Nick Jonas’ American Idol Fate is in Mariah Carey’s Hands?

Here’s the latest American Idol judges’ rumor which is best taken with a grain of salt, as it comes from Bonnie Fuller’s Hollywood Life, which is basically a gossip rag:

Nick Jonas recently tweeted that becoming an American Idol judge would be a “dream come true,” and now has learned exclusively that Mariah Carey is the only thing standing in the way of his dream becoming a reality! “He hasn’t met up with Mariah yet, but if she signs off on it, he will be the next judge,” an Idol source reveals. “It’s completely her decision. If they have chemistry, and she’s for it, it will be official.”

The two would have to meet so the producers can size up whether there’s chemistry or not, and I would imagine if Mariah was dead set against him, there is some language in her contract that would allow her to nix him. But. Who knows.

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  • Zoey Giesberg

    Ugh I don’t need this no-talent judging on this show.

  • rubykarat

    If it’s not Adam Lambert I won’t be watching….

  • Anonymous

    I’m so sick of all this round and round. JUST ANNOUNCE A PANEL ALREADY…oy

  • Jordan Seltzer

    Its not going to be Adam Lambert, that buzz died a while ago.

  • Zach

    I won’t be watching if Nick becomes a judge. Sorry Mariah…

  • luvadamlambert

    yeah i wannt the panel too
    and yup, definetely no adam :(

  • luvadamlambert

    theres so much i will/wont be watching (not just this thread) i seriously think idol is gonna lose A LOT of viewers…goodbye idol?

  • Anonymous

    I love that Mimi already owns the show, lol. HBIC! She’s going to make Britney’s walk offs look like diva child’s play. Loves it.

  • Sharon S.

    FWIW, I don’t think it’s going to be Adam, either (and it’s been one helluva roller coaster ride to get to that point), but it has nothing to do with “buzz”.  There’s probably been a lot going on behind the scenes that nobody on the outside knows about.  Whoever the hell it is, I wish they’d just make the announcement already.

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny, isn’t it?  If Nick Jonas joins the panel, I won’t be able to think of him as anything but a poor Adam substitute.  I know that not everyone will think that, and some will be downright relieved.  But it’ll sort of be the Season 9 of judging panels for me.  

    Unless Nick Jonas surprises me.  But he’d have to have the charm of RuPaul, Simon’s bite, and the wit of… hmm, nobody out there right now, to live up to the hypothetical Judge Adam living in my head right now.

    They never should have floated his name.  Bad network lackeys!

  • Anonymous

    It’s been mentioned that Idol is just dropping names to drum up interest in the show.  Does not seem unlikely and, as a Lambert fan, think I’m about to get highly pissed if he’s being used this way.

  • Anonymous

    A panel of Jonas and Carey strikes me as ludicrous.

  • Larc

    If this were coming from several reliable sources, I’d give it more credence.  But only one source with no history of high reliability?  It’s just today’s mirage, IMO.

  • clearone

    This is getting ridiculous.  Just announce the panel already.  No excuses now.  The Olympics are over.  Ryan is back from London.  What is the holdup?  Nick Jonas?  Seriously?  …….and while I believe Mariah will have a say in the decision, I don’t believe for a minute that she has the final say.  C’mon Idol, let’s just get with it.  You’re looking like a joke dragging this out. 

  • Gwen

    No more drama.

  • Jean White

    Sigh! I just want to know, and I don’t have ANY  problem with Nick Jonas. Just announce the damn panel already and put an end to these endless ‘talks’ and rumors.

  • Anonymous

    And I will definitely not be watching if it’ll be AL. I truly watch the show because of the contestants, not because of the judges, but having a judge you really can’t stand makes it impossible to watch. 

    But, seriously, announce the judges already. 

  • Jordan Seltzer

    I am confused why anyone thought Adam Lambert was actually going to be a judge. I know I am going to get some hate from this post. But honestly, he really doesnt have a career that would make him worthy of being a judge. If we were talking about Kelly or Carrie that would be different. But Adam Lambert is more famous in the gossip mags than he is as a music star.

    I think a Jonas brother as a judge is also a joke – but at the same time at least they have millions of records sold, so it makes some level of sense.

    My issue is more that I think Idol shouldnt try to copy XF by hiring a young judge, they should hire judges that fit the Idol format. Mariah doesnt even really fit in that. Idol is more Country/Rock and it would make sense to find judges that fit into those markets.

  • Eilonwy

    It’s just today’s mirage, IMO.

    This is my new favorite description of the Idol-judge-choosing-rumor process. 2012 theme song, with apologies to Michael Jackson:

    I’m starting with the man in the mirage,
    I’m checking his discography.
    If songs languish in HAC mid-30s steerage,
    Would it be so bad to go for a star in country?
    No goosies, no dawgs, want a judge who’ll say what he means.

  • OffLeash

    Looks like so far we have Mimi, NJ and Pharrell, right? Then there’s a possible country judge. That means Randy’s a mentor now, or the 4th judge.

    No other woman on the panel, or will the country judge be a woman. Oh wait! I forgot about Alanis. Isn’t she almost sure too? My head is spinning.

  • No Thanks

    I think maybe this is a face saving rumor from the Jonas camp.  So if he doesn’t get picked it’s MARIAH’s fault.  And not because everyone in the media pretty much laughed at the notion of him judging.

  • Anonymous

    Rumors about Brad P. has died down too.  Wonder if he turned it down already because of his concerts schedule conflict.

    I kinda like Miley instead of Nick… if Mariah would

  • Anonymous

    Hollywood life isn’t exactly the most credible source in the world.

  • Anonymous

    Idol is more R&B than it is country.

  • rodolfochengcanepa

    nick jonas, adam lambert??? plz i thought u needed to be succesful but with a lot of experience in the music industry and with the knowledge to give good advices. And the fate of the show depends on carey instead of the contestant?? who cares if the judges dont have chemistry, that would be interesting 4 the show, like simon and paula did in the past with very good results.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s funny when people claim they won’t watch if Nick was a judge. First of all, what is so bad about him? He’s not a diva, he has experience in the industry, he’s young, and has a huge following. You all know you will be watching, at least at first.

  • buffynut2001

    Any guesses, from the experts here (MJ) on why Idol has suddenly gone silent?

  • No Thanks

     Not in the past 5 years.  R&B is barely tolerated these days on the show.

  • buffynut2001

    Hmmm, let’s see: 10+ years experience in “the busniess,” serious vocal training since the age of 10, 6 million+ tracks sold worldwide, Grammy nomination on first single, 90% plus sold out word tour of 117 cities, #1 BB album, hoopla magnet for the press, experience as a mentor on Idol….. now who could that be?
    Sounds like enough experience, to me, to be a judge and I’ll give you a hint: It’s not Nick Jonas!

  • Sharon S.

    Maybe for some it’s more apathy than dislike.  I watched AI from Season 7 through Season 10, then sort of lost interest after Season 10’s All Country Finale and Season 11’s two hour long performance shows.  If the Season 12 judges interest me enough, I might tune back in.  So far I’m not encouraged.  Mariah doesn’t do it for me, and neither does Nick Jonas.  I have nothing against either of them, per se, but I’m not particularly compelled to seek them out, either.  FWIW (not much, I assume), I would tune back in for Adam – and the media reaction seemed much more enthusiastic about the prospect of Adam judging than Nick Jonas (the meme that he isn’t qualified seems much more prevalent on Idol blogs than anywhere else).  Don’t know that it’ll mean anything in the end, however.

  • Anonymous

    ”I think it’s funny when people claim they won’t watch if Nick was a judge. First of all, what is so bad about him?”

    I think it’s the same reason people won’t be watching if Adam will be on the panel. It’s either they just hated him or find him not credible enough. As an Adam fan, we know he will be a good judge because he’s knowledgeable and articulate enough to critic a performance, but sadly that is not the priority of being a judge… apparently it’s by how much you sell records.

  • Anonymous

    No one from the show has ever addressed the rumors.  The closest that we’ve come is Nigel making fun of the situation on twitter.  They realize that commenting could have a negative impact on negotiations.  

  • Anonymous

    i think Nick Jonas has the personality of a shrub.  But hey,  if they rotate judges yearly I am sure I can deal with it for a year if he can manage to put together some cohesive critiques. 

  • Anonymous

    I believe that fans think that he will be a good judge, because they are fans, but nobody knows if someone will be a good judge, until we actually see that person in action.  Even then there is a training period, because Steven Tyler looked great during the filmed and edited audition episodes, but he was  close to being a dud during the live shows.

    The judges set the tone during the early taped episodes, but a lot of that comes down to editing and the producers and directors. I hate to say it, but personality and energy are going to trump knowledge of music. It’s why someone like Sean Combs would make a better judge than Pharrell Williams, even though Pharrell is the better producer, has an eye for talent, and unlike Diddy, knows how to develop that talent. Pharrell can do a lot for the contestants post-show, but he probably won’t hold the attention of a television audience.

    Who knows what Nick Jonas will be like. He does have the vocal chops, the musical knowledge, and he’s sold a lot of records. Once upon a time he and his brothers did capture the imaginations of teen and preteens, but that’s no longer the case.

  • Anonymous

    Since Season 7, Syesha, Mike, Jacob, Joshua, and Jessica all made the top 5. Aaron, Lauren, Scotty, and Skylar have been the country ones.

    Even when we look at top 3, we had Syesha, Joshua, and Jessica compared to just Scotty and Lauren.

  • Anonymous

    Elliegrll: ”I believe that fans think that he will be a good judge, because they are fans, but nobody knows if someone will be a good judge, until we actually see that person in action. Even then there is a training period, because Steven Tyler looked great during the filmed and edited audition episodes, but he was close to being a dud during the live shows.”

    He mentored season 9 and it somehow work? His critiques were so spot on. You’re right we actually don’t know if MC,NJ, Pharell, Brad would be a good judge. Or if Adam will be a good one than them. We’ll never know because I don’t think Adam will have a seat on that panel.

  • Anonymous

    “Idol” is Nick Jonas’ “dream come true”? Huh?

  • Anonymous

    I would never boycott no matter who they picked. I will obviously be disappointed if it isn’t Miley haha, but I think it is only fair to give whoever they pick a shot!

  • No Thanks

    Many of those spent the season hitting bottom 3 repeatedly.  And who wins these shows?  WHO?

  • Anonymous

    Idol doesn’t really have to get their judging panel set until September, so poor MJ may need to continue to post new rumors every 4 hours for the next month.  If I didn’t visit this blog, I bet I wouldn’t even notice that Mariah was sitting in J.Lo’s seat until a good 10 minutes into season 12.

    I don’t understand the desire to boycott the show because of a judge?  They get their standard 60 seconds to talk after a performance but it’s a problem that’s easily taken care of with a trip to the kitchen or a touch of the fast forward button.   

  • Anonymous

    Eeek! I don’t know about Nick Jonas being a judge…His brother Joe was useless and boring when he was a guest judge back in S9. Though even though Nick is younger he seems more “mature” and probably has more music knowledge than his brothers. But I just think he’d be too afraid to critique and give honest feedback to the contestants. And when is Idol going to announce the new panel? Doesn’t auditions with the judges start next month?

  • Anonymous

    I can relate to watching Idol because of a judge.  It can add to the enjoyment (or not) of the show.  But it seems odd to me that a fan of the show would NOT watch just because of the absence of a judge.  Are there many people that are so uninterested in the rest of the show that they will sit through 2 hours of it solely to hear about 15 minutes of bonmots and pearls of wisdom to spew from one person’s mouth who’s opining about the performances?  I don’t think Nick Jonas will make a very interesting judge but I will definitely still tune in (until I get bored with the contestants that is).

  • Anonymous

    nick jonas, adam lambert??? plz i thought u needed to be succesful but with a lot of experience in the music industry and with the knowledge to give good advices.

    Ellen DeGeneres didn’t have much experience in the music industry.  That wasn’t her downfall as a judge.  Her downfall was that she couldn’t be straight with the contestants — nor could she really help them in her own sphere of experience, as a performer. 

    The bottom line is whether the judge has anything useful to say — or better yet, 3-13 useful things to say every single performance night.  Simon is still the gold standard (in his Idol days) because he said something useful as least 50 percent of the time.  (The other 50 percent were either wickedly funny or infuriatingly cruel — or both.)

    Credentials are important, but you don’t have to be the most awesome singer or the most successful producer to have them.  Wit is important.  Honesty is important. 

    Chemistry is important, but it’s definitely not more important than the first three.

  • Anonymous

    He mentored season 9 and it somehow work?

    I don’t know how to judge that, and I don’t know how that relates to being in a judging position on a weekly  basis.  I don’t think that they are the same thing.  The weekly live shows can be a drain, especially when the producers are handing out talking points, and when the judges have their own careers on their minds.  I think that we saw that with Steven Tyler.

    Montavilla said: Ellen DeGeneres didn’t have much experience in the music industry. That wasn’t her downfall as a judge. Her downfall was that she couldn’t be straight with the contestants — nor could she really help them in her own sphere of experience, as a performer.

    Sometimes she was straight with them, for example, when she told Tim Urban that singing wasn’t his thing, and that he should go into acting instead. I don’t think that Simon ever said something as mean as that, even if it was the truth.

    I think her problem was that she couldn’t handle the real aspects of AI. She couldn’t tell a contestant that they picked the wrong song, or that they had 1000’s of songs at their disposal, when she knew that the songs were practically assigned to the contestants by the producers. She knew how much time they really had to practice, or if the producers changed songs on them at the last minute. She knew that some contestants were treated better than others, and how much control the producers have over the show.

    She was a fan, and like a lot of other viewers she didn’t know all of these things, when she was just watching the show on television, but learning how the show really works diminished her love for American Idol. Even now, even though she has some AI contestants on her show, she’s not as big of a fan as she was before season 9.

    New judges will have to be able to deal with the fact that the show’s image is not the same as what really goes on behind the scenes to make sure that is is a ratings success. It’s probably hard for some potential judges to deal with the fact that the ratings are more important than the contestants, even to a lot of the viewers.

  • Anonymous

    I am confused why anyone thought Adam Lambert was actually going to be a judge. I know I am going to get some hate from this post. But honestly, he really doesnt have a career that would make him worthy of being a judge. If we were talking about Kelly or Carrie that would be different. But Adam Lambert is more famous in the gossip mags than he is as a music star.

    No hate.  I hear what you’re saying.  I think the reason Adam seemed credible as a choice is because he brings some needed qualities to the table.

    1. He’s known for being articulate, direct, and for saying what he thinks.

    2. He’s been a contestant and knows what that entails, so he brings a perspective that only former Idols (including Kelly and Carrie) can bring.  

    3. He knows how to work Idol to advantage in terms of creating an interesting arrangement and performance.  I’ll probably get arguments on this, but I think right now he’s the gold standard for performances on the show.  Nobody has consistently worked that stage better.

    4. He’s known for getting along with everyone, from persnickety British egomaniacs to production staff.  He should be able to generate chemistry no matter who else is on the panel.

    5. Tellingly, the most common response to the rumor that he was being considered was, “Right on!”  Which means that it’s not just his die-hard fans that think he’d be a good choice, but a lot of the media commentators on the show as well.  (Although, sometimes it’s hard to tell the commentators from his die-hard fans.:))

  • Anonymous

    I don’t ever watch the show in real time, so my interest in the panel is entirely contestant-based:

    1) Do I think the person in question is going to give actual constructive criticism that the contestant can use to get better, making the performances (and thus, the competition, the media coverage, and the post-show goodwill) better?
    2) If not, do I at least think the person in question is going to give reactions that reflect some attention paid to the actual performance as opposed to notes saying “producers said ‘praise this contestant and critique this contestant, and don’t worry if you use the same reasons for both'”?

    When nobody does 1) the contestants get lazy and the viewers get bored. When nobody does 2) all of the above happens and people get extra annoyed on behalf of their favorites or contrary to their least favorites.

    People who are credible in the industry have a better chance of being heard if they do 1). So at this stage, for this show, I consider that a necessary, if not sufficient, condition. Personality, chemistry, and all the other things are important, but I’ll forgive a lot if I simply believe that the judge is saying what he or she thinks in a manner that the person standing on stage can understand.

  • Kitwana

    There are many reasons why Nick deserves to be a judge. Between 2008-2009, the Jonas Brothers were one of the biggest, if not biggest pop groups in the world. Nick was 16 when the group peaked and handled the pressure very well. On the other hand, the last Jonas Brothers cd and tour failed to meet expectations, their movie flopped, Camp Rock 2 failed to reach the popularity of High School Musical, their tv series was cancelled after just two years, their solo projects flopped despite massive marketing and there are even claims that the Broadway play Nick joined had to close early because he was not the draw they thought he would be. In short, the Jonas Brothers have been on a steep career decline since about 2009. But if anything can revive the career of a failed boyband, a judging position on Idol can.

  • Anonymous

    The Wikipedia entry for Kevin Jonas says near the bottom: “Starting on August 19, 2012, the eldest Jonas brother will appear in an E! reality series alongside his wife Danielle (Dani) and brothers Nick and Joe. Produced by Ryan Seacrest, ‘Married to Jonas’ will document the young couple’s domestic life as well as the brothers’ recording efforts as they prepare to release their newest group album.” (This information is not in the entries for Nick or Joe.) I just thought that was interesting.

  • Anonymous

    Only 2 country singers have won compared to 3 R&B singers.

  • No Thanks

    R&b has had no shot in hell of winning the past 5 years.  The tide turned against them ages ago.

  • Leandro

    Nick isn’t 4ven relevant for teens right nowl. He’ll attract any viewers and I think his comments will be bland as hell.

  • Enough already!

    I have no real problem with Nick Jonas as a judge anymore than I have with Mariah Carey.  However, neither one would entice me to start watching Idol.   If Adam Lambert a judge I would watch…solely my own choice.  

  • Anonymous

    What is it about Adam you cannot stand?  He has been pleasant in every interview he has done and seems to get along with everybody.  His singing is second to none right now.  It would seem to me anyone who says they hate Adam don’t really hate him it is more of a jealousy issue.  I know cause I have that initial feeling of “hate” when someone else gets a break instead of my favorite.  But then I realize it is not hate but jealousy.  All the idols deserve breaks if they can get them.  Adam has done nothing to hurt anyone and has always been supportive of other Idols.  He is always the first to reach out to them with congratulations or with a “hey get their new album or song” tweet.  And that is without reciprocle support back.  He is deserving of this job if they give it to him.

  • K

    19, RCA, and the media have consistently ignored other alumni to give opportunities and praise to Adam, even though his accomplishments have often paled in comparison to theirs. Handing him a judging slot on a  silver platter is just another way to try to make him a star by force of will. It will be a season-long Adam Lambert infomercial (same as it was for J. Lo) and I’m just not interested. He will never be the kind of star that TPTB wanted him to be (though I’m sure he’ll make a nice living) and I’m sick of having him shoved in my face.

    More to the point, he screeches and isn’t anywhere near accomplished enough to be credible as a judge.

    He also can be less than diplomatic, even offensive, just because he thinks it’s cool: saying that women shouldn’t express their sexuality unless it lives up to feminist principles, spreading gross details about past sexual partners, getting himself thrown in foreign jails and thinking this is appropriate behavior, calling teenage mothers white trash, encouraging his fans to trip acid in the desert, etc . . .

    I’m sure that Steven Tyler has done worse than this over the years but it kind of proves that Adam is far from the well-behaved, clean-cut pop star who can be trusted to behave decently and fairly in front of the camera. There are plenty of reasons not to want to deal with him.

  • Anonymous

    “19, RCA, and the media have consistently ignored other alumni to give opportunities and praise to Adam, even though his accomplishments have often paled in comparison to theirs.”

    So it really is jealousy then. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that the Jonas’ are far past the peak of their appeal to teens/tweens. Nick is OK as a singer, but he was really outclassed when he took part in the 25th Anniversary concert performance of Les Miz in London in 2010. Totally a stunt cast.

    ETA: I don’t follow the Jonas Brothers. Was Nick the most popular one or was that Joe?

  • Valarie

    I am sure Adam is a nice person, but it could be argued that Adam rallied his troops to support Haley in order to help eliminate James. So, yes, I do think Adam has done things to hurt others. He is the only prominent past contestant to undermine a contestant who was still in the competition. Adam is fully human and has his flaws like everyone else. I think he might use the judges chair to eliminate contestants whom he feels may threaten his career.

  • Loretta

    I still believe Adam is a judge!  He would be so much better than Jonas and much more interesting.

    I have faith that MC will pick people like Adam who will compliment her and add a pizzaz to the juding table not some has been boy band kid.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    OTOH, Mariah may want to be the “star” judge, so will only approve other judges who are bland and won’t steal attention from her.

  • Axxxel

    I don’t think Adam would mind, because I think the name dropping is an indirect public relations hint to his partipication as a temporary front man of Queen in Europe at that time… 

  • Axxxel

    I do agree that Idol is more country/rock but Idol is losing viewers in that market segment so they hope that they can reach a different market segment with Mariah..

    No hate from this rabid Adam Lambert fan… It is a bit too soon in his career… He is still on his promotional tour of his 2nd album…  Maybe after the concert tour of his second album…2014 or 2015 maybe ?  Don’t want to wait too long to have him as an Idol judge either… Sometimes I don’t know whether I love Adam for his songs or for the wittiness and intelligence and being so well versed during his many many interviews…

    My favorite interview is still this oldie from 2009 though during the Idol tour… it shows how serious he can discuss certain issues… like his advice to kids who feel that they don’t fit in at school and working on a cruise…

  • LE

    Because that worked out so well with Steven Tyler.  Years of experience?  Yes.  Massive success?  Yes.  Ability to offer any actual critique or useful advice?  None whatsoever.

  • Anonymous

    At least one of the judges should be a music producer, not performer. The performers have an incentive to be likable so the public will continue to like THEM, for their own careers. A producer knows the market and won’t lose jobs later based on his/her own popularity.

    This whole business of filling the chairs with performers is just so ingenuous. They want to use Idol to boost their careers; the show wants to boost its image. Neither want to mentor new performers.

  • Not fit to print

    I don’t think Idol has gone silent. They haven’t really said much since the Mariah announcement and Nigels’ shrugging answer to the Adam Lambert rumours.

    Their silence has created a vacuum and a lot of other people have been filling the gap for over a month. For all we know, they have a plan in place but they look indecisive. The Voice press conference was a subtle attempt to capitalize on that. The comments about being solid and long term with their judges as opposed to the show that “can’t make up it’s mind” and all about “Young America” as opposed to Mariah Carey. 

  • Anonymous

    Have no way of knowing that.

  • LE

    I don’t know why anyone talks about why one candidate _deserves_ to be a judge or not.  It’s not a prize or an honor like the Grammys.  It doesn’t matter whether they are accomplished or deserving or good people.  If that were the criteria, my brother-in-law would be up for the job – he certainly knows a hell of a lot more about music than freaking J-Lo. 

    It’s about ratings – who can draw eyeballs to the TV.  They can do that by already being famous tabloid fodder (like Mariah Carey is or Paula was) or by being knowledgeable and entertaining on the show, like Simon was and Kara was supposed to be.  Mostly they need to be not boring and not so off base in their critiques that it’s laughable, like it was the last two seasons. If the viewing public  sees them as useless and not doing their jobs, that’s not going to help ratings no matter how impressive their resume.

  • Shoriagirl

    This was posted on facebook by 102.7 KIIS FM:

    102.7 KIIS FMTomorrow On Air with Ryan Seacrest we have Kevin Jonas & Danielle Jonas for their show “Married To Jonas” PLUS a BIG Jonas Brothers announcement!

  • Sharon S.

    Can’t believe that will have anything to do with Idol.  Nick Jonas can’t announce anything before Idol does.  If it’s a “Jonas Brothers announcement,” it probably has something to do with their album.

  • rodolfochengcanepa

    It would be ideal to hire as a judge, someone who has the musical authority and the guts to tell the contestants the truth. Tyler had the requirements, but too much compliment 4 my taste.Nick was a succesful teenage pop star, but he still must make the transformation into a grown up serious musician. He has the talent, there is no doubt about that, and i think he was on broadway or something similar, but he still needs to be succesful with a new fanbase; and Adam… well, he can sing, and thats all.

  • Kariann Hart

    I couldn’t stand Simon the last several years, but I have watched EVERY Idol show since Season 1.  Too bad some feel they will stop watching because they don’t like the chosen judges.  You can’t please everyone.

  • Anonymous

    Nick is way more successful than Adam.

  • Anonymous

    Jessica had a shot, but Phillip was pimped and standing in the way of that.

  • dante

    I just don’t see what having a long successful musical career has to do with being an American Idol judge?

    The judges aren’t figuring out how to manage the contestant’s careers – they are picking people to be on the show who have talent and audience appeal. The hard part for a contestant is to pick a good song, connect with audience and make enough impact to get home viewers to vote.

    I think have Adam judge would be genius as he is very experienced musically, has been through the process as a contestant

  • Leandro

    No.Teen’s relevance variates like just in a year. that’s why for me it’s a bad move. Jonas are a little bit relevant right now, they can be nobody in some months. 

  • Anonymous

    Adam – with the “I’ll be back” comment at the concert recently, “new job in September” maybe comment, “big things coming”, telling Japan big things coming, etc. All these little remarks, stories, etc – would love for the new judge to be Adam..  I think Adam does fit the bill.   He is the BEST singer  to come from that show.  He knows the business.  He is entertaining and so enjoyable to watch on anything.  Idol would be able to not only talk about Adam being on the show, but his #1 second album, touring all over the world that only a few Idols have done, nomination for a Grammy, and being one of the most remembered and respected Idols ever, and having toured with Queen and it was totally awesome, etc.  Adam knows about singing.  The man can sing…. using his voice, interpretation of song, staging, performance.  He totally fits the bill and is totally qualified.   NJ has a new show, which he is a part of, coming on TV.    All these rumors are press.  Brad P. is going to host the country awards.  Whenever an artist has something coming up, press releases stuff on them, its PR.  Is not MC going to or has she released a new single.    It may be PR for Adam too, but, its one PR I would like to see come true..  the only one..   delaying a TP tour too.  makes ya wonder.  Its their job.   We shall see.  

  • Anonymous

    If AI talked about all these things that would open up the door to other outlets to talk about how his second album has struggled.  Which would lead to these outlets and others speculating that he needed AI to help him revive his career.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Lambert can sing – and pretty much better than anyone else.  But, “thats [sic] all” ?  –  don’t think so.

  • Anonymous

    “Adam… well, he can sing, and that’s all.”

    He began in theater when he was eight years old. Over the course of those years he performed not only in the US, but in Europe.  He executive produced his sophomore album, and co-wrote all but two of the songs on that album. Yes, he is more than a one trick pony!!

     Give the man the credit that’s due him!!

  • blackberryharvest

     To be fair, Nick actually IS talented and can actually sing.

  • blackberryharvest

    I think a Jonas brother as a judge is also a joke

    Not real different from Demi. Nick is actually talented.

  • rodolfochengcanepa

    You said it, Theater when he was 8, as jonas who was succfesful when he was teenager, but we dont know if he can be succesful in the future with a grown up audience. Lambert had an amazing voice, but thats all by the moment, he is not a star, just ok in the industry, at least he can live of his music.


  • blackberryharvest


    He is the BEST singer  to come from that show.

    I disagree, but I guess that is subjective.

  • Incipit

    If this were coming from several reliable sources, I’d give it more credence.  But only one source with no history of high reliability?  It’s just today’s mirage, IMO.

    Good point, larc. When the last rumor was floated about Mariah in July, Carly Smithson from Season7 –  where Mariah mentored, had this emphatic comment.

    >>Carly Smithson ?@CarlySmithson
    Just read on @PerezHilton Reports that Mariah Carey was a nightmare while on season 7 of @AmericanIdol. – not true people !!!!!

    Now, no one has to believe Carly, just because she was there, although IDK what ulterior motive she would have to say the rumor was wrong.

    By the same token, I don’t have to put any credence in a Blind Item run in Hollywood Life, that doesn’t even have a history of reliability.

    “Today’s Mirage” in the PR Sweepstakes works for me.

    IMO. Of Course.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that Fox or American Idol look indecisive right now.  As MJ said, the official announcement about Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez wasn’t made until September.  Right now, all of the speculation in the media is good, and it gives the producers the opportunity to figure out who they want to hire.

  • Sharon S.

    If AI talked about all these things that would open up the door to other
    outlets to talk about how his second album has struggled.  Which would
    lead to these outlets and others speculating that he needed AI to help
    him revive his career.

    Oh, I don’t know.  Seems to me those outlets had the perfect opportunity to do that when reporting on the judging rumors, but it didn’t happen.  Even Billboard, which should know his sales numbers perfectly well, mentioned Adam’s hot career when reporting on the judging story.  If by chance he does wind up on the panel, we’ll see what happens, but so far that just hasn’t been the story the press has been inclined to tell. 

  • LE

     If you’re going to boil Lambert’s career down to “well, he can sing”  it would be equally easy to to boil Nick Jonas down to “member of a mostly defunct boy band.”  Neither summation reflects reality.  (I’ll leave it to others to gush about Adam’s resume).

  • rodolfochengcanepa

    im not trying to start a fanboy war or trying to change people´s opinion. If you think that lambert is a star and he and jonas fit for the roll, then good 4 u, but i think jonas would be great 4 teenagers and Adam can sing but i dont know if he have the knowledge and if hi has it, then he should use it on his own career.

  • LE

    What fanboy war?  I haven’t advocated for any particular candidate.  I’ve said that some of the criteria that people are using for advancing their own favorites are irrelevant, and that the trashing/advocating for some of them is inaccurate, but that applies pretty much across the board. 

    As I tried to point out in my last post, being dismissive of either Lambert or Jonas is neither fair nor accurate no matter how many times you repeat your opinion.  Dismissing the accomplishments of one in order to make the other look better just makes you look petty. 

    If you actually read my comments you’ll see that I don’t think past success or fame is a particularly good indicator of how they’ll do as a judge – it certainly hasn’t worked that way in the past.  The original judging panel was a wildly successful recipe, but it consisted of a nearly washed up pop star, a not very well known but relatively successful session musician/producer, and an A&R guy who wasn’t well known outside of the UK.  It worked because of the chemistry between them, not because their collective record sales were impressive.