X-Factor 2- SirMac’s Top 6 Power List/Rankings

Another week has gone by. This time, Paige Thomas and Vino Alan are going to that big “finalist” graveyard in the sky (where Lakoda Rayne is constantly annoyed by Fifth Harmony not being eliminated). This week’s show featured Paige’s best performance to date (which is probably why she went home), and Vino’s worst performance to date (which is definitely the reason he was in the bottom) followed by his best performance to date (which is why Diamond should have gone home). Anyone who thought Trouble wasn’t the definition of someone singing for their lives is crazy. Normally we’re subjected to the vocal stylings of CeCe Frey, but this week, Vino really schooled us all with his Ray LaMontagne cover. Alas, we are down to six.

6) CeCe Frey- First, I find it quite hilarious that Ke$ha is performing next week considering how close CeCe Frey is to becoming the next Ke$ha. As hilarious as it would be for CeCe to survive yet another week, it’s highly unlikely that she will. If she touches a sing off, she’ll be gone. Lady Marmalade was both a tall order for CeCe and a brilliant choice, but Demi will probably revert back to horrendous power ballads that show us that CeCe has all the vocal range of a baby being born from the womb. Also, if you’ve seen CeCe’s Pepsi Voters Choice list… none of those songs will make her sound good.

5) Fifth Harmony- Now that the judges are pointing out that Fifth HARMONY can only sing in unison, methinks the depimping has started. They haven’t dipped to the bottom yet, and Diamond will get her boost from being in the bottom previously. On the plus side, they’ll totally demolish CeCe in a sing-off. Like… she might actually die.

4) Diamond White- Good news! Your bottom 3 performance virtually guarantees that you’ll survive next week. The bad news? The top 3 is virtually unshakable at this point, so it doesn’t really matter. Britney still has no idea what to do with Diamond, as she seems to be perpetually stuck in a karaoke competition. There is no “artist” within Diamond White, just a very nice girl who sings moderately well. People like her, but in the end, it’s just not enough.

3) Tate Stevens- Dude. You whipped out the guitar and your fanbase STILL couldn’t pull you back into first? Maybe the WGWG powers are shaky in your old age. I think we all know what to expect from Tate, and since two of his Pepsi choice songs are really sappy country ballads (The Dance/If Tomorrow Never Comes), he’s not going to get the boost he needs next week. Should be singing? Live Like You Were Dying or Stay by Sugarland (flipping it, of course).

2) Emblem3- Congrats brosephs. You cracked the top 3. Even better news? America seems to not really care that you’re massive douchebags. Maybe The Situation should consider a recording career? Also, their song possibilities are actually really good. I think they’ll have a great performance next week.

1) Carly Rose- Her song choices are bland, but she’ll sing the crap out of them. I hope she doesn’t win in the end, because she’s just not ready to be a recording artist. However, she’s currently dominating the competition, including her rival Tate.

What do you think? Is Carly Rose headed for an early exit? Will CeCe Frey defy all odds and win this whole competition? Is there a twist coming up that will allow for last seasons Astro to return and team up with Diamond to help her be relevant? Will Simon stop having plastic surgery done in the middle of the season? Does Britney actually know what’s going on? Is Demi Lovato the best reality show judge ever, or are her eyebrows doing all the work? Sound off in the comments below!


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  • alonzo7

    Hope Emblem3 does not win-can you imagine the smugness on Simons face-please no!!!!!  I’ll be voting for anyone but them.

  • sdmama

    1D didn’t win and Simon made a fortune out of them. So Emblem 3 would not need to win, either. Is Simon out to invade American with his American version of 1D? 
    From everything I hear in media and sound bites, 1D appears to be just adorable, sweet, and nice, while Emblem 3 is, well, not. I am not looking forward to be reminded constantly that Brit version is better than American version. 

    But do we need two boy bands? The Wanted makes 3 already.  I wonder what Simon is planning to do with them afterwards.

  • kmd23

    I love the song choice of the Garth Brooks song “The Dance” for Tate. Love that song and I am not a big country fan. It is the perfect song choice for Tate. I think you have it right except not sure how the order of the top 3 will be but those 3 will be in it. If the viewing audience for X Factor is older than Tate could pull off a win.

  • Nedsdag

    “But do we need two boy bands? The Wanted makes 3 already.  I wonder what Simon is planning to do with them afterwards.”

    I guess Big Time Rush is number 4, right?

    My problem with Emblem 3 is their lack of charm and their over-enthusiasm. Are they addicted to Red Bull or do they need to take their ADHD medication? Say what you want about 1D, but I would love to hang around them even though they are about the same age as the kids I teach at my local community college. I wasn’t a fan of them during their time on the XF, but their video diaries and overall take on life made me into one.

  • ali_359921

    13 years old … I agree .. she is not ready to be a recording artist …
      I’m 100% sure that Tate will win (I don’t like Country Music but ) 
     He deserves to win coz he CAN SING unlike most of the WGWG winners …

  • http://twitter.com/ladymctech ladymctech

    Don’t have too much to say about the remaining contestants, but I love the questions in the last paragraph of this post.

  • RustySax

     “13 years old … I agree .. she is not ready to be a recording artist …”

    Does that mean Jackie Evancho should stop recording because she’s only 12??

  • http://twitter.com/mwk89 Matthew Kitson

    Carly Rose is more than ready to become a recording artist

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002033520082 Brian Thurman

    love her or hate her CeCe is the only one besides Tate that stands a chance of becoming something after the X Factor.

  • ali_359921

    One word , genre !!

  • Nedsdag

    No one is saying that Carly Rose isn’t a recording artist. The question is who will make up her core audience? Tweens? Seniors? Who?

  • durbesque

    Jackie Evancho is a curiosity, a reasonable facsimile of an adult soprano.  Her manufactured sound gets tiresome after a few songs, but people seem to love it.  I suppose the same could be said of Carly, but it’s much less obvious, and conjuring up Judy Garland was a good idea.

  • RustySax

     Have you actually heard Jackie singing live in concert, or only recorded?

    Big difference, she’s much better live.  Saw her this summer at Ironstone, a couple weeks after seeing Kelly in the same venue.

    I also agree with Nedsdag – marketing Carly is a challenge, and with the music industry clearly embracing cranial-rectal inversion right now, she’ll be fodder.

    But she’ll continue to have a fabulous career on Broadway, should she decide to pursue that path.  Nothing wrong with that – look at Audra McDonald!

  • http://twitter.com/happylittlefish Amy Beth

    Maybe X Factor could switch prizes with AGT. Carly actually seems suited to a Vegas version of a Broadway one-woman show.

  • IdolyEverAfter

    Diamond White should totally be on the Disney Channel.

  • http://twitter.com/avrohama aj rabin

    This show is becoming so predictable. Does anyone doubt that it will be Tate Carly and Emblem3 in the finale?? Simon had to get rid of Vino quick because he was the biggest threat to his plans.

  • http://twitter.com/Loretta31 Loretta

     I have heard Jackie live and her voice gave me chills.  It is breath and a tone that is not capture on record.  I love her records but she is way better live.

  • http://twitter.com/Loretta31 Loretta

     1D are actually quite chill cool young men.  E3 are like labador puppies all up in your face and bouncing here and there and everywhere.  I still like them and I still think they will be successful because Drew writes darn good songs.

  • http://twitter.com/BazzleFjsm Bazzle

    I also agree that Carly shouldn’t go straight into a recording career. There is just no core audience for her at the moment. I also really don’t want them to manufacture bubble gum pop for her in order to sell. As getting a hit is not up to her it is up to the ability of the songwriters she gets to write a good song. Even if she could write music I doubt they would let her have too much influence on the songwriting. I think the best route for her is a music themed movie/television. She said she wanted to be an actress and definitely she has merit in that field already with Broadway. Glee if it weren’t doing so bad and was in its prime is perfect for her at her age. They long for the next Lea Michele all the time. There is always room for those types of singers. Or she can do what Jen Hud and Anna Kendrick are doing.


  • http://twitter.com/BazzleFjsm Bazzle

    I have a feeling Simon has already preplanned Emblem3’s rise to the finish. Just watch they will bust out an original soon when the time is right and then Carly and Tate will really be in danger. But if its the same as last year. Carly will win. The 5 million song on the last night is the AUDITION song. Feeling Good is the best ‘moment’ song and Carly does one of the best versions I’ve ever heard. 

  • sumidol

    Yep, I agree, she is polarizing and because she is in the bottom and singing for her life each week she is actually getting the most recognition, it has turned into a great thing to happen to her, I just wish they would get rid of that awful blonde hair do and get it healthy again

  • Benjamin Morris

    Pretty crazy that the voting was within .1% between 1st and 2nd and 1% between 1st and 3rd.

    Judging by Youtube, Carly should be crushing the competition: She has more views of her X-factor performances than the other 5 remaining contestants combined (46.4 million v. 42.3 million).  She had crushed in every single week, always getting more than double the next highest, except for the Top 16 where Emblem3 is a close 2nd.

    Her Youtube views also exceed anyone from last year’s X-Factor or anyone from The Voice. Comparisons to Idol aren’t very useful since Idol doesn’t have official Youtube versions, but FWIW she also beats most former Idol contestants.

    Youtube views aren’t historically a strong metric, and always underrate Country singers, etc. But I’m still pretty surprised that this is so close, especially the small margin between her and Emblem3 (Tate’s early success is predictable because he has a whole genre’s vote locked up, but he’s basically drawing dead at this point if there’s no big game-changer).

  • durbesque

    No, I have not heard Jackie live, only on youtube and tv.

    You say she (Carly) will continue to have a fabulous career on Broadway…I didn’t know.  What has she done on Broadway?  Also, I don’t understand how Audra McDonald figures into a Carly discussion.  Did she start out very young?

  • wordnerdarchie

    Comparisons to Idol aren’t very useful since Idol doesn’t have official
    Youtube versions, but FWIW she also beats most former Idol contestants.

    It’s actually worth nothing.  American Idol in the past didn’t have an official youtube channel.  Fans uploaded numerous versions of their performances, spreading out the view counts over many videos of the same performance.   Freemantle would then oft times remove those videos (and their viewing totals) from Youtube.  So going and comparing Carly’s views on one official video for which all traffic is now directed to past years’ idol counts (with all those missing videos) can not be done.

    For example, D Cook’s performance of Billie Jean blew up the first week following that performance with many fan vids (some getting millions of views), but they were removed by Freemantle.  There is one that was finally allowed to be put back up (March, 2011) for public viewing.  So I don’t see how any kind of comparison can be made now to prior idols, because the circumstances are so different.

  • justmefornow

    She was in “Les Mis” from 2006-2008, most recently in “Wonderland” 2011.
    Total plant, and still boring as hell, poor thing.


  • Karen C

    I think Tate could pull ahead again if he gets even some of Vino’s votes.  And I also think he might be one of the most marketable of those that are left, since country and HAC are much more receptive to reality show contestants than pop radio is.   I think the top 3 will be Tate, Carly and Emblem 3. 

  • RustySax

     Durbesque – If you get the opportunity, go see Jackie.  You’ll be amazed, even if her style is not something you’d normally listen to.

    Audra began when she was 6/7 in local dinner theater in Fresno, CA.  You could tell she was going to be a star every time she walked out on stage.  Then she’d open her mouth to sing. . . OMG!  She went on to win four Tony’s before she was 30, youngest Broadway artist to accomplish that feat.  She’s won a fifth now for playing Bess in the current revival of “Porgy & Bess.”  (Trivia: Her late father was my son’s HS principle!)

    Carly was 7/8/9 when she played the role of Young Cossette in Les Mis on Broadway.  She’s got quite a few musical theater credits under her belt already in addition to the Les Mis role.  There’s a Wikipedia page for her you might find interesting reading (as is for Audra, too).

  • RustySax

     Justme – I wouldn’t consider Carly a plant, I think she’s just another aspiring artist trying to get her name out there.  The fact she’s singing circles around the others is a failure of the show’s casting process, IMHO.

    As for “boring,” I think that’s because she’s used to playing a role in theater, with various stage directions, etc.  Being let loose on the stage to just sing is something she’s not used to yet, thus her somewhat wooden mannerisms.  Go back and look at early Carrie videos – same thing.

    FWIW. . .

  • justmefornow

    Wooden mannerisms is a pretty accurate description. As for singing circles around others, that bar on this show is very low, lol.

    But I get the same vibe from her I got from Jessica S…..the ‘lights are on, but nobody’s home’. Zero connection to the songs, very little life experience, thus boring to me.

    She’s young though, it’s possible she can improve, but now, IMO, she’s not ready.

  • lukien

    Just read this … My question is directed at you sir … Who are you? Slezak in disguise or some punk from vftw? All sounds the same to me, i guess writing a blog is quite similar to singing in the competition, no originality needed. Just throwing insults and yes make fun of Britney abd you’re done.

  • Karen C

    As for “boring,” I think that’s because she’s used to playing a role in theater, with various stage directions, etc. Being let loose on the stage to just sing is something she’s not used to yet, thus her somewhat wooden mannerisms.

    I don’t think this is because she is used to playing a role in the theater, I think this is just due to her age, and probably she isn’t as experienced at singing out of the theater.   Some, like Adam Lambert worked in theaters but didn’t have this problem.  And I know he was much older and experienced than Carly is.