More Audition News

More Audition News

Or, actually, it’s more non-news as the 3rd round auditions took place in Birmingham Friday behind a wall of secrecy.   From Mary Colurso of the Birmingham News:

Jackson, Abdul and Cowell were well aware that the Magic City has provided four top-level finalists – two winners and two runners-up – for “Idol” over the past five seasons.

Would the sixth one be the charm, as well, or had the show’s siphon already gone too deep?

But it was too early in the day, and too soon during the third round of auditions, for anyone to give a definitive answer.

All the judges could do was laugh, banter and offer quickie reactions to a handful of singers who’d stood in front of their table from about 1 to 2 p.m.

“We haven’t seen anyone good yet today, ” Cowell said.

“Some good, but not great, ” Abdul countered.

Jackson’s response was positive yet cryptic: “This is the’Ham. Not the turkey, the’Ham.”

Translation: Despite an impressive track record, it remains to be seen if Birmingham will provide fresh meat for “American Idol” in 2007.

And their answers were the typical canned responses the judges and executive producers give during press conferences at each audition city.  No surprises.

However, this B’ham contestant spilled to her local paper, despite the gag order that’s part of contract the contestants sign.  Or was this contestant offered up by the Powers That Be to the press as a gimme?  Hmmm.

In other audition news, this Mom kept a journal of her and her daughter’s audition experience in Minneapolis, MN for  Here are a few interesting tidbits:

We later find out that round one is a lottery. Each so called judge or producer is given a separate criteria and a number to meet. Out of 12 tables/booths, one is given a quota for white women, one is given a quota for a variety, one is given a quota for African American men only, one is given a quota for talented rockers and soul and four are told to take everyone in costume. Now the odds are really narrowed down as you have no idea which table is which and who are producers and who are simply volunteers. 

American Idol is a show. They look every year at how they can up the ratings and unfortunately some great people get overlooked in the process. Anyone who auditions should not feel totally dejected if they don’t go to the next round. The truth is they have a better shot of winning the lottery than winning on “American Idol”.

So how do some of the really good ones get through? We were told that they do hold preliminary auditions with some production companies and 5-10% of the top 12 each year actually completely bypass the first steps everyone else takes to just try to get through the first round. What we see on TV is so far down the process, America never sees behind the scenes.