The Voice 4 To Run Through the End of June, Ratings Topped X Factor By 42%

It’s NBC day at the Television Critics Association tour today, and the most annoying tidbit from the morning’s executive session comes by way of a tweet from Andy Denhart of Reality Blurred.

The 4th cycle of The Voice, featuring new coaches Shakira and Usher (joining Adam Levine and Blake Shelton) will begin in March and run through the end of JUNE. Argh. Will NBC still begin the fall cycle in September, a barely 2 months after the completion of the spring edition?

Here are a couple of other nifty news items to come out of the Exec session:

According to TV Guide, NBC’s audience is getting younger. The median ages for the networks: 48.4 for NBC, 56.4 for CBS, 53.2 for ABC and The CW is 41.2. Also, NBC is the only network this season to be up in the coveted 18-49 demographic (by 24 percent) and in total viewers (19 percent).

And, according to Yahoo TV, The Voice ratings topped X Factor by 42% this fall, via NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt. OUCH!

Also, TV Line Reports that The Voice twofer is not set in stone:

Speaking to the decision to air The Voice twice a year — and the The Voice possibility of viewer fatigue — Greenblatt said, “We haven’t really written that [pattern] in stone. If we feel for some reason we’re hurting the franchise, we could very well adjust that.”

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  • Tinawina

    That’s the kind of schedule I’d like to see X Factor on. Heh. XF seems like it should be a summer show that runs on MTV or something. The Voice should be on in the Fall season, and Idol in the spring. Maybe then I’d actually watch them all. Heh.

    Man, Simon got CREAMED. Wow.

  • bestmusic

    Simon will not be happy.

  • Leandro

    Wait…what NBC will do with AGT? 

  • Klaine

    NBC lowering its age is a big deal.  Not sure why theyre starting The Voice in March and not February.  February is sweeps month and Id think theyd want their strongest show t here…They could try Smash after it again and see if it gets a jump, esp promoting it during The Voice (and ironically featuring 2 Idols – JHud and Kat.  Networks usually air their best shows and specials in February so not clear what the strategy is

  • Klaine

    probably air it between voice spring and voice fall — shocking how reality tv has really completely taken over cable and now is getting greater and greater roles on broadcast networks.  We’re gonna get fewer great sitcoms and drama. Find myself watching TVLand more often – I Love Lucy, Roseanne, Raymond..shows you can even watch reruns and still enjoy

  • cheese1

    I would support that idea.  Actually, I don’t know if I could watch X Factor under any circumstances. 

    I actually like The Voice and Idol, but I don’t have time to watch TV every weeknight! 

    I’m glad to hear someone talk some sense about having the Voice on twice a year.  If they really want to do that, it would be better if they shortened the season a little (teams of 16 were kind of ridiculous).  On the other hand, I thought they did a much better job of building a connection between the contestants and audience this past (long) season.

  • Carriefan1

    On Lecrae’s latest album “Gravity”, he has two songs that feature The Voice and American Idol contestants.

    “Free From It All” – The Voice’s Mathai

    “Mayday” Music Video – American Idol’s Ashthon Jones

  • Leandro

    but AGT is almost 4 months too. It will be totally a reality contest extravaganza!

  • Larc

    I doubt the news this morning that The Voice beat XF by 42% came as a surprise to Simon.  He likely already knew it, which would explain all we’ve been hearing about potential XF changes.  Simon is probably blaming everybody but himself.

  • b_james

    The Voice and AGT on at the same time for over a month.  No thank you.

  • briguyx

    NBC might have realized that the middle segments of “The Voice” do better than the later shows and scheduled them for May sweeps! It might also have something to do with the number of episodes “Revolution” is doing, as they’re planning on starting their spring run in late March and running continuously into May with new episodes, and we know how much “The Voice” lead-in helps…

  • Kariann Hart

    I think “Dancing With the Stars” should consider once a year scheduling.  I actually watch most of the shows but not always when they first are televised.  The “X-Factor” is my least favorite.  I am looking forward to watching “So You Think You Can Dance” and hope it won’t be on just once a week!

    Whew!  I need a calendar to keep track of all these shows.