More NetNames Registrations

I’ll be posting a recap from Wednesday night’s show soon.   But in the meantime, a little bit of news and gossip.

The Top 24 left their homes today for Hollywood.   There are two days of press, and then rehearsals.   Taping begins on  Saturday  February 18th, with the  guys.   The first show will air Tuesday February 21st.

A sharp eyed reader, Taylor, has discovered  non-Top44 Hollywood  contestants whose domain names have been recently registered.    Here is an incomplete list of names  registered on February 6  through NetNames: (thanks Kristen!)

Well, you get the idea.

So, last night I contacted Chris Cambler, from Camblerlivejournal.   He works for the Internet registrar eNom, and using their data, managed to track down the 46/48 contestants whose names  were registered on December 9th after the Hollywood Rounds.   Since  Chris is an expert on domain registrations, I was curious to know what HE thought was going on with the newly registered names.   According to Chris, although the addresses for both sets of registrations are  identical, they  aren’t necessarily the same registrant.   Apparently, the address  is a NetNames Proxy address–used when a registrant wants to keep their actual address private.

So, anybody could have registered those names using the NetNames proxy address.

Some theories: After the contestants appeared on TV, some enterprising person  thought to register them. Or, Idol decided they needed a few alternates. Or, Idol decided to register the Hollywood contestants, in case  some of them became famous due to the TV exposure.   At any rate, I don’t think it necessarily means that something happened within the ranks of the original Top 24, who were chosen mid-January.

More news on Tora, the Hollywood contestant who was cut by phone four days before the Hollywood rounds began.   Here’s an interview she did with  Fox News Tuscon  where she talks about being cut right before Hollywood.   Fox representatives claim she was dis-invited from the Hollywood Rounds because  her name was flagged during a background check.   According to folks who know Tora, when the producers cut her, they would not tell her why, and she can’t think of anything in her background that was not disclosed to the producers ahead of time.

I still maintain that if Tora was a contestant the producers were interested in,  a spotty  background check would not have mattered.   The obvious question is  why the Brittenum twins with their obvious problems got through,  all the way to the Top 48 and Tora did not?   And you’d think, once Tora was chosen to advance, the producers would have found problems fairly quickly after that.   Things that make you go hmmmm…..   Thanks to crazymary and spoilerai, who dropped the info.


American Idol pwned the Grammys.   The  Grammy Telecast  attracted the smallest audience in the 33 years that the event has been broadcast, attracting an average 17 million viewers.   This number is smaller than 1995’s record-low audience of 17.3 million, according to Nielsen Media Research.   It will be interesting to see how Idol performs when it competes for 5 nights against the Winter Olympics, which is taking place in Turin, Italy right now.

Look for a Hollywood Pt 1 recap very soon….