Idol Premier – Best Ratings Ever

Idol Ratings–Best Premier EVAH

According to Newsday  “The premiere of ‘American Idol’ on Fox Tuesday was seen by 35.5 million viewers, which made it the most viewed entertainment program in the network’s 19  year history. Fox began programming in 1987, Fox reported yesterday.”  

As a comparison, “Last season’s premiere was seen by 33.6 million people, and the series went on to score its highest audience levels in four seasons.”   Additionally, “If last night’s performance is an indication, “Idol” could conceivably top the 2005 average of 27.5 million viewers for the Tuesday edition of Idol”

There is a caveat, however, “A Fox statement explained that the 35.5 million figure was based on what’s called a ‘Live Plus Same Day’ rating, which means it incorporated DVR playbacks. But a Nielsen spokeswoman said the DVR figure ‘could be [only] in the thousands.'”  A little padding maybe?

Wednesday’s Idol, according to Reuters, “mowed down everything in its path.”      The numbers weren’t quite as high, but Idol’s second episode racked up “31.7 million viewers and an eye-popping 13.0 rating/33 share in the adults 18-49 demographic, according to Nielsen Media Research.” Wow, 5 years and still going strong.

Here’s more on the Idol syndication deal I discussed  on  January 11.     Media Daily News reports  that “The first season of the show, dubbed “American Idol Rewind, ” has already been cleared on Tribune and Sinclair stations covering 55 percent of U.S. TV homes and nine of the top 10 markets.”

The article adds,  “Tribune is looking for a double-run, where the same episode would run Saturday and Sunday some time between 4 and 7 P.M”

According to Reality TV World, “American Idol Rewind” will premier with, “a 26-episode run of American Idol’s first season, ” and will, “‘enhance’ the show’s original Fox broadcasts, repacking and “streamlining” the broadcasts to include never-before-seen previously shot footage (including Idol 1 winner Kelly Clarkson’s original audition), additional behind the scenes facts and details, and new footage that will focus on how key contestants got through the competition.”

The show will premier  during the 2006-07 season.   Sounds intriguing.

GLAAD is not happy.   According to  Contact Music, GLAAD is demanding a meeting with Idol producers.   Apparently some folks were not amused when Simon told an effeminate contestant that he should, “shave off the beard and wear a dress”  because he’d be,  “a great female impersonator.”   The contestant, Charles Berry, was stunned as the cameras followed him out of the building.   The clip had Charles upset and telling a friend on the phone how  the experience left him humiliated and deeply embarrassed.   GLADD also took issue with how the judges treated seemingly transgendered contestant, Zachary Travis,  during his audtion.   Randy asked him if he was a girl, and you could see Simon’s eyes rolling to the back of his head during the entire audition.   The group  states they have received numerous complaints from its members.  

Bonus Caps!   More of the Hollywood-bound:


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The Rocker whose cap I posted Friday  from Denver’s  rocker montage was also in  a Hollywood-bound montage from Chicago.    I’m not sure how I managed to miss that ’cause–  I’ll admit  my bias–I  dig the cute rocker guys.








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Remember the Obviously Staged Diva Showdown from Chicago?   Well, the girl on the right is so going to Hollywood!   Oh, yeah.   The proof is in the paypah! Hee.   At Survivor Sucks, they’ve taken to calling her “522niqua” a play on her contestant number and an inside board joke I won’t get into here.   But really,  rumor has it she’s Eugenia Littlejohn, from the  potential Top 24 list.




More Denver Hollywood-Bound contestants:

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