Not much to report…

Not much to report…

Sorry I haven’t posted any updates today.  But, with the song choices already spoiled,  it appears to be very quiet in Idol land.

Since it’s been a big topic of conversation in the comments section, I thought I’d post this from the Richmond-Times Dispatch:

“Elliott Yamin’s fans are indignant that a feature in this week’s TV Guide about hometown parties for “American Idol” contestants does not include him.

The story includes Katharine McPhee, Taylor Hicks, Chris Daughtry — and Kellie Picker, proving that when the magazine made the assignment several weeks ago, its editors misguessed the final four.

Yamin fans also report they were unable to post this information on the site. Writes one e-mailer in Chester: ‘I have tried several times and my posts disappeared each time! Other Elliott fans, the same thing! So now tell me: Is this fair??'”

Any of you kids attending the dress rehearsal tonight…remember to stop here and post a report…thanks.

ETA:  It looks like my comments max out at 250 on each post!!!  You guys are chatty!  But the posts themselves haven’t completely disappeared.  I can see them.   I’m going to delete some posts from last night, so that we can see the posts from this afternoon.  I’ll try to trim only the posts that don’t have much information in them…and divide the trimming equally between posters. Hee.

But in the meantime, you can keep chatting here in this latest comment….

You guys love to talk!  I dig it….