Spoiler Update

Spoiler Update

I have a hint from a reliable source regarding Elliott Yamin’s song choices tonight:

Elliott is here to stay, by george. After last week, there should be no question of that. And this week will further show he’s not going home anytime soon.
That looks pretty easy!  BTW, song spoilers posted up here on my blog, aren’t fake.  Well, as far as I know.  Spoilers posted in the comments section? I can’t vouch for those <smiling>…
Also, I got an email from a Katharine McPhee fan.  Kat and her mom have been posting weekly updates to her fans on one of her online forums.  The producers have asked her to please stop, because it may create an unfair advantage for Kat.  Could The Powers That Be also have asked Elliott’s girlfriend to stop posting in the americanidol.com official forums? I hear she hasn’t posted there in a while…
ETA:  I’m reading over at TWOP (I just cut and pasted the list) that radio stations are releasing what they claim is, the final song list.  Folks over there heard it on DC and Portland, ME radio stations:
1. Paris– Kiss (Prince) and Without You (Mary J. Blige).

2. Kat– Against All Odds (Phil Collins) and Black Horse and Cherry Tree (KT Tunstall)

3. Taylor– Play that Funky Music (Wild Cherry) and Something (Beatles – George Harrison wrote this one)

4. Elliot– On Broadway (George Benson) and Home (Micheal Buble)

5. Chris– Renegade (Styx) and “I Dare You” (Shinedown)
ETAA:  BTW, this list seems really strange to me.  Particularly the Harrison song (Beatles songs usually don’t get cleared) and the fact that songs from the fake spoiler list appear here…)  Even Rodney Ho of Access Atlanta fell for the fake spoiler list yesterday… (thanks lily)  Commenters are correctly pointing out that Taylor’s choices aren’t even current <duh, smacks head>
The Detroit radio station that reported Taylor’s Top 10 Billboard song (that choice sounds reasonable) is also insisting that “Play that Funky Music” is Taylor’s birth year song (thanks emily).  And that they heard it “Straight from AI”.  or a fake spoiler list…
From Donna in the comments section:
“I think that too many people have caught onto how much fun it is to mess with fans. Just let it play out, and who knows…….maybe there’s a few good guesses in the mix.”
DING!  I’m only vouching for the info I’ve posted above the first ETA.  That came from a reliable source.  This radio station stuff may be another joke.  Heh.