More Boston Auditioners

I’ve been hearing from folks about the  domain names registered on February 6, through NetNames.  Apparently, one Hollywood contestant was shocked to find out  their name had been registered.   And, just a few minutes ago, I received an email from Kendall Phillips‘  mom who  told me that she had no idea had been registered. She doesn’t know who would register her daughter’s name or why–as Kendall had been cut in the first Hollywood round.

So make what you will of that.   I think there’s a good chance that  these names were not  registered by American Idol.

Check out my  Boston Auditions  recap.    Thanks to some astute readers, I’m  able to ID some of the contestants from the Road to Hollywood:

A picture named BriannaTaylor.jpg


Brianna Taylor, 18, Top 44 Contestant, from Warminster, PA.   Here is her My Space.   We’ve yet to hear Brianna sing, except for a little snippet from Boston preview at the end of the Austin Audition show.







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Cortney Jetter







A picture named HollywoodBOS8.jpg


Jes Hudak – Here is her website  and her My Space.








A picture named HollywoodBOS13.jpg


Top 44 contestant, Stephanie White.







A picture named HollywoodBOS16.jpg


Detrayshia She auditioned for something called the Christian Talent Search

ETA: AI Mod from Survivor Sucks tells me this is NOT   Detrayshia  who auditioned for something called the Christian Talent Search.   It looks like the actual Detrayshia is from MO, so it makes sense that she auditioned in Chicago.   Thanks for the correction.