Mario Vazquez on Why He Quit Idol

Mario Vazquez on Why He Quit Idol

Mario Vazquez abruptly quit Idol after making the Top 12 Season 4.  He said that his reasons were “personal”.  At the time,  there was much gossip and speculation about what those reasons could be.  As it turns out, the reasons were, well, pretty pedestrian:

“I hope the CD is an answer for all the questions of why I left”, the 28-year-old singer said in a recent interview with the Associated Press. “I’m proud of this album. I’m proud that it sounds great and that it sounds exactly how I wanted”.

Vazquez said that he joined “American Idol” to see “how far I could go, ” and left – the only Hispanic among the final 12 contestants – for the same reason, among others.

While in the competition, he said several record labels approached his managers and that he didn’t want to rule out any opportunities. He was concerned about what might happen if he won or didn’t win, worrying that the limitations of his contract with the program would prevent him from showing himself to the world as he is.

“I wanted something edgier, grittier, ” he said.

I have some mixed feelings about this.  On one hand, an aspiring singer has gotta do what he feels he’s gotta do to get ahead.  On the other hand, he was handed a pretty awesome opportunity that he basically chucked aside.

But maybe it doesn’t matter. Mario’s new CD featuring the single “Gallery” was released by J Records September 26.  Although Mario quit the show, Clive Davis (who signs all the Idol winners and some runner-ups) signed him anyway.

It makes winning, or even placing on the show not seem very significant, doesn’t it?