Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

Check out these rehearsal pictures of Elliott Yamin and Little Memphis Blues Orchestra (Taylor’s bandmates) as they rehearse for this Sunday’s performance at the Virginia State Fair.  Included is a short Q&A with Elliott.  On playing with LiMBO:

I met the guys when they came out to support Taylor at the beginning of Idol…when we were taping the show…we all really got along…then I went with Taylor a couple of times when they (LiMBO) were playing in the same city while we were on tour…actually got on stage with them as well…after being on stage with them I knew I wanted to book them for my first gig…

thanks jane

Blogger Gray Charles recently spoke with Taylor Hicks about his upcoming album.  Taylor has stepped into a whole new world as he records his new album under time contraints and with the Powers That Be at the record label leaning over his shoulder:

Taylor says, “My main goal now is to create a good record. Let’s not beat around the bush – I gotta sell a bunch of them. There are two sides to this, there’s music and then there’s the music business and I’ve got to play both parts. I’m in that game now. I have to make a good album and I have to make it fast.”

I ask Taylor, “were you expecting this”? He replies, “Look, I’ve got a 3 album deal – this is a process that every artist has to go through. There is give and take, and I know that I can’t please everyone all the time. My overriding goal is to make the music as good as possible in a timely fashion. There is a budget involved, schedules, promotions – many things that don’t come into play when you’re making your own stuff.”

Under pressure, indeed.

More about the record:

I started on the record yesterday and I’m pretty excited about the first tune, it’s funky man – definitely on the funk side of things. Funky in a modern way. The music is down and the vocals are coming. I’m working with some fine, fine studio musicians that fit the style I’m trying to create – modern soul. People can call it neo-soul, modern soul or whatever. For me it’s a feeling that infuses all kinds of things – the beats the rhythms – everything. I don’t want this to be a “soul music review” or some kind of throwback as I much as I love that stuff. If I was putting out a “review” of music that has already been recorded – well I should be going to play at the Holiday Inn or something.


I’m anxious for folks to hear what I can do as an original artist. Outside the Soul Patrol I’m just the guy from American Idol. The Dancing Monkey who spins around and does the crazy dance moves. I certainly want to show people what I can do. It’s gonna be a struggle but it’s a mountain I’ve gotta climb.

Idols on the Charity Front

Soulpatrollers are sponsoring a fundraising drive, asking fans to make a donation in honor of Taylor Hicks’ upcoming 30th birthday.  Proceeds will benefit KidOne Transport.   For more information, click here.

Bucky Covington is a featured performer at Erin’s Victory Dance on October 14th.  Proceeds of this event go to the Victory Junction Gang.  The official deadline has passed to buy tickets to the event, but apparently there are a few tickets still available.  Here’s the link for more information.