X-Factor 2- SirMac’s Top 6 Power List/Rankings

Another week has gone by. This time, Paige Thomas and Vino Alan are going to that big “finalist” graveyard in the sky (where Lakoda Rayne is constantly annoyed by Fifth Harmony not being eliminated). This week’s show featured Paige’s best performance to date (which is probably why she went home), and Vino’s worst performance to date (which is definitely the reason he was in the bottom) followed by his best performance to date (which is why Diamond should have gone home). Anyone who thought Trouble wasn’t the definition of someone singing for their lives is crazy. Normally we’re subjected to the vocal stylings of CeCe Frey, but this week, Vino really schooled us all with his Ray LaMontagne cover. Alas, we are down to six.

6) CeCe Frey- First, I find it quite hilarious that Ke$ha is performing next week considering how close CeCe Frey is to becoming the next Ke$ha. As hilarious as it would be for CeCe to survive yet another week, it’s highly unlikely that she will. If she touches a sing off, she’ll be gone. Lady Marmalade was both a tall order for CeCe and a brilliant choice, but Demi will probably revert back to horrendous power ballads that show us that CeCe has all the vocal range of a baby being born from the womb. Also, if you’ve seen CeCe’s Pepsi Voters Choice list… none of those songs will make her sound good.

5) Fifth Harmony- Now that the judges are pointing out that Fifth HARMONY can only sing in unison, methinks the depimping has started. They haven’t dipped to the bottom yet, and Diamond will get her boost from being in the bottom previously. On the plus side, they’ll totally demolish CeCe in a sing-off. Like… she might actually die.

4) Diamond White- Good news! Your bottom 3 performance virtually guarantees that you’ll survive next week. The bad news? The top 3 is virtually unshakable at this point, so it doesn’t really matter. Britney still has no idea what to do with Diamond, as she seems to be perpetually stuck in a karaoke competition. There is no “artist” within Diamond White, just a very nice girl who sings moderately well. People like her, but in the end, it’s just not enough.

3) Tate Stevens- Dude. You whipped out the guitar and your fanbase STILL couldn’t pull you back into first? Maybe the WGWG powers are shaky in your old age. I think we all know what to expect from Tate, and since two of his Pepsi choice songs are really sappy country ballads (The Dance/If Tomorrow Never Comes), he’s not going to get the boost he needs next week. Should be singing? Live Like You Were Dying or Stay by Sugarland (flipping it, of course).

2) Emblem3- Congrats brosephs. You cracked the top 3. Even better news? America seems to not really care that you’re massive douchebags. Maybe The Situation should consider a recording career? Also, their song possibilities are actually really good. I think they’ll have a great performance next week.

1) Carly Rose- Her song choices are bland, but she’ll sing the crap out of them. I hope she doesn’t win in the end, because she’s just not ready to be a recording artist. However, she’s currently dominating the competition, including her rival Tate.

What do you think? Is Carly Rose headed for an early exit? Will CeCe Frey defy all odds and win this whole competition? Is there a twist coming up that will allow for last seasons Astro to return and team up with Diamond to help her be relevant? Will Simon stop having plastic surgery done in the middle of the season? Does Britney actually know what’s going on? Is Demi Lovato the best reality show judge ever, or are her eyebrows doing all the work? Sound off in the comments below!

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