Gossip Girl Exec Producer Josh Safran Announced as New Smash Showrunner

I just randomly came across some Smash news from Entertainment Weekly tonight while browsing on Twitter. Looks like Josh Safran–the boss currently residing over the CW drama Gossip Girl–has won the “sought after” title of showrunner for the second season of the NBC drama Smash.

You’ll recall that awhile back, the broadway vet Theresa Rebeck “stepped down” (AKA: got axed) as the showrunner right after NBC announced a second season renewal.

Frankly, even though I’m still pulling for the show, I couldn’t believe it got the order for the second season. It’s pretty terrible a lot of the time, but there’s also a lot of great stuff on the show as well. I really do find myself excited to tune in every week. All I know is this Josh dude better deliver, because he’s got a huge load to carry. Good luck man! And PLEASE do not bring that super-annoying, squinty-eyed Ed Westwick on board or I’ll be forced to tune OUT!

What are your feelings/thoughts guys? Any GG fans? I’ve never seen an episode! I have an unwritten rule to NEVER watch a show on the CW network. Haha.

Oh, and did I mention Theresa is still on board as an executive producer for next season? Sounds like an awkward situation if you ask me…

Read more at Entertainment Weekly.