American Idol Magazine

American Idol Magazine

I got my new issue of “American Idol Magazine” in the mail today.  It’s got the Top 12 on the cover.  It also contains news on Bo, Carrie and other ex-idols.  Also, pictures and a recap of the Top 24 party,  a recap of the semi-final rounds, and full page features on each of the Top 12.  I’ll be looking it over the next couple of days, and I’ll let you know if I find anything interesting.



What a perfect opportunity to do a mailbag!  Right now, with the competition heating up and emotions running high, I’ll probably be posting responses to my comments and email at least a couple times a week.

Queen Night

Since my last mailbag, next week’s theme was revealed–the songs of Queen.  As usual, the comments made for some interesting reading.  Thanks to snuffles who pointed me in the direction of the “Killer Queen” tribute CD.  I just bought a copy, which is something I meant to do anyway.  The reader commented that the artists, representing different genres,   re-imagine Queen’s songs in some interesting ways.  The point?  Maybe there’s hope for the Idols yet!  Well, for one thing, they have a nice set of covers to base their arrangements on.  I think that in the little time the contestants have to rehearse, it will be hard to come up with an arrangement that will fit the contestants’ style.  Another reader, Joe, bucks the conventional thinking by suggesting that the girls will do better than the boys singing the Queen catalog–due to Freddie’s nearly “operatic” vocal range.  Hmmmm.  I still think Chris will easily find something to suit his rocker style.  Taylor’s quirkiness will allow him to find some common ground with Freddie.  Katharine should be able to sing one of Queen’s melodic ballads.  Elliott’s friend has assured us all over at that he’s chosen a song he feels confident about.  And we’ll see how the rest fare.  It should be interesting.

Mandisa and Beth Moore

I spent a lot of time putting together my piece on Mandisa and her relationship with Christian author Beth Moore.  I tried to be as fair as I could.  It’s a sensitive subject, but just in case it blew up into a bigger story, I wanted to cover it here beforehand.  I’m probably not going to blog about it again,  unless the story gets picked up by more media outlets or Mandisa herself has more to say on the subject.


Grist from the rumor mill has been part of this blog since I started it last November.  Nothing has changed.  In fact,  just a few weeks ago I posted a behind-the-scenes item about Katharine and her mom.  Interestingly, I actually got very little feedback on it back then–except from a few unhappy Katharine fans. The items I posted last night came from two clearly labeled sources.  The “gossip” itself wasn’t really anything that startling.  And except for the “Kellie” stuff–which has been posted elsewhere–not really that negative, either.  Or it didn’t seem so to me.  I really started off posting the Theme spoilers, which kind of intrigued me.  The rest I threw in as a side item–a Sunday night diversion.  I didn’t really think much of it.  So, I am a little surprised at the negative feedback it garnered in the comments section.

From the beginning, I conceived the blog as a mixture of real news, commentary and gossip–because that’s the mixture I enjoy.  You might find me at a newsstand with the “New Yorker” in one hand and the “National Enquirer” in the other.  And when I read gossip, it’s always with a it-may-be-true-or-not attitude.  Any gossip item is posted here with that same spirit.  The only gossip I post has to do with the show, not with the contestant’s families, or their lives before Idol (well, unless the Smoking Gun breaks something crazy).  It’s really just speculation about what the idols are really like “behind the scenes” vs  the “characters” they play on the show.

Anything I post here that is “Gossip” and/or “Rumors” will always be sourced and clearly labeled.  I figure “Buyer Beware” is a given, but perhaps I need to state that more clearly when I post them.  And maybe I need to post a huge “DANGER WILL ROBINSON” heading so ya all know what’s coming and can skip to the next item if you choose.

One last thing.  Since I critique the contestant’s performances, it becomes clear who my favorites are.  This blog is not a fan blog.  I don’t see advocating for my favorite contestants as part of my mission here.  If a favorite performs badly, you’ll hear it from me.  And as far as the gossip and news items I post here, I try not to give my favorites any special treatment. 

Knowing that I can’t please everyone, I’ll be carrying on as I always have.  And, as always, feel free to let me have it in the comments section.  

As always….

Thanks everybody for your kudos, RAZZIES (serious), thoughtful commentary, INFORMATION (extra thank you for that), links (ditto) and just hanging around to keep me company.  It’s totally cool.