Katharine Joins the Tour

ETA:  Here’s an msnbc.com article on Katharine joining the tour.  Highlights:

Katharine, who will return to the “Idol” tour on Thursday, is back after a three-and-a-half- week hiatus as she was battling a bout of bronchitis and laryngitis.

“I had a little bruising to the vocal chords and I had to take time to heal, ” Katharine revealed.

But what was the cause? Could her history of bulimia be to blame?

“I spoke with my doctor and he said absolutely not. There has been no damage thus far from the disorder, ” she explained. “It’s been a year since my last episode of those things. I’m free and clear of that stuff.”

MSNBC?  You can’t return to something if you’ve never been there to begin with.  I’m just sayin’.

Katharine McPhee on the View

Katharine will be guest-hosting and performing on The View today.  Later on, she’ll be travelling to Pittsburgh to join her fellow idols on tour.