Anoop Desai’s Debut Album All Is Fair – Check out a Preview

Anoop Desai introduces each of the songs on his new album, All Is Fair, in a new audio clip posted on his official website,

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  • Listen to a preview of All is Fair HERE.

I don’t review clips, but I will say that I like what I’m hearing so far.

All is Fair is set to be released May 4.

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  1. The snippets sound good! I have to hear the whole thing before judgement, but it’s a pleasant listen so far…

  2. This sounds very good – very commercial – if radio plays him – he could be huge.

  3. VERY commercially relevant! I already downloaded and love My Name.On first listen I like the two last tracks the most. I thought he sounded a little Chris Brown but my daughter said he sounds more like Ne Yo. Either way- I think good things are ahead for him- I really feel that My Name is a hit.

  4. I loved the sampler and his comments. I will be buying this – my only purchase from last season. :)

  5. Aw, I’m so happy for Anoop. He was one of the reasons I started watching AI8, tbh. Always liked his voice. I wish him well.

    My only complaint about the cover is that we can’t see his eyes, which are quite lovely. It seems like the current trend is to have broody, introspective covers (like Kris Allen’s), but it’d be nice to see the person looking at the camera. JMO.

  6. What a great surprise – I like these songs ! I wish Anoop had used one of them for his first single. It’s a nice mix and I’ve always like Anoop’s voice.
    I really can’t weigh in totally until I hear the songs in full but listening to these clips makes me feel good about the cd.

  7. How exciting for Anoop. I’m happy for him & his fans.

    “Senses” & the title track “All Is Fair” are my favorites based on the snippits. Looking forward to hearing the full versions. “My Name” has a great sound too with exciting beats but I’m having such a hard time getting past some of the corny/weak lyrics (Girl you pop me like a toaster?). *cringes*

    Sad to see that “Give In To Her Love” is not on here. Very pretty tune. I really would like to hear a studio version.

  8. I love Anoop’s voice but dislike his taste in music.. I think it was his biggest problem while on Idol. I like his single but the lyrics I’ve heard on the album are so cliché (oops, I didn’t see the post above me, but I completely agree!). I hope he does well though!

  9. lol I’m not an Anoop fan but regarding the corny lyrics…they’re what’s in. Have you all listened to Bedrock? “Call Me Mr. Flintstone,
    I Can Make Your Bed Rock Girl” or how about the song Say Ahh? For the most part the dumb lyrics make me laugh and I tend to enjoy them as a result (Say Ahh is actually an exception, hate those lyrics). I’d never download these types of songs, but many, many people feel differently and I do enjoy them when they come on the radio.

    The style of music Anoop seems to be going for is not one that I have any interest in listening to except for what I can’t avoid on the radio. But I definitely think My Name has Top40 written all over it. If the rest of the song holds up to the clip it could go really big. Also, I’d be interested to hear more of the second to last song.

    ETA: I see My Name is already released. Does anyone know if it has/had a radio add date?

  10. Very,very impressive for an independently produced POP album…it really does sound pop/pop R&B and very contemporary…I hope he gets to have a major distributor at least…I would rather have a physical copy of an album than a digital one….but I have pre-ordered Anoop’s debut album….and as far as these samples go…I don’t think I’ll be disappointed….Go Anoop!

  11. Oh…and I love Goodbye….I haven’t heard the whole song….but I feel it…I relate to it…

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