Latest Gossip

Latest Gossip

Over on the Official Forums, somebody who calls him/herself “Idol Informant” and claims to be a “fired” Idol employee posted the following Theme-night schedule:

Top 9 (Country)
Top 8 (Queen)
Top 7 (Rod Stewart)
Top 6 (Songs of Past American Idols)
Top 5 (Disco)

Themes through the Top 7 have been announced officially.  The Rod Stewart theme will concentrate on the 4 CDs Rod has recorded of the Great American Songbook, rather than his rock music.  “Songs of the Past American Idols” as a theme is a rumor that’s been floating around on the message boards.  According to “informant” it includes songs from the CDs of the following Idols: Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Fantasia, Ruben Studdard, Diana DeGarmo, Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice, Josh Gracin, Kim Locke, and Justin Guarini.  According to “Informant” they will use “a lot of different arrangements, like maybe a rock version of ‘A Moment Like This'”  Chris singing “A Moment Like This?”  HEE! 

ETA:  The “Past Idols” theme sounds terrible.  I hope it’s an untrue rumor.

According to “informant”, last year’s Broadway theme was a “disaster”.

About Taylor Hicks:

  • “As far as the gray haired man. He’s been cutting back on his Ray Charles antics…but you can only tame a beast for so long” and “He’s being ‘trained’ in case he manages to win” and “Taylor is one of the higher vote getters, they are just trying to keep him normal. They aren’t trying to change him but at points in the Top 24 he was a little out there.”

About Ace Young:

  • “The brown haired cutie is on nobody’s winner list anymore.” (I took that as he wasn’t favored to win anymore).

More Gossip from Informant:

  • That a certain blonde contestant is not as nice as she puts off. Having an attitude with assistants.
  • A certain bald man will have all the crew crying if he leaves, that’s how nice he is.
  • Paula was almost fired.

Oh and hey!!! That entire thread over at has just been deleted!  How ’bout that?  Thanks to Brett for posting the info and link in my comments section!  Glad I got to the thread before it was gone forever.  Mwahahah….

Hey “Idol Informant” if you’re reading this, shoot me an email!

Speaking of Idol themes, this item appeared in Page Six of the New York Post.:

“NOTORIOUSLY shy Prince is willing to do anything to keep his album “3121” at the top of the Billboard charts. Industry insiders say Prince is worried that his record, which recently debuted at No. 1, might drop off the charts next week. So his record company convinced him to go on “American Idol” to boost sales as Barry Manilow did earlier this year. “It wasn’t easy though, ” said one source, “because Prince apparently hates the show and has never even watched it.” A rep for Prince didn’t return calls.” thanks snuffles

Theme for Week 4 perhaps?  Prince may not like Idol, but he released the rights to a bunch of his hits for the Season Three crew to perform as a medley on their Idol tour.  That was the summer of 2004.  That same summer, Prince was on a wildly successful tour of his own, promoting his last CD “Musicology”.

As long as we’re into unsubstantiated GOSSIP, The gay and lesbian newspaper,’s Idol recapper posted these blind items at the beginning of his Top 10 recap:

  • Item # 1: One of the stronger male contestants is not exactly who he portrays himself to be. His endearing presence is more for the cameras than anything else.
  • Item # 2: One of the female contestants is guilty of the exact same sort of image-pumping fakery.
  • Item # 3: Another male contestant is not especially well liked by most of the people involved with the show.

Play along at home kids!  By the way, Dan White writes very funny recaps.  If you like yours snarky, I recommend them.

Odds and Ends:

An April Fools Day leftover, this link was posted in the comments section. “VCR ALERT: IT’S “BRUCE WEEK” ON AMERICAN IDOL! Springsteen coaching singers, to perform Wed. night, ” is the headline on this April Fools item.  Make sure to check it out. The Photoshops are priceless.  In the past, Springsteen has not allowed contestants to perform his songs.  I can’t remember the exact quote, but it was something like “I don’t want somebody like Clay Aiken singing my songs.”  That’s way paraphrased.  This year, however, the song he co-wrote with Patti Smith, “Because the Night” was cleared for Top 24 contestant Becky O’Donhue. Who was then promptly eliminated…

And, the latest from  Did Chris Daughtry kill a bird?  Damn.  First he plagiarizes, and now he’s murdering beloved pets!  Hee.  I can’t quite figure out if that was an April Fools joke or not.  RIP Sweet Pea…


A full list of spoilers can be found in the comments section.  These were originally posted over at  Since a full list of song spoilers nearly always = FAKE, I’m not going to post them on the blog.  but thank you for posting these anyway, annie!

A couple of rumored song spoilers that I will post here.  Again from via comment from Annie:

Elliot Yamin:  Some clues posted at TWOP from various sources,  “It’s a country song that’s very cross-over worthy. It was originally done by a country artist that’s very, very famous. It has since been covered by a pop artist.”

Elliott’s girlfriend,  Wonderwoman, posts at, “I can’t be a spoiler, But If Tuesday Needs Country, ELLIOTT IS READY.”  Put your thinking caps on kids!

About his Queen song, Wonderwoman says,  “He has already picked his Queen song, Don’t even stress it’s in the bag.”

This isn’t a spoiler, but a fun fact: About his alternate song choices for Songs of the 21st Century,  Elliott was considering, “Santanna Smooth” by Rob Thomas and “You and I Both” by Jason Mraz.

Kellie Pickler: “Another source whose friend is apparently friends with Kellie’s family said she might be doing “Broken Wing” by Martina McBride”  Kellie sang this song for her audition, it was featured in the Greensboro audition episode.  I remember it being very shouty and a bit out of her range.

Bucky Covington: A poster named fab from Television Without Pity who has a connection to the Covington clan posted this, “Well, Bucky is going to do Gary Allen….I’ll let you guys speculate which song, I think the choice is nice but I’d like to hear your opinions.” Then fab adds, “that is if he can clear the song, haven’t talked to him today but he did rehearse it once i know.”


Ratings News

According to the Hollywood Reporter, on Tuesday, “Fox stomped all over the competition from the get-go with “Idol” rocketing at 8 p.m. to 31.5 million viewers and 12.9 rating/32 share in the adults 18-49 demographic”.  On Wednesday, “‘American Idol’ was the night’s most-watched show and highest-rated in the adults 18-49 demographic.  ‘Idol’ averaged 27.3 million viewers and an 11.2 rating/26 share in the demo. It continues to be a winning season for “Idol, ” which has increased viewers 10% and 6% in the demo.”