Chris Daughtry and Live in the Studio Soon

Chris Daughtry and Live may be in the studio soon

There’s a rumor that Sony will be releasing a duet of Chris Daughtry and Ed Kowalczyk of Live performing the band’s new single “Mystery”–the tune Ed and Chris performed together on the Idol finale.

According to a poster at the Fans of Live forum who has a contact at Sony records, “a duet with Chris [Daughtry] was being ‘worked on’ as the label felt that it was the best way to guarantee radio success of the single (and therefore the new album).”

The same source says that Chris would be involved in a “possible video for ‘Mystery'”.

A download of a “soundboard” recording of Chris and Ed’s duet from the AI finale can be found here.

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…and Chris will be back in NC for a meet and greet this weekend

If you couldn’t make Chris’s big homecoming celebration last weekend, check out the meet and greet scheduled for this Sunday at his grandmother’s house in Roanoke Rapids NC.

Chris will be available to meet people starting at 2 p.m. in the family’s backyard area.  No word on how long he’ll be there.  But according to his grandmother, Barbara Daughtry, “The event is something Chris really wanted to do for his fans.”  Thank you AS

UPDATE:  Due to space considerations, the meet and greet has been moved down the street to Northeast Academy.  According to Mr

 “They have a gym if it is raining and a football field. I understand there are going to be some dated, limited edition tee-shirts (500) available for $20.00. The money is going to Chris’ family. Lasker is a one stop light town just off of highway 158 in Northampton County. Approximately 2 hours from Raleigh, NC, Richmond, VA and Norfolk, VA. Once you get to Lasker there will be signs pointing the way.

It will be outside and they are charging a $2.00 per person admission fee in order to cover any expenses incurred by the school for hosting the event. Lasker has one stop light and the school is walking distance from that toward the golf course. Some parking will be available at the school.”

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Article about change of venue here

“He had originally planned to hold a meet-and-greet at the Daughtry’s home in Lasker. Tracy Daughtry, Chris’s sister-in-law, said the event was moved due to worries about controlling the crowd, especially after the word of his appearance got out over the Internet. He will no longer be available to sign autographs.

The event will now be held at Northeast Academy, Tracy Daughtry said Tuesday. Gates will open a 2 p.m. for parking and visitors will be asked to pay a $2 entrance fee to cover the cost of renting the school.

At 2:30 there will be ceremony where Chris will receive the key to the city and other accolades. Following the ceremony, or around 3 p.m., Chris will do a solo performance.”