potential Top 24 contestant Brianna Taylor, have posted messages backing up the middle school teacher I quoted here a few days ago.   According to her friends, she attended Central Bucks East high school right outside of Philly where she was active in theater and choir. She’s African-American and has a very unique voice.

I’m working on my Denver recap right now.     In the meantime, some fan sites for the newly-minted Idols for ya’all to peruse:

Yet another fan site  for Ace Young.

Some of David Radford’s new fans have started a MySpace  for him.   Thanks to grrrr from HH for that one…