Odds and Ends

Happy Sunday everybody!   I’ve got some odds and ends for you today

A picture named Jessie.jpgRemember Jessica Nelson from Chicago?   She’s the contestant who sang a bleep-filled song,  after which Simon commented  that her performance was a “right mess.”  Swearing, she burst out  of the audition room.  According to Jessica, she NEVER auditioned in front of the  celebrity judges!   A poster from Survivor Sucks found her  My Space page, and if what she says here is true, it’s a pretty interesting example of how the producers edit the show “creatively” for maximum effect.   Her blog, which has been recently edited (probably at AI’s request) said she got  through the first round with positive feedback, then a ton of waiting, and finally to the second round  in front of Nigel Lythgoe.    He got angry when the song she sang contained some swear words.   After,  he asked her to sing “Lady Marmalade” (they asked all  the  auditioners to learn 6 lines).   He  chewed her out for not learning more of the song, and told her she wasn’t “strong” enough.    What we saw on TV were the celebrity judges reactions to God-knows-what edited into Jessica’s audition in front of Nigel, after which she stormed out swearing.   Reality TV you say?



A picture named MomandDaughter.jpg

Speaking of contestants with a story to tell–remember Crystal Parizanski?   The too-tan girl from Chicago who showed up with her mom?   She’s got a MySpace  page too, and boy is it colorful!   Anyway, she also had a post on her page describing her audition which she has since edited (producers again, I’m sure).   She also appeared on some newscasts.   She claims  the producers told her   to “ham it up” and that she was followed into  the bathroom by a camera crew who wanted  to film  her putting on makeup.   She’s  upset by her portrayal on the show  and swears by her talent.   Honestly, I thought she was a fake.   It amazes me to find so  many contestants (and their parents)  who are really  totally clueless.   You’d think, by the 5th season they’d know.  


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Gina Glocksen  was the rocker from Chicago who inexplicably sang a Celine Dion song for her audition.   She also confessed to having a crush on Simon–funniest part of the clip is Mandisa Hundley sitting next to her looking like she’s going to throw up.   By the way, Gina–great hook!  In her piece she mentioned her all-girl band, Catfight.   The band has a MySpace  page with pictures and song samples.   Gina has been pretty much excised out, but they do congratulate her on the site’s news page.      They currently have gigs in and around the Chicago area if you’re interested in checking them out.  






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Rochelle Elaine Dye, the Denver contestant who claimed during her audition that she was about to get evicted from her home, is now living in an apartment with her cousin in Kansas City according to this article.   Apparently, she was really surprised  the producers chose to feature her story so prominently in the episode.   Heh, I’m not.   The producers LOVE the sob stories.   I think Rochelle can count street life out of her near future.






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Here’s Tora, potential Top 24 contestant auditioning in Las Vegas.   I’ve had this cap sitting on my computer for days.   It was part of the rocker montage featured in the Denver episode.   Well, thanks to spoilerai who posted his own cap over at Survivor Sucks, I  can now identify this funky rocker.     For the newbies–there is a list  going around the net of contestants whose  domain names were registered by  Idol on December 9th, right after the Hollywood rounds.   Last year this list was a pretty accurate gauge of who made it to the top 44/24.   Recently it was revealed that David Radford and the Brittenum twins were also registered.   Heh, the Brittenum twins will more than likely be disqualified  due to these  antics, but I suppose any scandal is just good publicity, so not to worry.





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Contestant, Jennifer Sieminski,  contacted me  to identify her cap I posted from the Chicago episode.   Thanks for the note, Jennifer.  We caught a glimpse of her in  a Hollywood-bound montage.   Hopefully we’ll get to hear her sing in Hollywood.   She has a  MySpace  page  (I found this on a message board, not from Jennifer)  if you want to know more.







A picture named Hollywood10.jpg


Thanks to reader, Debbie, who identified this Denver contestant.   His name is Bobby Bennett.   I’ll be posting caps of the Hollywood-bound all through the auditions.   If you see somebody you recognize, give a holla…  Thanks.







A friend of Patrick Hall, mysterious potential Top 24 contestant, contacted me to say she went to high school with him.   He’s from a tiny town called Gravette in Arkansas and is 28 years old.   Paula sez he’s a hottie.    More information about Patrick can be found on  this blog.   Wow, is everybody in this town related? :).   Patrick’s Dad is the town doctor, he plays piano and sings at his small church, and apparently is a heck of a swimmer.   Still, no picture.   We’ll have one soon enough.   He auditioned in Greensboro NC, which is the city featured in this Tuesday’s audition episode.

Lastly, I’d like to thank JD from the blog  Musical Ramblings,  for linking to me.   :).   One good turn deserves another…  

More Hollywood-bound from Denver:

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