Stadium of Fire, Provo Utah

Here is a review of last night’s Stadium of Fire concert in Provo, UT featuring Taylor Hicks:

“It was gray-haired American Idol winner Taylor Hicks, who stole the show with his growling harmonica and soulful singing.  Spectators’ camera flashes lit up the stadium when Hicks appeared, dancing across the stage and singing a mix of cover songs and his own music.  ‘How about it for our troops?’ the singer shouted out to the crowd, who immediately responded with wild shouts and applause.  Members of the “Soul Patrol, ” Hicks’ fan club, were out in force. Fans from California, Florida, New Mexico, and Colorado joined his Utah fan base to watch the singer/songwriter in person.  ‘I just love him, ‘ said Deborah Olsen from Utah County. ‘Some of us are old enough to be his mother.’  ‘Or grandmother, ‘ interrupted Billie Murdock, wearing a Soul Patrol T-shirt. ‘I haven’t liked anyone so much since Elvis.’

Fans are reporting that Taylor performed “Takin’ it to the Streets”, “The Deal” (where he played both harmonica and guitar) and “Do I Make You Proud”. 

Also, check out the Deseret News link for a nice photo of Taylor.

You can see Taylor’s performance for yourself!  The Armed Forces Network Pentagon Channel will be streaming the Stadium of Fire concert on Monday, July 3rd at 9 pm and Tuesday July 4th at 2 pm EDT.


Katharine McPhee on the cover of Teen People

Katharine McPhee is on the cover of Teen People this month.  Teen People online has some pictures and excerpts from the magazine story. 


Season 5 DVD

Here’s some cool news.  The Best and Worst of American Idol Seasons 1-4 DVD sold so well, that Season 5 will be made available on DVD sometime in the near future.  I’d buy that.

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