Homecoming Update

Homecoming Update

Hi kids.  Busy morning!

We’ll be getting song spoilers today.   Paula Abdul picked Bobby Caldwell’s “What You Won’t Do For Love” for Elliott Yamin’s judges song choice.  It was announced when he received the keys to the city from the Mayor of Richmond.  Watch this space for more updates.

4:45 Central Time –  Taylor Hicks will be in Montgomery, Alabama to meet with Governor Riley who tell him his Judges song choice.

Here’s an article from the Montgomery Advertiser about Taylor’s homecoming events today. thanks to cahaba lily and tayloraholic

“Gov. Bob Riley and First Lady Patsy Riley will welcome American Idol finalist Taylor Hicks to the Governor’s Mansion at 4:45 p.m. Friday.

Hicks, who is among the final three contestants on the popular reality TV show, will visit the Rileys at the mansion as part of his triumphant return to Alabama.

At the mansion, Riley will tell Hicks the song the show’s judges have selected for him to sing next week.”

Riley will also issue a proclamation while Hicks is at the mansion declaring May 16 as “Taylor Hicks Day” in Alabama. He is also encouraging Alabamians to call in to the show to vote for Hicks.

The Birmingham, AL Fox station will have all day coverage of Taylor Hicks’s homecoming.  thank you soterric

3:30-4pm Pacific time – Katharine McPhee will visit her alma mater Nortre Dame High School for a private visit.  It is a closed event.  Fans can gather outside on the sidewalk.  When she leaves the campus around 3:30 to 4 pm, her car will circle the block so that fans can wave, shout, applaud, etc. The producers are hoping fans will show up–her exit will be filmed. thanks to ywnk and doc d and xocys