Phillip Phillips On “Home” and His Upcoming Album (VIDEO)

American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips, dropped by Access Hollywood to talk about the Idol tour and the new life the Olympics breathed into his coronation single, “Home.”

Although he’s the kind of artist who likes to have a hand in the creation of the music he performs. Phillip has developed a connection to “Home” after re-arranging it a little to make it his own.

Phillip is extremely busy touring and writing and recording his upcoming album, but since his surgery to repair his kidney earlier this summer, he’s been feeling really good.

ETA: Interview with MTV:

“I’ve written with people who aren’t like me, then I’ve written with people who totally get it. It’s like a blind date, and you never know what’s going to happen,” he said. “But it’s really cool because they learn from you and you learn a little bit from them. And sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m more critical about my writing, and I’ve worked with some people who are even more critical, and I like that. You just learn new things from different people … I’ve worked with some cool people so far.”

And while there’s still no firm release date or title for his debut disc — “I may just call it Songs,

“There’s a couple of tunes similar to ‘Home,’ maybe I don’t know if they’re quite as sing-a-long, but they’ve got the same feel — hopefully, the ones I’m talking about make it on the album,” he said. “And there’s a lot of other ones that represent what I did on the show; they have the sax in it, the horn section with the electric guitar, the cool drum sounds, because I love crazy drum parts … it’s a little mixture of both.

“I just want to put out something that represents me. That’s the biggest thing. I don’t want to put out something that I’m going to look back and be like ‘Man, I wish I would have had more time to put this kind of section in there, or that kind of part in there,’ ” he continued. “But I really want to be proud of it and be like ‘Yeah, that’s my stuff.’ And hopefully people will enjoy it as much as I will.”

He’s got songs on the album that are similar to “Home”? Interesting. It sounds like he’s making a concerted effort to bridge what he did on the show with the sound of “Home”, while making sure the end result is true to who he is as an artist…

Access Hollywood Interview

MTV Interview

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  • CanadianLady

    Nice. The video is not available in Canada. 

  • durbesque

    Loved the interview.  They had all the chemistry one could ask for.  But then, how could she not respond to such down-to-earth, masculine modesty and charm?  

  • Guest

    Here you go. Someone usually puts on youtube for us Canadians :)

  • angiedb

    Getting more excited than I already was for his album release! 

  • getaway1

    Love the interview.  Love Phillip’s response regarding Home.  I think he comes across very likeable and relatable. He didn’t seem shy at all. I also see that many of the entertainment sites are posting the new song, Take Me Away.

  • OffLeash

    Haha. P2 is indeed adorable. Many shy people come across as aloof or standoffish because of their shyness, but not him. The more interviews he gives, the better. :)

  • CanadianLady

    Thanks. I just thought it was weird his website didn’t allow Cdns to watch. :)

  • rodolfochengcanepa

    Now i understand why he was rubbing his leg during “we´ve got tonight”, if he doesn’t, his leg shakes out of control.

  • coltoniseverything

    Great interview. I like the natural atmosphere although Philip was nervous. But his persona
    I believe is laid back and relaxed, and the interview conducted in Rockefeller Center, in the
    Greatest City in the World!!
    Philip was fantastic last night at the Uniondale, N. Y. venue. The audience was excited
    to see their “American Idol”, as was I, and we all screamed and applauded in unison, in
    appreciation at seeing Philip performing live, at his best.

  • getaway1

    I thought the MTV article was especially good. Phil should comfortably debut his CD with 3 digits, not 2. He will have the holiday shopping in his favor. I also don’t think there are a lot of other big Idol roll outs slated for end of the year.  The way his team has been with all this great PR, I can’t see why he won’t get a spot on the American Music Awards.

  • durbesque

    For people who know the song but not the singer, they might work Home into the title of the album. 
    HOME The Album….HOMEx10…..Bring Home the Gold…..

  • IrisandLilies

    I, too, thought that Phillip came across very well in the MTV article.  He was articulate, insightful, and funny.  I particularly appreciated the analogy of the co-writing process to a blind date. 

    I hope that his album ultimately is as he described above.  If so, I can imagine myself listening to every song on it over and over again.  I like albums which show some diversity in style.  I don’t want to listen to an album of songs that appear almost to be iterations of each other. 

    BTW, “Take Me Away” is still stuck in my head this morning after listening to it four times last night.  His songs/performances sometimes are like a fine wine — they get even better with age (or repeated listening).