More Potential Top 24 Contestants

Fun facts to know and tell about potential Top 24 contestant Patrick Hall (according to his friend Bethany):

  1. He’s Tall and skinny with the prettiest blue eyes and very sexy brows.
  2. He is a sensitive crooner type.
  3. But he can  totally rock out with some old Elton John–like the really piano rock stuff.
  4. His voice sounds a lot like George Micheal’s or a less jazzy Harry Connick Jr.
  5. He writes his own music.
  6. He plays the piano amazingly.

Hee.   Just thought I’d have a little fun with that.    Bethany is Patrick’s friend, and keeps  a pretty cool blog her own self.   Thanks Bethany, for the info. :).   Hopefully we’ll see more of Patrick on Tuesday’s episode which features  his audition city,  Greensboro, NC.

Yet ANOTHER    Ace Young   fan site.   These guys linked to my blog, but I can’t figure out where.   They can’t be too happy with me.   I’m not exactly a fan.   Not  based on that audition.   But you  never know… Stranger things have happened.

I got an anonymous  email from someone who was in Chicago and Hollywood.    Anonymous met potential Top 24 contestant David Radford and said that “his family is as nice as he is cute.”   However, anonymous does NOT remember meeting Tora in Hollywood, and heard that she “didn’t get to Hollywood at the last minute.”   Hmmm, the plot thickens.   Remember, she is one of two people on the Top 24 list who doesn’t have a NETNAMES registration–not one that anybody can find.   There are rumors that she replaced somebody who was disqualified.   This,  based on something a friend of hers said in a radio interview.   But–the friend’s comments were vague enough–maybe she meant something entirely different?   Stay tuned…

A picture named Hollywood7.jpg


According to reader gh, this guy may be Bobby Bullard, also on the potential Top 24 list.   Can anybody confirm?