Spoiler Update

Spoiler Update:

Ace Young: According to “Youngblood” from aceyoung.net,   Ace is 5th tonight and singing a Keith Urban song.


Kellie Pickler:  According to several sources, Kellie will be singing “Fancy” by Reba McEntire.

Sidenote: Thanks CL for the link to this article.  Kellie is flying in her own “Fancy” hair stylist for tonight’s show.  From the article,

 “Carmen Cutrona, one of the Q.C.’s most sought-after hair designers, left this morning to help Pickler, his most famous celebrity client, a representative for Cutrona confirmed.   Cutrona — who charges $300 for a consultation, cut and styling — is the owner of Carmen! Carmen! Salon é Spas.  Pickler, who lives in Albemarle, has been a client of Cutrona’s for a few years, the hair designer’s rep says.”

Whoa, $300 bucks and she never et no spinich salad!  Hee.  Actually, I think Kellie’s hair always looks good…