Scotty McCreery Performs “Holly Jolly Christmas” at Rockefeller Center (VIDEO)

Scotty McCreery sang “Holly Jolly Christmas” on the big Christmas at Rockefeller Center special last night (Nov. 28).

The special had its highest ratings in 4 years! Good news for everyone involved, including Mariah Carey, Cee Lo Green and Chris Mann.

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  • therivermaya

    He had fun singing it and I had fun watching him sing.

    eta: Thanks sooo much for sharing the video MJ.

  • mchcat

    He is just so good live – hope for a concert down my way someday

  • Allison

    Have to say the country guys, Scotty & Trace, ruled. Whoever Victoria Justice was, she was the worst singer on the 2 hour feed we got in new York. Mariah’s first outfit was horrendous. Il Volo are pretty strange looking dudes, too. Kudos to the Hungarian immigrant who gave us the beautiful tree.

  • ?Marie Theresse??

    I enjoyed it a lot. I like the outfit btw.

  • Nichole

    here is Scotty singing Jingle Bells on the same special

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Thanks for sharing–I DVRed the special, but we only got the one hour.  So glad Scotty got this opportunity:))

  • Kathleen Moore

    I got both hours.  Scotty actually opened the first hour with “Jingle Bells.”  It’s on my DVR, but I don’t know how I can post the video. 

    Brooke was also on the first hour, and she sounded good.  Interesting version of Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime.”

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Sara McCreerian. ?@ScottyStreett
    PHOTO: @ScottyMcCreery with @CeeLoGreen at Christmas at Rockefeller concert 11/28/12 —>

  • scm101

    Watched the special just because of Scotty. We only have the second hour of the show. Jingle Bells is supposed to be the most common Christmas song ever but Scotty put a different flavor to it and it sounds refreshing. I like the part when he laughed after the verse ” laughing all the way”…..

    Thanks a lot for the videos.

  • CanadianLady

    Thanks for posting Jingle Bells. I watched, too, but we only got the second hour. He did great. Not too crazy about most of the rest. Mariah and Trace sounded the best. And Tony is Tony.

  • toother

    Rockefeller Christmas is showing in the TV schedule for tonight (Friday). Not sure which hour they are showing. But it does not matter to me as long as MR MCCREERY’s music is there to hear. So I sing along and get told to be silent.  

  • SaSa8

    Another great performance by Scotty and his band!  It was a great show and looked like he really enjoyed being there.  He sure seems to handle these big events well.  I’m pretty sure it will be the same hour of performances that will reair tonight.  More promo!

  • standtotheright

    McCreery was having fun with that. Hope the audience enjoyed themselves.

    Did Trace Adkins really wear a Confederate flag earpiece? [facepalm]

  • Lexie O’Neill

     You know, I think we take his ability to handle these things well for granted by now.  To think, a year and a half ago, he’d only performed in his high school stuff and this special was in front of a live audience of half a million?  Plus a televised of almost 10?  I think I would have been sick somewhere…

  • CanadianLady

    I agree Scotty and his band were having fun. I like the way he and the band are becoming a unit and the music is getting more prominence in many of his songs. Like it best when he plays his guitar too.

    I agree, Lexie. He seems so effortless. Perry Como, anyone? He has said he gets nervous before he hits the stage. I think he’s one of those people who needs the mic. Not sure how else to say it. There are people who, if handed a mic, act like it’s burning them, others who will take it but not have a clue what to do with it, and then there are the few who take it and make you think they were born holding it (and is in fact uncomfortable without it).