X Factor UK – Week 5 – The Results

Double elimination!

Tonight’s show starts at 8pm GMT/3pm EDT.

JLS and Florence + The Machine perform.

We are live.
Dermot! Judges! Voting numbers! DOUBLE ELIMINATION!

Group Number: Jessie J – Price Tag (feat. B.O.B.)

Recap! Zzzzz.

It’s time for X Factor season 5 runner-ups, JLS. They have 5 #1 singles, 2 Brit awards, sold 5 million singles in the UK.
They sing their new single “Take A Chance On Me”, out today. Their third album, “Jukebox” drops next Monday.
I’m sure all their fangirls loved this performance.

Dermot talks to nervous acts backstage. 5 minutes left!

Break. OMG, X Factor Finalists in a commercial, singing their Charity Single, due to be released in two weeks! Misha is definitely highlighted, if this is footage from the single’s video… It might be a sign. Past X Factor winners Alexandra Burke, Joe McElderry and Matt Cardle were all highlighted in the video for charity single.

We are back. Lines are closed.

Time for Florence + The Machine. She sold 3 million albums and 4 million singles worldwide. She sings “Shake It Out”. Beautiful. #1 album this week!

Another break.

We are back. Time for the results!

Bottom 3:
The Risk
Johnny Robinson
Kitty Brucknell

Acts with the least number of votes/eliminated: The Risk DAMN.

Johnny and Kitty in the sing off. Both Tulisa and Louie will have only 1 act left after this show. I can’t believe a girlband is the last group standing.

Johnny Robinson sings Unchained Melody. UGH. Is this for Gary?
Kitty Brucknell sings Beautiful Disaster by Kelly Clarkson.

Louis sends home: Johnny Robinson
Tulisa sends home: Johnny Robinson
Kelly sends home: Johnny Robinson

Johnny is going home.

Gary would also send home Johnny Robinson.

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  • Anonymous

    It is Strictly Ballroom now, so hopefully I can watch X-Factor here too.


  • wolfsbane813
  • Mateja Praznik

    Hmm, it looks like MJ hasn’t changed the blog clock yet. This was posted one hour early.

  • Anonymous

    So it’s Frankie and who else going home today?

  • Anonymous

    Even Frankie doesn’t think he should be there.  I wouldn’t be surprised though if his fan base manages to pull him out of the basement again, those boos on the live show might have mobilized them.

  • Anonymous

    Only Girl in the Kitchen LMFAO. Sorry, I like sexist jokes (they’re just jokes, not intended to hurt anyone, right?).

  • Anonymous

    NOOO !!!

  • Anonymous

    I hate that I was right. Hate it.

  • Anonymous

    Frankie is through. For once, I’m not mad. IN YOUR FACE LOUIS.

    And both of Louis’s acts are in the Bottom 3! I’m probably overreacting a bit, but after his overly harsh reaction to Frankie (which, admittedly, I’ve kinda been thinking this whole time, but I’m not a judge on this show >_>), that felt kinda good to see.

    Although I don’t think The Risk deserved to leave. Frankie kinda did deserve to leave :P.

  • Anonymous

    The Risk!?! WTF. And here I thought the American public were the ones with no taste.

  • Anonymous

    Who is voting for Frankie?

  • Blower

    Who’s voting for this idiot? Really!!

    Who is voting for Frankie?

    Chavs :x

  • Deeg

    Is the full show posted on youtube or anywhere ?  Guess I slept through most of it as I just woke up…

  • Deeg

    wow..if I’m reading right that kid frankie that everyone booed made it again?  sounds like vote for the worst uk is taking over

  • Anonymous

    Johnny is a class act. The entertainment value of the show just went down a lot.

  • Anonymous

    Is there a Vote for the Worst in the UK?

  • Blower

    1D are on next week, that’s Frankie safe yet again then. 

  • Anonymous

    Frankie’s not even cute. Marcus is sexier than he is. Yes, yes, I know.

  • Deeg

    Actually sad that Johnny got eliminated.  I Just woke up so I didn’t see his last performance but surprised the girl didn’t get eliminated as she’s been in the bottom so many times and doesnt seem to sing on key. Johnny should release a campy pop single asap….I guess US show will have a ‘double elimination shocker’ soon too.  Also shows how great Dermot is vs SteveJ.  The last 5 minutes really showed that!  SteveJ has to step up his game and start talking and having rapport with contestants or hell be fired for Season 2 (simon loves controversy and changing casts) …Also miss the US not having something like XtraFactor..I realize the show in UK is a much bigger hit but as a viewer, I find it adds so much to the show – esp including the judges, fans, audience, contestants, panel etc…Its a cottage industry….Next week GAGA YEAH…And shows how diff UK tv is -with show starting next week at 815p..US shows never do that..  Funny Frankie got through with all the booing.. 

    Kelly is starting her acting career – fights, tears, etc.
    Finally anyone else have a problem with this site loading today?  I do.

  • http://twitter.com/desireechick kesia monteith

    I can’t believe what just happened. Is Frankie ever gonna leave? I KNEW when they saved his ass the first time he was at the bottom 2, he was gonna stick around for the long haul. Good God, man, The Risk did not deserve to leave at all. But I think what screwed them was the change in member, and they have gotten boring…but last night, vocally, was their best night ever. Like they were tight. At least Little Mix is there, but probably not much longer…. *Sads* :(

    ETA: Can’t believe a girlband is the last one standing, either. Can they make it to top 5? I hope so, but it’s doubtful. Thank God Kitty is safe, or I would have really gotten pissed off. I’m so disappointed about The Risk.

  • Anonymous

    Johnny wasn’t great, and even though he was entertaining, his ouster is no big loss.  But, the fact that he was the most entertaining performer pretty much sums up how bad this season has been.  Something seems off about this show.

  • Anonymous

    I’m beginning to wonder whether Gary Barlow himself is swaying the vote here: he’s a huge act and name in the UK???

    I really cannot see any other reason for Frankie to still be in…

  • Anonymous

    the absolute worst thing you can do when trying to get a terrible performer to go home is completely trash them like Louis did.. don’t give the viewing public anymore incentive to pick up the phone and dial in some votes.

    I’m not saying that’s the only reason frankie wasn’t in the bottom 3 but it certainly helped..

  • Anonymous

    Had this not been a double elimination then The Risk would have been saved, without question.  I imagine everyone thought they were a shoo-in while some of the other acts had worried fan bases.  The Risk was better with Ashley, I guess he was a better harmonizer than Ashford.  Harmonizing is much harder than people imagine.

  • Anonymous

    Johnny put in an effort last night. Frankie was mailing it in last night. Even he thought he was out.

  • Deeg

    I don’t know but Ive seen the US site recently write about the UK show but actually their contestant had been Johnny – not Frankie

  • hoa_teca

    I knew Frankie would stay because of Louis’s harsh comment. He he.

    Must admit that Gary’s is a very influential judge. Everytime he criticizes an act harshly, that act is in trouble.

  • Valentin432

    Lol, this is getting really funny. Never thought the Risk would get voted off which is why they probably did.

  • Reflections On Life

    it sounds to me like enough of the UK public are in on the joke, purposely keeping  frankie around for the lolz factor.  it’s always the mediocre that go first, then the bad, and finally the good are left.

    if i’m being honest, i’d like gary to give frankie an outright punk or pop-punk tune, like something by sex pistols (love to hear him scream “i am an antichrist”) or even by green day (american idiot).  he might show some actual talent there, and it’d be a fresh departure from the usual reality-singing-show fare. i imagine if he won, he’d be the first punk-type singer to win one of these shows.