Last night’s “Rita Cosby Show” on MSNBC

Last night’s “Rita Cosby Show” on MSNBC

Simon Cowell and Ken Warwick appeared on “Rita Cosby Live & Direct” to promote their upcoming show,   “Americas got Talent.” It will feature Las Vegas-type acts including singers, musicians, jugglers etc.  Heh.  It sounds like “American Idol meets the Ed Sullivan Show”.  Bring on the plate spinners! The winner of the competition wins one million dollars.

After allowing Simon and Ken to promote the new show for a bit, Cosby quickly moved on to questions about American Idol:

About and, Simon said that with 40 million votes coming in a week, the websites can’t possibly influence the votes. 

Does scandal help the ratings?  Ken says, “Absolutely.”  And Simon, “We love it.”

About Paula Abdul, Simon said he whispered a couple of things in her ear, but NEVER expected her to say it on the air (no he was just hoping she would. Har.) Ken and Simon both love the fact that you never know what Paula is going to say next. 

Who will be the Top 3?  Simon is sticking by his previous prediction of “Kelly, Taylor and Chris, ” but he has a “horrible feeling the public is going to vote for Taylor” (something tells me Taylor Hicks’s vote totals are very high right now, and Simon no likey).  As if we didn’t know, Simon prefers Chris Daughtry.  At this point, Ken jumped in to say that he “totally disagreed” but wouldn’t elaborate because he’s “not allowed to”.  He said there’s nothing worse than knowing from the outset who’s going to win, and cited AI3 and Fantasia’s seemingly inevitable win as an example (Errr, Simon didn’t help then by declaring her the winner from the outset).  Ken finally said that this season was, “the most open competition yet.”

On why Simon likes Kelly Pickler,  “She makes me laugh, she’s a bit raw, she’s funny.”  When asked if she was faking it, both Simon and Ken were silent for a second. And then Simon piped up,  “None of them are faking it, but they’ve all become a bit media savvy from previous years…they’re playing…to the cameras.”

About the Clay-is-gay rumors, Simon looked at Ken,  bust out laughing and said,  “Who cares.”

After the break, Cosby chatted with Kimberly Caldwell AI2, host of the TV Guide Channel’s “Idol Tonight” and Justin Guarini AI1. Not much to report here.  They both professed to like Simon.  Kim said he’s “honest”.  Justin thinks he’s “nice and witty.”  Justin believes Chris Daughtry will win AI5.  Kimberly babbled when asked the question, then finally, wouldn’t say.  After looking at a clip of herself on “Idol Tonight, ” Kimberly said,  “I look like I’m screaming”  Bulletin Kim: You are screaming.