Scotty McCreery, Jennifer Hudson Taping Disney Christmas Day Parade

The Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade will air on ABC on Christmas Day.  According to tweets from a Disney Parks tour guide, Idol alums Scotty McCreery, Jennifer Hudson and Voice coach, Cee Lo Green taped their segments today.

It took Scotty 4 takes to tape his performance of “Holly Jolly Christmas”.  Cee Lo sang “This Christmas” with backup dancers, and Jennifer and a gospel choir will perform along with the fireworks!

Check out the tweets

@DisneyMagic Man: Cee lo Green, Scotty Mcreery, and The Muppets will be here!! I’m excited more then anything to see the Muppets, forget all else

@DisneyMagicMan: We’re now on the 3rd time watching Scotty Mccreery sing Holly Jolly Christmas. Not really for me lol

@DisneyMagicMan: “Scotty Mccreery up on stage. 4th time was the last time…

@DisneyMagicMan: Setting up the stage for Cee lo at the Christmas Day Parade!

@DisneyMagicMan: “Cee lo’s backup dancers! They’re quite the lookers;)

@DisneyMagicMan: “Cee lo Green singing This Christmas!

@DisneyMagicMan: “All the camera set up. Jennifer Hudson is currently setting up to come on at 1:30 with a grand firework finale.

@DisneyMagicMan: Jennifer Hudson along with a whole gospel singing group will perform along with the finale fireworks.

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  • NOLA

    Lagniappe!  Can’t wait!

  • larc

    One-take Scotty had to perform Holly Jolly Christmas FOUR times?  Unbelievable!  ;)

  • Anonymous

    I can see him getting the Burl Ives intonations down pretty easily, though!

  • Pam

    Nice promo for Scotty.  Wow, 4 takes?  Well I suppose the important thing is getting it right.  haha It looks like from the twitpic that there was a fairly large crowd there. 

    Hope all involved had fun.  Can’t wait to see it on tv!  Thanks mj!

  • mchcat

    He is probably tired – there is a video of it on the idolsforum page under disney – very pretty backdrop

  • Anonymous

    Hey, It could be becoz of anything….the set, the microphone tuning up, sound, audience & etc. This is taped so it can be anything and this is coming from an obvious non-Scotty fan when he said ” NOT REALLY FOR ME ” . It can be 10 takes. I dont mind because I love Scotty. But from someone who doesnt …. well you can say anything untasteful. But everybody is entitled to his or her opinion. It is perfectly fine. LOL

  • Anonymous

    I hope we get video of all this before the parade, it sounds like a blast. I’m also excited to see what China from Disney performed. She’s got a good voice on her. 

    So jealous of them being in Disney World too. 

  • Ann Freeman

    We’re all human!  I know Scotty will do well with the taping!

  • halo9125

    Nobody should ever bother singing Holy Jolly Christmas ever- it is Burl Ives’ song lol.

  • Georgia Messmer

    You know for those of us that love Scotty, we just want to hear him perform and  really cld care less how many takes he had….we know he always delivers for his fans. He was fantastic on CMA Country Christmas

  • YeahRight

    Man, Cee Lo is popping up everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    On Moms4McCreery facebook page there is a video of Scotty at the Disney Christmas Parade taping ( posted by @Jamie120)

  • Anonymous

    Someone who was at the taping of Scotty singing “Holly Jolly Christmas” stated all of the performers had multiple takes. They do that so they can have different camera shots. A video of Scotty singing at the taping, is on Scotty’s News, Fansite. Its really good, except sometimes hard to hear, because of the screaming fans. 

  • Norma Mcgill

    Jhud and Cee Lo! Yes, I got to watch. Amazing talent! Disney showed out for this one. This Christmas will be a joy to remember!!!