Chris Daughtry EW Interview

Entertainment Weekly interview with Chris Daughtry

Chris Daughtry took time from his busy tour schecule to speak with the folks at Entertainment Weekly.  Chris, who recently signed a deal with 19Recordings/RCA Records hopes to release his album sometime in November, “We’re shooting for November. But until the album is right and ready and we’re happy with it and feel like we’ve got something, it’s probably not going to be released.” 

Right now, Chris is writing material for the CD with collaborators like Ed Kowalczyk from Live, Carl Bell from Fuel,  Rob Thomas and Nickleback’s Chad Kroeger.

Fun Fact to Know and Tell:  If there had been an Elton John night during the competition, Chris would have liked to perform “Rocket Man”   thanks lene

And the News and Observer

The News and Observer posted an interesting article about Chris’s post-Idol career here.  Highlights:

Ian Pirie, head of 19 Records’ U.S. division, describes a lot of real and virtual activity on the album.

“We’re flying people in and out of the tour to work with Chris in hotel rooms before shows, ” Pirie says. “The great thing about technology is, with a laptop and some gear, you can trade ideas by uploading and downloading demos and works in progress. And he’s got a lot of songs he’s written himself over the years, which we’re helping develop as well. We’re not starting from ground zero.”

“We’ve had occasions where they co-wrote a few songs on their debut, ” says 19’s Pirie. “But never to this degree. Given the fact that Chris has a long history of writing for his band, he’s already accomplished in that area. When he sat down with a guitar and played some of his songs for us, we were all blown away. So our No. 1 priority is to give Chris the opportunity to write songs that affect him, and that reflect who he is as an artist.”     thanks Jennifer