Phillip Phillips Officially Added to Matchbox 20 Tour

The rumors had been swirling for awhile, but today Matchbox 20 confirms that American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips has been added to all the dates on their North American Tour beginning in January and running through February 27 2013.

Check out the band’s tour dates here.

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  • BigNLiddle

    Darn. Would definitely go to this tour but the only date near me is march 8 in CT :(

  • Rand

    Cool! Good for P2!

  • irockhard

    While I know it’s not the most ideal match P2 is a fan of theirs and I’m sure he’s gonna have a total blast.

  • IrisandLilies

    I’m a little confused.  Does the tour end in 2013, or is that a mistake?  Also, will Phillip get to go to the UK with Matchbox 20, or are his appearances just limited to the U.S. and Canada?

  • rayni

    How did I not know how tiny Rob Thomas is???

    Go P2!

  • jpfan2

    Nice picture. Maybe not my ideal pairing but still a great way for P2 to gain access to new ears.

  • IdolyEverAfter

    That’s cool. Perhaps he’ll have his own tour in the summer.  

  • Li Wright

    Trust me….Jimmy Io had a hand in that.

  • IrisandLilies

    I’m not so sure that Jimmy is responsible for this pairing.  Matchbox Twenty is signed with Atlantic Records.  Moreover, I think there is a mutual admiration society between Rob Thomas and Phillip.  Rob commented favorably on Phillip’s performance of his song Disease on Top 3 night, and Phillip has mentioned several times that Thomas is a great songwriter.  

  • irockhard

    Touring falls on the shoulders of management not the label.

  • buffynut2001

    IDK, seems like an odd pairing to me. I mean, Matchbox 20 fans are older. With the success of Home, surprised they didn’t put P2 with a younger fanbase.

  • girlygirltoo

    MB20 has shows after February 27, so P2 won’t be with them for their whole  tour.This is very cool for Phillip. Even though, IMO anyway,  MB20 is really more of a HAC band these days than an AAA/Alt Rock one, they have a solid fanbase and they put on a good live show. P2 will get the chance to pick up some new fans as well as gain valuable touring experience, 

  • Chesnee Slagle

    Damn I so hope I can make the SC show. I’ve loved Rob Thomas for years! This would be so awesome to see!

  • girlygirltoo

    ??? MB20’s fans are mainly in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Which is basically the same age range as the primary demographic of people who tend to listen to Phillip’s style of music (AAA/Alt Rock). Tweens and teens are not the primarily demo for P2.

  • EH

    Seems like a good intro to touring for Phillip, and it’s only for 5 weeks or so. He’s a big fan of Rob Thomas, so he has to be thrilled! 

  • suenigma

    Eh, I’d say 30’s and 40’s, at the very least. Not sure that there are too many 20-somethings clamoring for new Matchbox 20 music. Love them though. A great pairing for PP, IMO.

  • durbesque

    Thrilled that Phillip will start out in a high-class Tour.  Anxious to know if he will have his band – cello/guitar/percussion.  Or…Does the opening act ever use the headliner band?  Either way, I’ll be looking for videos.   

  • Holeigh

     Eh, I wouldn’t say that.  I’m 25 and have loved the band forever…many of my friends are the same way, we all went to see their More Than You Think You Are tour.

  • girlygirltoo

    It will be interesting to see the reactions of the hardcore MB20 fans. As we know,  it can sometimes be hard for opening acts (whether or not they are connected to Idol) to win over fans of the headliners. A lot of times opening acts play to half-filled venues, or the crowd filters in near the end of their set. A lot of them will have little or no clue about the opening act’s music, and, unfortunately, there will probably be handfuls of fans who will refuse to be impressed by anyone connected to AI, no matter what. So this should be quite the learning experience for P2. I’m sure he will have a great time, but it will definitely be different from playing the Idol tour or a headlining gig of his own. 

  • chessguy99

    This seems to be a mis-match. Phillip has more of a indie/alt vibe, while MB20 is mainline HAC. I would think Phillip would have a better fit with the likes of the Lumineers, fun. or Of Monsters and Men. 

    It also looks like its heavy on casino dates. Not so young people friendly, as some casino venues have a 21 age requirement. 

  • suenigma


  • suenigma

    I’m sure that there are many 20 something fans of MB20 also, but I do think that the preponderance of their hardcore fans originated from when they were having their greatest radio and sales success, between 1995 and 2005. JMO.

  • Ronnie D

    Hmm. No offense, but this is the best band they could get for him to tour with?

  • Trina

    Eh, he’ll be fine. We’ve seen some other winners open for even bigger stars and it didnt help them at all.  So IMO this wont make or break P2’s career and since hes a fan it should be a fun thing for him.  Wasnt there a listing as well that he would be available for college dates?

  • Karen C

    This is terrific for Phillip.  I was already going to the MB20 show on March 8, was hoping he’d be at that one too.

  • Taylor

    The main people listening to PP’s music at the current time are hearing his single on CHR and HAC stations. P2 is currently an HAC artist, who has had a hot song that has crossed over to CHR. Interscope will be shooting for the same type of pattern and the same kind of results with GGG.
    At this point, alt. rock isn’t embracing P2 or his single. He is not an alt. rock artist. Home did cross over to AAA from HAC, so PP is an HAC/CHR/AAA artist at this time.

  • irockhard

    Well James did just fine as an opening act this year, I think the MB20 fans will like P2. Here’s James during one of his sets opening for Buckcherry. The sound isn’t great but what a reaction they gave him!

  • Taylor

    Rob Thomas is tiny. He didn’t look that little on The Voice.

  • getaway1

    Oh, I think Jimmy Iovine and his team knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to promotion and marketing for Phil.  They haven’t missed a beat.  Just like how Greg Wattenberg actually turned out to be a good match for producing Phil’s CD.

  • potatorocks

    I think this is an odd pairing too.  This would not be my choice for Phillip but I hope very much it goes well.

  • wordnerdarchie

    I checked the stats for P2s official video on youtube to see what demographics were that were giving it the most hits, as it might give us an indication of the ages of his primary audience.  Here they are:

    Top Demographics: Female 13-17 years, Female 45-54 years, Male 45-54 years.

  • Wui Zhuan Lim

     Whether it’s odd or not a surprise pairing, wait till you see the reaction…still early to judge.

  • Taylor

    Looks like the viewer demographics for AI. 

  • girlygirltoo

    His single went #1 on AAA and is in the Top 40 (and  climbing) on alt rock. Just because the song has done very well on HAC does not make him a HAC artist (and he definitely isn’t a CHR artist)

    And his next single (Gone Gone Gone) is not a HAC style song — it is very much a AAA/Alt Rock one.

  • girlygirltoo

    Well, Kris did fine as an opener for M5, Lifehouse and Keith Urban, but it didn’t appear to translate into a lot of new fans for him. So like I said, you never know with these things. Hopefully it will result in P2 gaining a bunch of new fans. But at the very least, he will gain valuable experience being on the road in an environment very different from the Idol tour.

  • angiedb

    Absolutely fabulous for Phil! I love, love, love MB20 and Phil and already have tickets for a show in Feb. Can hardly wait!

  • justmefornow

    I love that video from that Buckcherry show, one of my favorite crowd reaction videos. 
    I too think P2 will be fine opening for MB20. As long as he puts on a good show, and remains authentic the crowd will respond and give him a chance, even coming off of Idol.If Drowning Pool’s metal fans, arguably a tougher crowd than Buckcherry’s hard rock fans, can be won over by a good live performer, even coming from idol, I think P2 can certainly get respect from MB20 fans if he delivers.

    Here’s a video from one of James’ shows opening for Drowning Pool. You can see what I mean.

  • Lori

    The Script opened for David Cook. Blake Shelton opened for Brad Paisley. You just never really know which openers will hit a chord with audiences.

    Me? I’m on Team good-for-him. If I’m still in Chicago in February, I’ll go see this show. I’m one of those 90s MB20 fans. And I like P2. Suits me perfectly :)

  • TheOther

    Phillip will also be headlining his own shows, so the gigs with MB20 will be good
    exposure. I have always suspected that his fan base was a lot more diverse than just Idol. The World From The Side Of The Moon is not a mainstream pop, R&B or country album, which has been the typical debut of an AI winner. But the public is responding well to his CD. Dave Eggar, the cellist, who has been on tour with Phillip, plays on every track on the CD.

  • Taylor

    Home started on HAC, and crossed over to CHR and AAA. Home is #2 on HAC. At this current time, P2 is just as much an HAC artist as any other genre of music. GGG is an HAC style song as much as Home is and that is most likely where Interscope will start with it. GGG is Home #2, it is another M&S sound-a-like song that has been fashioned and cleaned up to be an HAC song.

    Until his songs are sent to AAA first and only hit the other formats later when and if they slowly cross over, he isn’t a Triple A artist first and foremost.

  • arkboy

    I have stated it elsewhere & got laughed at, but I think P2 has the chance to become the most successful Idol contestant, winner or not, since Carrie.