Will The Glee Project Be Renewed? Maybe Not

One of the guilty pleasures of summer is The Glee Project, where kids from all over the country compete for a role on the FOX musical comedy Glee. The Oxygen network competitive reality show has landed roles for several of its contenders from the series two seasons, including Damien McGinty (Irish exchange student, Rory), Samuel Larsen (Christian hippie, Joe), and Alex Newell (transgender student, Unique).

The Oxygen Network would love to bring it back, only there is a small problem. FOX has yet to renew Glee for a 5th season. The ratings gurus have all said Glee  is likely to come back for another season (It’s ratings are down significantly from it’s highs in season 1 and 2, but FOX ratings are down overall.) but anything can happen between now and the end of spring. What if  Ryan Murphy and his fellow co-creators decided to pull the plug voluntarily after 4 seasons? You never know.

“Maybe they’ll pick it up for two seasons, not just pick it up for one season,”Oxygen president, Jason Klarman said. “It was always dependent on whether there would be another season of ‘Glee’ so we have to wait. We’ve spoken to 20th [Television]. We’re waiting for when they get a greenlight from Fox. It’s just finishing its fourth season and many of the deals are getting renegotiated. It’s much more complicated than whether they’re picking it up or not.”

One possibility: Oxygen could air the show later in the summer–in July and August rather than starting in June.

What’s interesting, however, is that Season 2 auditions were announced in September 2011 for the following summer.  The return of The Glee Project for a second season was officially announced mid-January 2012.  But an official announcement that Glee had been renewed for a 4th season didn’t come until April 2012.

There must be more going on behind the scenes than we will ever know. Regardless, I hope The Glee Project is renewed. It’s my favorite summer show.

Via Reality Blurred, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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  • Axxxel

    ooohh  oohhh… so no Glee Season 5 ?   Then again, I think that Glee can only survive one more season… and they don’t need that many new people as the cast is already that big…

    I would say, let Glee go on for another season and wrap it up nicely by showing what will happen with the characters 5 years from now… who will end up where and with whom… 

  • http://twitter.com/starfishy2000 DD

    Or a NYC spin-off……Totally would be down for that! Kurt, Rachel, Santana, Blaine, etc…..

  • Larc

    TV Line posted a list of network renewal predictions this past Friday.  They are saying Glee is “A sure thing.”

  • http://twitter.com/KariannHart Kariann Hart

    The Glee Project isn’t as important as the show Glee.  I hope there will be another season.  I’d like to see someone get married, someone make it on Broadway, and Mr. Shu become a Dad!

  • Axxxel

    Married ? I think from the whole Glee bunch it will be Finchel. If there is a season 5, I hope Klaine will only reconcile in Season 5 (sorry my Kurt fan heart is still hurt and angry at the writers for having Blaine cheat on him).

    Broadway ? Rachel… Still prefer Kurt to be in Vogue…or otherwise start becoming assistant designer/tailor for the clothing of Broadwayproductions.

    Mr Schu becoming a dad and Glee kids babysitting the baby… Yeah ! 

  • ellen8

    I enjoy the Glee Project more than Glee – LOL !!
    I watch Glee for the songs not the cheesy stories.  So on the Glee Project
    I don’t have to deal with the story lines !!!

    I don’t see why they can’t have the Project anyway !!   Just let the contestants know that there might not me a Glee show for them but let them compete anyway.   Ryan can always come up with something for the winner !!

    (can you tell I just love a talent show?!?)

  • http://twitter.com/TommyTheModel Tommy Aldon

    Dear Ryan Murphy – Please don’t end Glee & The Glee Project. Glee should never have an ending story , I personally think Glee should continue & let everyone continue too Graduate & when Glee is running out of Characters , The Glee Project should search for new Characaters. Glee is one of my favorite shows , I really love Glee. I was always ashamed of my voice so I never sung in front of no one. But since i saw glee , i sing in school , Outside , Around whomever , whenever. Im proud too say i can sing. Glee helped me realize that I’m differnt , but in a good & better way . Please don’t end Glee Ryan , theres alot of kids out there thats not 18 yet , & surely want too Adution. Please dont ruein kids dreams. You already started too make Alex , Blake , ect ect Dreams come true . Please don’t stop now. Please have a 3rd season of Glee , because I turn 18 this summer ( July 4th ) & I would Love too Audition. & I promise you I’ll make it too the Glee Project , & Hopefully on Glee. ( xoxooxoxoxoxox – Sincerely – You’re Future Glee Star !!!