News Roundup

News Roundup

Last Friday morning, the DJs on the “top-rated” LA radio show “Kevin and Bean” asked the controversial question, “Would Mandisa be a Top 10 contestant on ‘American Idol’ if she were white?”  Or, in other words, “How do we get our names in the papers?”  You can read all about it at

Nancy O’Dell from Access Hollywood spoke with Kevin Covais, who is a big Access Hollywood fan.  Nancy asked Kevin,   “Could you get any cuter?”  Kevin replied, “I don’t think so!”  Har.  According to Kevin, Simon said, “He told me basically that I was a class act and just to keep on going. Those were the words of inspiration I got from each of the judges.”

Then, O’Dell breathlessly reports:

“I’ve got some really good Idol dish today on our favorite gray haired guy. I guess Taylor Hicks is already embracing the celebrity lifestyle. Taylor was spotted out last night hanging out at the Playboy Mansion for their event, “A Night at the Playboy Mansion”, an annual celebrity casino event benefiting The Art of Elysium. I thought the rules of “American Idol” forbid the contestants from attending events like this, but apparently I was wrong.

I spoke to FOX reps this morning who were shocked by the news, but did tell me that the Idols are allowed to go out. They are just supposed to be discreet about it. My spy tells me that Taylor asked our cameras to not shoot him while he was there but nothing scandalous went down and Taylor behaved himself the whole night. I just wonder how all those young teenage fans will feel about this revelation considering the other male contestants did not attend.”

Taylor with Playboy Bunnies?  GASP!!!  Actually, more like: yawn.  As was pointed out in a comment here,  Taylor attended this event last year.  Pictures he took with a couple of bunnies have been circulating around the net since January.  And, I’m sure his minders at Fox had no idea where Taylor was, and were just shocked–SHOCKED–when they found out.  Heh.  thank you mary and jena

Big thanks to the reader who emailed this article to me from  Sample paragraph:

“After my wife and I finished watching American Idol a couple weeks ago, I decided to put on a beanie and sing about butterflies in falsetto to her as we headed to the bedroom. She hasn’t laughed at me in quite that way in a long time. I wound up putting the beanie away and gave up all thought of singing any more Michael Jackson to her, but by morning she was going ‘Hey Ace, how about loading the dishwasher and folding the towels.’

Someone needs to pull Ace aside and say ‘Hey, beanie boy. You want to do the heartthrob thing? Why not think Elvis, Marvin Gaye, maybe even Nellie? Yes, I know a long time ago girls might have fantasized about Michael Jackson, but that was before it come out that he wasn’t fantasizing back about them.'”

Hee.  The article manages to be both funny and insightful.  It’s worth the read.