Song Spoilers

Song Spoilers

Taylor Hicks, According to a reliable source at (friend of Taylor’s grandma, he has spoiled before), Taylor’s song choice for Country night is  “An Upbeat John Denver Song”!  Wow.  thanks much alex

Elliott Yamin:  More on his song choice.  I posted yesterday: “It’s a country song that’s very cross-over worthy. It was originally done by a country artist that’s very, very famous. It has since been covered by a pop artist.”  Elliott’s girlfriend,  Wonderwoman, posts at, “I can’t be a spoiler, But If Tuesday Needs Country, ELLIOTT IS READY.” 

Fans have been busy playing with the clues  and have finally come up with:

 “If Tomorrow Never Comes” by Garth Brooks, which has been covered by Ronan Keating, formerly of  the English Boyband “Boyzone”

The Clues:

  • If Tuesday Needs Country = If Tomorrow Never Comes
  • Garth Brooks = Famous country artist  Ronan Keating = Pop artist
  • Clue from a family freind, “I have nothing to gaine by telling you directly.”  Chris Gaines = Garth Brooks (Garth put out one album as Alter Ego Chris Gaines)  clues and info courtesy of TWOP and