New Music Videos: Alexandra Burke and Marcus Collins

Check out new music videos from X Factor UK alumni.

Alexandra Burke, X Factor UK season 5 winner, released music video for her new single “Let It Go”.

Alexandra Burke – Let It Go

Marcus Collins, X Factor UK season 8 runner-up, released music video for his second single “Mercy”.

Marcus Collins – Mercy

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  • Listening

     Marcus Collins vid was okay not much to it  though. Umm but at the very
    end I think he dropped out of character and he looked angry when he
    pulled away from the mic after saying “let me tell you”.

    Alexandra Burke’s video had a better feel to it more real but it was
    just okay too. I didn’t like a few of her outfits the weird big dress w/
    the thigh high boots, the stupid jacket with the pointed clumps at the
    shoulders and especially the tights and bra.  She looked better in her
    rehearsal vid clip. Oh one more thing I would have liked that song more
    if it wasn’t but to dance music. It has a strong message. Umm Is dance
    music really big in England I can’t understand why Alexandra would want
    to go in that direction, both Elephant and Let it go had that feel. It
    worked w/ elephant but not Let it go.

    I think Alexandra should do Let it go on her next tour and just slow it
    down that would be Killer since her voice is so powerful.

  • Audrey Lefkowitz

    Love Marcus.  He is a natural.    Doing very well I hear.    Don´t like Alexandra at all.  Her persona is very off-putting.

  • Anonymous

    Few questions: How did Alexandra’s & Marcus’ pair of previous singles do?
    And have they already released their respective albums, if yes how are they doing?
    Thanks in advance. :)

  • justshootme

     Marcus Collins vid was okay not much to it  though. 

    Marcus is gay, right? I wonder if he has the same issue in Britain that Adam has here, as far as protraying him with a love interest in his videos.  Also, I thought it was a funny coincidence that he had the two heavyset black women singing back-up, reminded me of the back-up singers Adam had at his NNN appearance.    Made me look twice, lol.    

  • Mateja Praznik

    Marcus’ first single was a cover of “Seven Nation Army”. It peaked at #9 on the Official Charts. His album peaked at #7. All in all, the album was quickly made and it doesn’t look RCA put a lot of effort into it. It’s not like I expected Marcus to do well post show as a popstar, but it looks like the label didn’t try hard to make him a success either.

    Alexandra’s first single “Elephant” from sophomore album peaked at #3. I think her problem is lack of airplay. She did get more support during her last era. With “Elephant”, I think the problem was she went more in dance direction for this album and her new material is really different from her first album. I think radio was cautious. However, I think the single proved to be more popular with the listeners than radio expected. Album will be released on June 4th.

    Right now it looks like Rebecca Ferguson’s single will get some decent airplay. “Glitter & Gold” seemed like a golden song on the first listen, so I’m not really surprised.

    Cheryl’s new single is getting a lot of airplay.

  • Listening

    Yes he’s gay and i’m pretty sure he’s out. I always got the feeling
    England was more accepting of gay people commercially. Don’t they have
    more shows than America about gay people as well as more gay characters
    on television. They seem to be more free sexually w/ their shows at
    least that’s the impression I got. Not that i’ve seen many shows just
    some youtube clips. Umm also in regards to  One Direction i’ve seen
    clips and articles where people think Louis and Harry are a couple and
    Zayn staring at Harry’s bare bum and everyone seemed cool w/ it.

    Therefore I think gay celebrities and singers would have it easier in England.

  • AllenTX

    This Marcus guy is pretty good. I love it. A fun video. Burke’s song is totally hookless. Seems to me that UK singing show has more variety and interesting people.

  • Anonymous

    That is exactly the type of music I expected Marcus to put out.  I hope he does well.