American Idol Extra Premiers

American Idol Extra premiers tonight on the Fox Reality Channel at 6:30 PM ET and repeats at 10:30 PM ET.  According to this announcement Ty Treadway will host and Mikalah Gordon, AI4 and Matt Rogers, AI3 will co-host, “providing additional backstage coverage.” 

“Ty’s ‘American Idol Extra’ coverage begins the moment the ‘American Idol’ episode ends, allowing him to get the emotional aftermath viewers crave.”  Wheeee!! Does that mean we get to see Melissa McGhee bitchslap Simon tonight?  I’d tune in for that. Also, tonight’s special guest will be Jon Peter Lewis, AI3.  He’s making the rounds.  He’s got a tour and EP coming up in a few months.

Speaking of which, I caught the newly retooled “Idol Tonight” on the TV Guide channel right before Tuesday’s episode.  It’s supposed to be a “red carpet” type show–but, hosts Kimberly Caldwell, AI2 and Rosanna Tavarez, mostly stand around outside the CBS studios with the rest of the fans–they don’t get anywhere near the action.  This week’s episode featured JPL, some vocal coach, and a writer from TV guide critiquing Idol performances from the previous week.  Ok, I’ll admit it–I fast-forwarded through most of it.  There’s only so much of Kim Caldwell’s screeching into the camera that I can take.  She gave me a headache.  Unless there’s a guest on I really want to see, I don’t think I’ll be tuning in again.