The well is pretty dry, this week.  I don’t have much more information than what I reported yesterday:

Elliott:  After whittling down some clues from Elliott’s friend, many believe that he will be singing “Chariot” by Gavin Degraw.

Taylor:  Nothing new to report beyond this message from a Taylor chum, “Hello again!! I just heard back and all I can say is that he is NOT going to perform “Drops of Jupiter” next week…..he has, however, made a choice that is less-known, but something that is perfect for him to show his vocal range, etc. That’s all I know right now and will post if I find out anything else.”  That “anything else” hasn’t materialized yet.

Chris:  The rumor is that he’ll be performing “What If” by Creed.  Someone at Idol Forum says that this spoiler keeps getting deleted from the official idolonfox.com forum.  Hee.  That’s actually a good sign the spoiler is true–but it’s still a rumor.

Bucky:  In an interview, relatives of Bucky say he’s going “country all the way” this week.  He’ll be wearing a black cowboy hat, and may throw in a few dance moves. According to same relatives, it’s a song that Bucky feels comfortable with.  Speculation says maybe a Tim McGraw song.