Kris Allen Concert Shut Down By Security (VIDEO)

Photo: @Kofung

Whoops.  The crowd at Kris Allen’s secret show at Santa Monica Pier last night got so big that mall police pier security shut it down!

“How bout the peir in Santa Monica? 8 pm” tweeted Kris to his fans, “You…me…couple tunes…ocean breeze…birds pooping on us. It’s gonna be great.”

On the set list was: “Better With You,” “Rooftops,” “Out Alive,” “Live Like We’re Dying,” “Shut That Door And Keep That Devil Out,”  “The Vision Of Love,”  covers like “Gangsta’s Paradise,” Donny Hathaway’s “A Song For You,” Justin Timberlake’s “What Goes Around…Comes Around,” and a girl pop medley that included Britney and Rihanna.

Things went along swimmingly until security dude showed up IN THE MIDDLE OF A NEW SONG called “Should I” and put a halt to the fun.  Kris was, apparently, busking without a permit. When Kris extended his hand, dude curtly replied, “I don’t shake hands with anybody.” Who pissed in HIS wheaties?

Afterward, Kris tweeted, “Well I wasn’t expecting anything from tonight but that’s not what I expected. Getting stopped by the cops never crossed my mind.  Thanks to everyone that came out. Had a good time. And to the people that just stopped…thanks for stopping. Btw I didn’t mean any disrespect to other street performers out there. I respect them so much for what they do.”

#FreeKrisAllen trended for awhile last night.  Even Kris’s mom weighed in, “”Dear Pier Cops, Don’t make me come over there! #RathofMom #freekrisallen”

(Via Reality Rocks)

 Watch pier security dude ruin everybody’s fun:
Should I

The Bust!

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  • Anonymous

    This was such a cool thing to do and I love him even more now.  He don’t need no stinkin autotune!!  He sounded fantastic with just himself and a guitar.

  • BigNLiddle

    This. is. awesomesauce. <3

  • Kirsten

    “Now, now, we go until they kick us out, out

    Or the police shut us down, down

    Police shut us down, down

    Po-po shut us”

    LOL. Well, that was fun for the fans. I remember that I was once at a bar to watch one band, and Aerosmith was in town. They decided to give an impromptu concert at the bar and it was pretty amazing. Impromptu concerts are pretty cool.

  • HaleysShindig

    How come I think Kris’ next song might be “Pier Cop Needs The Vision of Love” ?

  • Mojaommel Alvar

    i Love Kris Allen. he’s dope.

  • Tess

    Moved from headlines thread….

    Given a few minutes I could probably search online and come up with scads of examples of very prominent entertainers who have done some very impromptu entertaining at some very weird places without any compensation (except for a tongue-in-cheek tip bottle).  Half the fun of having a vehicle (like a good voice) is getting to show-case it in unsuspecting ways for an unsuspecting audience.

    I’m not even a fan of Kris and I can see nothing but positives in is Sunday night escapade.  It makes him pretty human, it says that he isn’t so caught up in his “fame” that he can’t enjoy a nice Sunday night on the pier (I love the Santa Monica Pier, by the way…never miss it on my LA trips), it says that he is open to doing something off-the wall to garner himself some attention (something every working artist needs and wants).

    The entertainment business is really, really tough and it isn’t as easy as the Bubble thinks for these kids to get handed gigs whenever they want.  There are probably several hundred acts playing on “current” radio right now and I don’t think any radio gig has room for them all.

    Oh, and the fact that Kris holds the “title” of American Idol Season 8 isn’t a crown that he has to keep highly polished and un-spoiled.  In the “real” world the title only means anything to a few AI fans.  Heck, its not worth much after year one because the title gets passed on.  I mean who recognizes Miss America after her year is up…hell, who recognizes her 10 minutes after she is crowned.

  • buffyloverlori

    I loved Rooftops from the little bit we heard of it before with the preview of his Cd, and hearing him sing it last night makes me a bigger fan of the song. I loved that I was up to hear what we were able from the livestream and to help trend #freekrisallen. I had so much fun and we were all cracking up as we were trending it. I loved how he sand Billie Jean. Lucky fans that got to see this all go down.

  • Anonymous

    OMG that video with the guard is so funny.  Kris’s face, and the guard’s all serious and self-important.  LOL. 

    Also, very cool that Kris did this.  People who love to sing, sometimes its just gotta come out, I think.

    Lucky, lucky people who were close enough to enjoy the impromptu show.

  • Banished

    Security guy=major party pooper. Man, at least realize Kris was trying to be friendly, and make light of the situation!!

  • dy77

    The videos of this are great. Kris’ expressions are priceless. I personally am hoping for a cover of I Fought The Law next time. :D (And seriously, Rooftops live – love it! And the new song Should I, loved that half of it we got to hear!)

  • buffynut2001

    “The crowd at Kris Allen’s secret show at Santa Monica Pier last night got so big that mall police pier security shut it down!”

    Pretty sure it was shut down because he didn’t have a permit. I know a few people from here were there. How big was the crowd?

  • Moria Polonius

    Police sounded so much more badass.

  • Anonymous

    “This is the city. Santa Monica, California. I work here. I carry a badge. 

    It was Sunday, April, I was working Pier detail. My partner is Bill Gannon. The boss is Captain O’Reilly. My name’s Friday.

    There had been a series of performances at the Santa Monica Pier by con artists pretending to be American Idol winners. We drove down to investigate.”

  • Dana Graffeo

    Anyone in this day and age who doesn’t realize that you need a permit for street performing is a little sheltered man.  Street performers fight hard for what they get.  Nothing wrong with a fun surprise for fans but someone on Kris’ team should have known how to do it legally.

    BTW doesn’t Kris know the Rock n Roll tradition is to stop traffic with a rooftop video shoot?

  • Miz

    This is awesome. I got a call around 5 telling me Kris was going to be in Santa Monica singing but nobody knew where. The thought of driving there, finding and paying for parking, and then wandering around looking for him wasn’t appealing to me.

    One of my first thoughts was that it might be on the pier. I also had some flashbacks of my friends and I getting kicked off the pier on our way to get dinner because my friends were carrying guitars. God forbid we’d break out into song amongst the cacophony.

    I do feel represented though. That girl playing Kris’ guitar has my hat and my hair! lol I was there in spirit.

  • Roger Kramjet

    I heard the crowd was huge, it was like 30 to 50 people. This was amazing. So rock n roll… breaking the law… breaking the law. Right?

  • Lark Nightingale

    It was closer to 50-60 people.  It started off with the diehards who showed up but once you have a crowd gathering, the passers-by stop and see what’s going on then ended up staying for the whole show. 

  • jersey

    Actually this isn’t true. My son is a student at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and you can busk anywhere in Boston without a license except Quincey Market/Fannueil Hall or the subway. Everywhere else, around the Back Bay and Fenway especially, it’s first come first served. The buskers do a pretty good job of policing themselves. I’m sure there are other places where this is also true. Would it have been a good idea to look into it? Probably but if it was a spur of the moment thing, I’m sure Kris just overlooked it. Not a big deal and super cool for those who were able to go!

  • mimi

    Gah! at his adorable expression when the mall cop stops him.  He is so flippin’ cute.  That is all.  (sigh)

  • Dana Graffeo

    Well I grew up in a medium sized town in Louisiana where you need a permit for everything under the sun otherwise how can the politicians stay in business.  For instance in Lafayette cab’s have to have a hack license but there is no hack commission it’s just a way for the government to collect money.  They also made cashiers in grocery stores get bar licenses to be able to ring up alcohol which required a blood test but nobody ever looked at the data.  Forgive me for thinking bigger cities would be the same.

  • Anonymous

    EOnline: American
    Idol Winner Kris Allen’s Seaside Serenade Shut Down by Police

  • Anonymous

    Actually this isn’t true. My son is a student at the Berklee College of
    Music in Boston and you can busk anywhere in Boston without a license
    except Quincey Market/Fannueil Hall or the subway.

    That’s why, Bruce Springsteen busking in The Public Garden in Boston. No problem! Yep. That happened.

  • Miz

    No, local tradition is to play a concert on a flatbed rolling down the 110.

  • Anonymous

    That was like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas! Kris – sounded great, these days you never know if voices are engineered to all sound perfect or enhanced in some way.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why some cops (be they rent-a-cops, mall cops or real police cops) gotta be so douchey when doing their jobs.  Guess the guy was afraid Kris had cooties?? LOL Maybe this cop will catch a video and realize he could have done his job just as well or better if he’d been a little nicer. Hope the cops boss pulled him in and said “man you made us look bad”. Especially when they are working touristy places and deal with lots of public.

    Kris was a class act.

  • Anonymous

    So glad that I went to this. Kris was very relaxed, just playing some songs and having a good time. The crowd size varied throughout the night. Started with the fans who knew about the show, then grew as passers-by stopped. Some stayed for the whole set, others stayed for a song or two and then left. The one girl who had no idea who Kris was at the beginning but was a big fan by the end of the set was fun and there was a little girl who freaked out when she saw who was performing.

    I know the officer was just doing his job, but he could have handled it a lot better. He was such a jerk. We spoke to him briefly afterwards, and he was definitely shaken. It’s too bad — the official twitter/facebook of the pier had actually posted a couple of times, excited about him playing there, even encouraging people to go check it out, and I heard that the surrounding restaurants also appreciated the free entertainment. Should Kris have looked into whether he needed a permit? Probably, but this was an impromptu show, not a planned one. No one from his management or label knew about it until they saw his tweets. There was a RCA promo person there, but she said she learned about it from his tweets and went because she lived nearby.

    Overall, it was a great time, despite the abrupt ending. Love Kris even more for doing this.

  • Sunny Mc

    What a major buzz kill the pier cop was! The song Should I was really beautiful. Kris was in fine form last night singing Timberlake, Adele,MJ….who knows what else he would of played if he didn’t get shut down.

    It was fun while it lasted though. Loved watching the live stream. it was a fun night!

  • Anonymous

    Ahhhh, Paul Blart.  That was pretty funny.  Oh, well….

  • Anonymous

    God forbid someone wants to go to a place that exists solely for fun and entertain the people with a little free music.  He’s obviously a maniac and must be stopped!  He could have popped a guitar string and taken out someone’s eye! 

    You go Kris with your non-cooperating bad self.

  • Anonymous

    Matt Giraud @ImMattGiraud
    @KrisAllen Still love doing this too. Sometimes I’ll just go out and play in random places for strangers. They don’t know who I am. Love it!

  • HappyDaisy

    Did that policeman call Kris Allen “dude”? 

    Dude, he’s the Season 8 American Idol!

    Kris Allen is a lot of fun — and talented.  Looking forward to his album.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “I heard the crowd was huge, it was like 30 to 50 people.”

    I assume that you left out “wasn’t”.  At any rate, too bad that Kris was busted.  It was a nice idea and I’m glad that some fans were able to enjoy his impromptu performance.

  • Anonymous

    Some security people really need to calm the hell down and stop being douches. I would’ve paid to see Mama Allen dropkick that guy in the face.

    When security people use excessive force or abuse their power they should have their jobs revoked and have whatever “security license” or whatever it is revoked.

  • Ronnie D

    I had to chuckle at the mall cops being crossed out by MJ lol

  • Roger Kramjet

    That is so cool. I didn’t realize that 60 people showed up! He tweeted about it several hours in advance from what I read and some people drove to the area to see him.

  • Trina

    50-60 people isnt a huge amount, certainly not what I would think would drag cops out. Hell subway stations in NY get crowds that big for some of the buskers hanging around there singing, dancing, etc and cops dont say a word.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is nothing but win for Kris.  It was random and cute (which seems to matcf his personality), from the videos, he sounded amazing.  It’s a good soundbite for radio interviews (yes, yes, hoping he get some).   For fans who got to go, it sounds like a great evening! For people like me at work, watching the tweets as people figured out where he was, it brightened up a boring and stressful Monday.  Thanks Kris!

  • Anonymous

    Kris is awesome, lol.  I love him and the videos are fantastic. Love the JT cover.

  • Anonymous

    Rooftops is starting to edge out My Weakness as my favorite and hoped for next single.  Did not think it would sound this good acoustically.  But then Kris did say he wrote/picked these songs with that in mind. 

  • Anonymous

    He tweeted about it three hours before he did it, but only gave the general location one hour before he started playing.

    50 to 60 people is a nice crowd for a Sunday night, when he didn’t exactly go out of his way to plan or advertise the “show”.  It reminds me of John Mayer tweeting that he was about to do a show at a small bar in Georgia.  It’s a bar that he performed at when he was just starting out, and that can barely hold 150 people, but he just wanted to have fun, play music, and hangout in familiar surroundings like he used to.

  • Anonymous

    Yes – can’t see any downside for this.   Getting your name out there in circumstances like this – people will sympathize.

  • Anonymous

    “and then she died.  …and then she died.”  Love this guy.

  • Anonymous

    Should Kris have looked into whether he needed a permit? Probably, but this was an impromptu show, not a planned one

    Eh, he stopped when he was asked. At least he got to do what he wanted to do, for a while.

    mj, I remember that about Springsteen – he was dropping his son off for college and was listening to a street performer on the common, ended up played with him.

  • CSFan

    I think this is hilarious. It will be a great story for him to tell and it’ll a funny memory for the fans who were there. At least the bust, police chase, and take down ;) didn’t happen until he was almost done.

  • wicked

    Love Kris:) Hope he gets more radio support – it would be nice for the general public to hear his new songs.

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous singing.  

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Officer, that was great PR for Law Enforcement, by the way. (Sarcasm).

  • Dana Graffeo

    Welcome to real life, happens all the time day in and day out.  Abuse of power is rampant in our society.

  • James Gebelhardt

    Obviously, Mr. Security Guard is a Glambert! 

  • Miz

    Thanks for posting girlygirl. Great to hear first hand reports of how it was received.

    Despite it being broken up, it sounds like Kris managed to perform a lot of songs anyway.  I saw the Pier’s FB post telling people to come down, so it’s ironic that it was shut down.

    I wonder if Kris will pick up a permit and try this sometime again.

  • Anonymous

    such  a great idea!!
    Got to love those spontaneous mini show!
    Kris loves people and fans; so in his character to do something like that!
    Love the videos that came out of it especially Rooftops and the JT cover is cool – i wish he would cover this song in a show.
    It’s cool that some recording artists do that; I guess it reminds them of their roots and they like this impromptu connection with people/fans.
    I remember that last year, a little while after winning a Grammy, Arcade Fire did a free show in a parking lot in a Montreal suburb with only a same day notice

  • Anonymous

    How cool was that…too bad the security guy stopped it. :(

  • Anonymous

    The Santa Monica pier posted that yesterday on FB:
    too bad there were no coordination with security as they were inviting people to see Kris play

  • Nele621

    Yeah, what a grinch cop. I can’t imagine why he would stop a performer because the crowd got too big. What did he think they were going to do?

    Springsteen situation was completely different. He saw a street performer, and that guy asked Bruce to play. At first Bruce said no, then he riffed on his guitar for a brief moment, accompanying the street performer. When he noticed the crowd growing he stopped playing and left.

  • mick

    So enjoyed Kris & his performance.  The aftermath was just hilarious.  Sad the security guy had to be so rude. 
    What is so goofy about this is the Santa Monica Park was tweeting it up when Kris 1st started.  They didn’t seem so concerned about a permit then.

  • Nele621

    Oh well, Kris still got to play and he got additional publicity from this. So all is good.

  • Anonymous

    Well, its certainly a way to get press. Good for him.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll just add that I am #TeamRooftops for the 2nd single right now. Kris played that last night even though he said he hasn’t rehearsed it at all, and it was great. It would make a fun summer single, j/s

  • James Gebelhardt

    Obviously Mr. Security Dude is a Glambert..

  • Anonymous

    The security reminds me of Paul Blart; Mall Cop. :)

  • Anonymous

    Yes it was different. But you left some parts out. This is how the Globe reported it (“The busker and the Boss”):

  • Incipit

    “too bad there were no coordination with security as they were inviting people to see Kris play”

    Yeah, that was poor co-ordination, mtlfan2, and the Security dude’s attitude was unfortunate. He could have followed his protocols from Pier Management without being unpleasant about it….though how would he know this was an exception, if they didn’t tell him?

    As girlygirltoo said, “the officer was just doing his job, but he could have handled it a lot better.”

    ” I can’t imagine why he would stop a performer because the crowd got too big. What did he think they were going to do?”

    Well, since no one has pointed this out – Santa Monica Pier is a Tourist Attraction. In the experience of security, a cluster of people forming unexpectedly increases the likelihood of dips, pickpockets, or Bump and Stall teams who frequent tourist attractions converging to prey on them. A permit gives the Pier Security notice, and allows them to increase their presence in the immediate area. If there is a charge, it may even help defray salaries for extra personnel, if they have to pull from other patrol sectors of the Pier.

    It’s simple logistics, and it would have been better if the Pier Management had informed their security employees how to handle this, since they were encouraging it. 

    Just a classic ‘Cool Hand Luke moment’  – “What we have here, is a failure to communicate.” But no harm, no foul to Kris, certainly.

    IMO. Of Course.

  • Nele621

    Well, since no one has pointed this out – Santa Monica Pier is a Tourist Attraction. In the experience of security, a cluster of people forming unexpectedly increases the likelihood of dips, pickpockets, or Bump and Stall teams who frequent tourist attractions converging to prey on them. A permit gives the Pier Security notice, and allows them to increase their presence in the immediate area. If there is a charge, it may even help defray salaries for extra personnel, if they have to pull from other patrol sectors of the Pier.It’s simple logistics, and it would have been better if the Pier Management had informed their security employees how to handle this, since they were encouraging it.

    Good point. Yeah, they have security at every concert (and other events), and depending on the size, all the way from one to several. And there is a reason for that, as there have been incidences where security was needed.
    Maybe the guy could have called for more security at the pier?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Kris did anything awful, but I do think the fans making fun of the cop for doing his job are jerks.

  • Anonymous

    Well this is kind of hilarious.  I’m amused that it never occurred to Kris that he might need a permit for such a thing.  I guess that’s not something most people think about.  It was a cute idea, and it looked like he was having fun.  

    At any rate, it didn’t seem like the security guard did anything too douchy to me.  He’s just doing his job.  I try not to be too hard on people who have to do unpleasant things in the course of making an honest living.  I’m sure when he went to work he wasn’t thinking his shift would end with strangers making fun of him on the internet LOL.  

  • David Lin

    what a jerk… nasty attitude. Kris you rock!! #Freekrisallen

  • Anonymous

    So the cop is fair game to make fun of, but I can’t comment on the fans in the video being jerks? Doesn’t make much sense to me…

  • Anonymous

    KrisAllen@SantaMonicaPier:disqus Kris Allen performing right now on the Pier. Come and see this American Idol Winner in action!!!

    He’s just standing there playing Gangstas Paradise. Being amazing. RT Check out Kris Allen playing songs! 8:03 PM PDT

    Retweeted by Pacific Park 

    @krisallenthank you for giving our guests an experience they will never forget! You will always be our American Idol

  • koshka

    Well, since no one has pointed this out – Santa Monica Pier is a Tourist Attraction. In the experience of security, a cluster of people forming unexpectedly increases the likelihood of dips, pickpockets, or Bump and Stall teams who frequent tourist attractions converging to prey on them.

    Seriously… this is the LA area, this dude doesn’t give a crap who is on the pier, celebs are a dime a dozen. Oh, and don’t assume that the cop is a simple rent a cop. Lots of secondary law enforcement do moonlighting jobs. My cousin is a detective in LA now, but started at the bottom being a prison guard and used to take all kinds of side jobs at festivals, rodeos, fairs, etc.

  • buffyloverlori

    Am not upset at all about the guy doing his job that’s fine kris should have found out about a permit, but the cop didn’t have to talk like that when kris was just trying to shake the guy’s hand, you’d think kris tried to hurt the guy or something. and I don’t think us kris fans out “Jerks” at all. Love that we got to hear a lot of great music before it all got close down. and alot of Kris’s fans were just disappointed that he didn’t get to finish the new song that isn’t on the album.

  • Anonymous

    Had the cop been more amicable,  the fans would probably have been more understanding about having to stop the concert. Employing the tough cop act on someone who clearly poses no real danger to society, just makes him look like a bully and a jerk. He could just as easily have done his job by being polite and respectful, and that would have completely changed the vibe. 

    Did the cop know who Kris Allen was, or did he assume that he was someone performing for money? 

  • Anonymous

    i think no one denies he wasn’t right for doing his job, but imo he was a somewhat rude and that wasn’t necessary since Kris was instantly very cooperative and apologetic; this is what the fans aren’t happy about that guy

  • too-cool-for-school

    The Man is putting Kris Allen down and interrupting new music. I do not approve!! XD

    On one hand I feel for cops because they do have to deal with a lot of boneheads and their job basically sucks, but when they do happen to come across an agreeable person, it wouldn’t kill them to be polite.

    Maybe the permit (or lackthereof) was a bad oversight, but Kris isn’t some scoundrel trying to stir up trouble and he was nice to the guy. He didn’t have to be quite so rude. Seems like a classic power tripper.

  • AllenTX

    LOL I got hand it to Kris, that’s a genius PR stunt. I mean, when he tweeted about the thing, nobody kindly reminded him you need a permit to do this? Or he was just stoned. lol that would explain everything.

  • Anonymous

    Just finished watching all the videos from last night and looks like Kris and everyone there had a LOT of fun and is making me wish that I live in CA now… The cop/security guy could be a little better manner but anyway, all that matter to me is that Kris and some lucky fans in the area had fun! Lucky beaches!

  • Anonymous

    I still don’t think this is angst-worthy.  Kris set out to do something fun.  A group of people seemed to enjoy a large number of songs both in person and online.  Security told him to stop. That was their job if the rule is to have a permit.  He immediately stopped and apologized.  Meanwhile the location had advertised Kris being there so there is no harm on their end either.  I’m sure Kris will be self-deprecating and funny about this as usual in any retelling.  Or maybe I just have enough real-life angst that I want to find this all amusing…

  • Anonymous

    furthermore, when that guard interrupts him, he doesn’t even know if Kris has a permit or not. So in my book right there he was off to a rude intervention

  • Anonymous

    By the way, how is one going to get a permit on a Sunday evening even if he did think about it for a second or someone reminded him to get one? I’m guessing Kris was bored and had the urge to sing at the beach and thought why not invite some fans to join him.. He is as human as you can get.. imo..

  • Anonymous
  • too-cool-for-school

    “I’ll just add that I am #TeamRooftops for the 2nd single right now. Kris played that last night even though he said he hasn’t rehearsed it at all, and it was great. It would make a fun summer single, j/s”

    Agree, 100%. I’m really nerding over ‘Rooftops’. So many good choices for the next single but in my dreams this would be it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure this cop has dealt with very few of the kind of attitude that Kris showed by extending his hand as a gesture of apology, so in that akward situation the cop was taken aback and in the heat of the moment uttered an exasperated ‘I don’t shake hands with anybody”. I guess it was his way of making it known “Do not play games with me, I’m the boss here”. LOL.

    What was that term that the EW article used to described Kris as an exceptionally good man: freruhalsen? I don’t remember anymore.

  • Anonymous

    A lot of media sites have run with this story, so even though I doubt it was his intent when he decided to do this, Kris is getting some nice publicity out of it.

  • No Thanks

    Sounds like a publicity stunt to me.  At least Kris is stepping up his PR game.

  • Anonymous

    The cop/pier security did tell Kris he could get a permit Monday (today). Who knows maybe Kris will come back with the proper permit. :)

  • Anonymous

    That would be pretty funny if he did that! Come on Kris, get that permit and show the cop that you’re back. :)

  • Anonymous

    I love Rooftops. I know that TVOL is an attempt to follow the success of LLWD, but RCA should take a chance and release Rooftops, that song is addictive.

  • Anonymous

    Based on the tweets from the person from RCA, that she has since deleted, I don’t think it was a PR stunt.  It was just a fun idea, and they didn’t think about a permit, a lot of people showing up, or any negative consequences.  Even though she deleted some of her tweets, I don’t think they should see this situation as a negative at all.

  • Dana Graffeo

    Having the forsight to actually get the proper permits and permissions does not preclude him doing a surprise show.  You can secure the permissions and do the proper paperwork without publicly announcing the show until the last minute.  U2 has done this several times over the course of their career even the famous surprise rooftop shoot for the Streets video. They had the permits for the shoot just not permission to clog the streets which is what happened when a radio station jumped the gun and announced the surprise too early giving time for literally thousands to show up and stop traffic.

  • Anonymous

    That was fun watching Kris last night.
    I’m not one who watch twitter constantly, so I noticed it late at 5:45 pm. I was hesitating because it was crazy, but finally left for Santa Monica around 6:30 pm. I’ve never been there before I don’t think, but good thing that there is a group of the usual Kris fans there to hang around with.

    It was funny that we were looking around for Kris or somebody carrying a guitar case, finally I noticed at 8:00 pm this extremely good looking guy came up walking on the pier. Yep, there he is. 

    Kris was great,  and Rooftops was such a great song. I’m glad he sang that one. Somebody mentioned My Weakness also, but either he did not hear the request or just ignored it.

    After about 2 songs I realized that I was standing kind of in front of Lyndsey Parker, so I made sure that I moved a little so she could have a clear view of Kris. :) Afterwards, she chatted with our group, she was very nice.

    I think that we or I was kind of upset with the interruption because of this new song which we were enjoying and suddenly it was stopped. agh !
    It was a beautiful song and I hope that Kris will sing it again somewhere. I want to hear the ending. LOL.

    After the interruption, we kind of dispersed but after the cop moved away, plenty of people hang around to take pictures with Kris. There was a lady tourist from Little Rock, she probably wasn’t expecting that Kris show.

    Yeah, I got another hug from Kris. Love the guy and I told him so. :D

  • sdmama

    That’s a bummer, but being chased off by pier police is like back in college, kind a cool, too.  Makes me feel he is still one of us ;)
    If mr nobody who tries to make living doing performance on the street needs a permit, so does mr. allen.   It’s a popular place for street artists.  It was not police’s fault, and Kris handled it with such a grace. It really show his character. Don’t you just love him? I do! 

  • Anonymous

    This did not seem calculated on Kris’ part at all, so there would have been no forethought given to permits/permissions.  He himself probably had no idea when he woke up yesterday morning that he would be doing this. That is what makes it so spontaneous and fun and randomly awesome.  Kudos to Kris for wanting to play music for himself and his fans without any planning or pretense.  This guy never puts on airs or makes anything more important than the music itself.  

  • Christopher Auyeung

    That JT cover is so good. I want a full version.

  • Nele621

    Rude cop or not, if the cop had not stopped Kris, Kris wouldn’t have gotten this media attention. I think this couldn’t have worked out any better for Kris. Good timing too.

  • Anonymous

    RCAPromo has retweeted the tweet from the RCA person at the show last night & now his mktg rep has joined.

    Nicole Bilzerian @nBILZerian@KrisAllen Saw ur serenades from Santa Monica. Can’t believe how it ended. Ur a class act & sounded great! #NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t there an RCa person there with him? If so, it was probably calculated especially with Lyndsey Parker showing up. The security guard part probably wasn’t planned tho, making it that much better. Lol

  • Anonymous

    ‘Should I’ sounds good.  The cop probably thought Kris was a homeless person singing for coins.  Did he have a hat on the ground? haha

  • Anonymous

    If I was a RCA person and live in the area, why would I not want to show up and check on what Kris was up to? Free good music, sea breeze plus the sound of waves in the background, I would be in heaven if I were there.. Not everything has to be calculated. Kris is a man who does know how to have fun.. you know. Check out the videos from last night and you’ll see how much fun he and his fans had.

  • Anonymous

    I believe the RCA promo person told someone that she saw Kris’ tweet and that’s why she showed up, so I don’t think it was planned. I wish Kris was as calculated and cunning about his career as people like to think, lol!
    Actually no, I wouldn’t want him to change at all from the way he is. What Kris did last night brightened the end of a long day for me, and the tweets he was getting after the “bust” were very, very funny. I just wish we could have heard the end of the new song because it sounded beautiful.

  • Beth Fischer

    He’s prob getting more media attention because of the cop… So i guess this is some-what of a good thing that this happend… Theres no such thing as bad poblicity!

  • Anonymous

    I loved that Kris did the impromptu concert. So sorry, I missed the concert in “real-time” on the live stream and Twitter, but I enjoyed all of the videos just the same. I’ll add to the chorus of Rooftops need to be the second single. I think the song is catchy and a little unexpected from what people may associate with Kris.

  • Anonymous

    Actually I was looking at twitter last night, curious to find out more about where Kris was going to play – and I noticed that a fan of Kris retweeted his tweets to Lyndsey Parker – as well as to others in the LA area like Allison and Adam – so I’m guessing L.P. got the info from that fan.

  • Anonymous

    Permitgate! LOL

    I think this was such a fun thing to do–love that Kris thought of it and some fans got to enjoy his music at the beach. I’ve enjoyed the videos (LOVE Rooftops even more hearing the whole song!). It’s unfortunate that it ended how it did, but no harm/no foul and lesson learned, yada yada. Love you, Kris!

  • Anonymous

    I think RCAPromo is now trying to capitalize on media attention some more.

    RCAPromo:  RCA Records Prom
    We love @KrisAllen see what happens when he surprises fans in Santa Monica-

    KAO has the Perez post linked. 

  • Anonymous

    Well that’s good but at the same time makes me sad.. Kris’ promo team and/or management are doing such a bad job at creating buzz for him and it took a bad manner cop to get him some media attention. Seems to me nowaday bad publicity is the good publicity… All his other good deeds doesn’t get much or any attention from the media. This certainly explains why the world is in such a mess today.. bad is rewarded.. good is not… :(

    Btw, I’m not saying what he did here is bad.. just saying his good deeds went almost unnoticed other than those benefited..

  • Anonymous

    Lyndsey Parker follows Kris so she would see Kris’s tweet too and she’s a fan. I saw a fan tweet her about it too.

    I love that he just got up, went to work (perform) and got all this publicity for it. It’s not bad at all! I’ll take that over him probably getting publicity for quarelling with Katy in public, lol!

  • Anonymous 

  • Anonymous

    So, the Santa Monica Pier is to Kris Allen what Miami, Florida was to Jim Morrison.  No…maybe not…. ; )

  • Anonymous

    Buskers get moved along all of the time.   What makes this a big deal is that Kris is an AI winner.   But I would bet that cop shuts down street performers on a regular basis.

  • Nele621

    I don’t understand why this is supposedly bad publicity for Kris. It’s not like he had any bad behavior. He, in ways, lucked out for some misunderstanding (the permit thing), but it all happened to work out in his favor. He is getting a ton of media attention because of the cop giving him the boot. Had the cop not shown up, this concert would not have gotten any publicity.

  • Vetle

    Omg. I was there like two week ago. And I’m from Norway, and got home from the US (I was in LA/Hollywood and San Francisco) on last thursday.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t there an RCa person there with him? If so, it was probably calculated especially with Lyndsey Parker showing up. The security guard part probably wasn’t planned tho, making it that much better. Lol

    If it was planned, they probably would have done it in the daytime, when more people are on the pier, and when they would have drawn more attention.  Doing it during the week would have also gotten some attention.

    RCA probably would have picked a better location, since based on one of Lyndsey’s tweets, they were near an attraction that made a lot of noise.

    I think that the attention is because it’s a funny story. Besides, it’s a great talking point.

  • Anonymous

    Actually Lyndsey Parker said that she was having dinner with a friend in the area and saw the first of Kris’ tweet and she decided to check it out since she was in the area.

  • Anonymous

    Years ago I had a garage sale in the front yard and a city official came by asking for my permit. Huh ? yeah, I did not know that I had to have a permit to have a garage sale.

  • Miz

    I don’t think anyone thinks this is bad publicity for Kris. Just the opposite. Nice getting caught in the act of doing something cool. I’d love to be working at that SMPD station to see what kind of ribbing the cop is getting.

  • No Thanks

    That Pier is a major tourist attraction.  It’s packed at night too. It’s a perfect spot for an “impromptu” performance. Lots of foot traffic and tourists from all the world hanging out, eating, riding the carnival rides, fishing, watching the waves, and lots of live performances happen there too.

  • Anonymous

    This whole “concert” and the aftermath is like amateur hour.

  • Anonymous

    I have been laughing since last night when I first saw the #freekrisallen tweets.  This goes right up there with the “locked out of my room naked” story.  Thank you Kris for the best laugh of my weekend and thank you @snapcracklypop for some excellent videos.

  • Anonymous

    We have no idea when Kris decided to do this. If he came up with idea on Sunday, he wouldn’t have been able to get a permit, because from what I understand, the office that is in charge of that stuff isn’t open on Sundays.

  • Enough already!

    There is good and there is bad publicity.  Not sure where this fits in to either frame.   It could be seen as a desperate attempt to get attention.   Don’t know Kris, so have no idea what his motives were.   I am pretty sure they were all good, but this didn’t end well, but strangely surreal.  

  • HaleysShindig

    This is only bad publicity if your Idol didn’t think of it first. #IdolBubblisms

  • madeformusic

    Late to the party but, IMO this was totally cool and totally Kris. I can’t help but love him more :)

  • musicality

    “I heard the crowd was huge, it was like 30 to 50 people. This was
    amazing. So rock n roll… breaking the law… breaking the law. Right?”


    I’m sorry but playing on a pier without a permit is really weird and desperate. Come on Kris. You can do better than that. There must be a subway station nearby you could play at.

  • Anonymous
  • pamela

    In one of the videos Kris said jokingly “times is hard right now” and
    “at least that is how it will seem” and just laughed.  He knew that it
    would come across that way to some people and didn’t care. He seemed so
    happy just being able to perform his music no matter what the size of
    the crowd or how it might impact his image. I really like that about
    him. I have watched all of the videos from last night and love the fact
    that I can feel like I am having my own personal concert at home.  Selfishly, I prefer smaller concerts than big arena concerts (eventhough he is awesome in both settings).

  • Roger Kramjet

    I think people were saying it was bad publicity because it might come across as a bit desperate. A desperate attempt to get some attention. I say good for Kris do whatever it takes to get your name out there because it might sell a couple more albums!

  • Roger Kramjet

    Good.. that answers that question. Kris knew it was going to come off as a desperate hard times thing so it is all good. Do we have some of those videos posted online?

  • pamela

    Seems like he knew some people would think the worse about him no matter what he does, but he doesn’t seem to care. As a fan, I am glad that he has that attitude. People will think what they think no matter what he does. Might as well have fun in the process.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve looked at all of the news coverage of this event, and nowhere is it being insinuated that Kris is “desperate”, and that’s why he was performing on the pier.
    Kris is coming off like a cool guy doing something nice for his fans.
    Even Perez Hilton says so ;)

  • Anonymous

    The cop stopping him in mid-show was a gift!  It’s what’s giving this story its legs.  

    btw…terrific new song!

  • Anonymous

    There are so many things I admire about Kris and 1 of them is that I always think he is very calm and confidence and it shows. Even though Simon C didn’t see it that way, I see him that way even when he was on his AI run. Hence I don’t think he will feel desperate or desperate enough to do anything stupid just for attention, accidentally maybe but not purposely. He just has this zen-like quality in him. Btw, imo only confident people like him can make fun of himself with his self-depreciating jokes. Just love him!

  • randi


    A lot of media sites have run with this story, so even though I doubt it
    was his intent when he decided to do this, Kris is getting some nice
    publicity out of it.

    Kris is signed to a big label, he has a PR and Management team and a publicist.  I doubt highly that this wasn’t planned for PR and to generate some news leading up to Kris’ album in a few weeks. 

    To me is looked almost staged with the cop stopping mid-performance and telling him to leave and Kris’ smile when he told the security officer he didn’t have a permit. 

    Lane newland, Kris’ publicist is a professional, she would’ve known to pull a permit for something like this. 

    As for the guard not shaking Kris’ hand, maybe the guy is a germ phobe.  He said he doesn’t shake anyone’s hand so it was nothing personal against kris. 

    That said, Kris sounded good and his fans enjoyed it so good on him for getting himself out there and actually seeming to make an effort this era. 

  • mzhallcat

    lol I love Kris Allen! He can make me smile or laugh without even trying. Personally, I do not care how people spin this. All I know is the bust, the ensuing tweets, and freekrisallen trending world wide had me laughing out loud. For me, this impromptu performance was delightful. Good music and fun times keeps this fan happy!!!!!

    ETA: thanks for the videos. They are great.

  • Jonins

    Is he there alone by his lonesome? Or is his friend, John Brunson, with him? That move is kinda risky for Kris if you come to think of it. I mean, even though he’s not that famous, he still is a celebrity and there will be people who will recognize him. His fans are great but you are not sure of some other people if you get what I’m trying to say LOL

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Love it!

  • judes

    I still like My Weakness for a next single -even though I liked My Rooftops a little better acoustically .I don’t know what it is about My Rooftops-whether he’s not singing as melodically but I also think My Weakness has a good hook which is very catchy. 
    That’s great girlygirl that you were able to witness such an impromptu performance from Kris.
     Love all the videos too.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe you’re right and the whole thing was staged, and the cop was one of Kris’ friends in disguise, and RCA really had a permit….whatever.
    I myself prefer not to be too cynical about everything because it robs me of the ability to enjoy such a fun, whimsical incident as this.
    However, to each his own.

  • DorkAngel-GBW

    This has earned Kris “cool” creds in my book. #FreeKrisAllen

  • Anonymous

    Who said that Lane knew about it.  It was Kris’ decision, not Lane’s.  

    IMO, there’s not a lot professional or big time about 19 Management, but that’s beside the point.

    As far as desperate goes, that’s funny considering that Kris hasn’t been one to do stunts like some others, or do a lot to promote himself or his career. It’s also an opinion that hasn’t been expressed in any of the articles that were written about the incident, probably because it’s not the first time that an artist has done something like this.  Kris deciding to sing songs on the spur of the moment is a very Kris-like thing to do.  It’s like when he suddenly decides to sing songs that he and the band haven’t rehearsed.  Most artists wouldn’t do that, but that’s just who Kris is.  He doesn’t like set lists, and he just likes performing, even if he doesn’t really know the songs.

  • Anonymous

    Kris seems completely comfortable in his own skin.He appreciates his fans but if someone doesn’t like him,he’s fine with that too.He seems to have such a mature outlook on life.He knows what is important and focuses on that.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Which I think most fans could have guessed.  

  • Anonymous

    That’s a good point. I noticed one of his friends in the picture taken when  Kris was arriving – but not Brunson. I forget his name, I think he’s an actor. So he didn’t go there by himself.

  • Anonymous

    People who were there have already said the cop was shaking when they spoke to him afterwards. But it may have been stage fright – or that pesky germ phobia.

    If I was staging an incident at the beach, I would do it on Saturday afternoon when there are crowds there, not after sundown Sunday night. And I wouldn’t stop when the cop asked me. I’d keep playing until I got hauled off to jail. Yelling “Attica! Attica!”

    Kris really doesn’t know how to do anything right.

  • Brittany Keener

    If it was staged….the smart thing would have been to cut him off midsong during TVOL…not during a song that isn’t even on the album or any special edition of it.

    I doubt it was staged, but that’s my opinion. Kris looked completely lost when he walked up the pier upon arrival. Regardless, he made some new fans. They were really impressed with him. :)

  • too-cool-for-school

    It’s typical that security busted him when he probably had roughly 2 minutes left of the last song of the night, right before he would have packed up his geetar and went home anyway.

    Kris isn’t all Hollywood, he’s just one of us. He isn’t immune to comedic/untimely pratfalls like this. XD

    If the publicity helps him, dang it Kris, milk this for all it’s worth, all the way to May 22nd! Haahah.

  • too-cool-for-school

    That needs to be carved in stone or needlepointed on a pillow. XD Awesome post, Shindig!

  • Anonymous

    LOL, it must be hard for some people to see Kris with ANY kind of publicity.
    I just have to laugh.

    Anyhow, the next time he has a show, he should sing Should I, so that we can hear the ending.

  • Anonymous

     Or in the same spirit: it’s only a publicity stunt if it wasn’t done by your idol ;)

    “… Kris hasn’t been one to do stunts like some others …”

  • julia

    As far as desperate goes, that’s funny considering that Kris hasn’t been one to do stunts like some others,

    Heres the deal though, most of the things posters on this blog call stunts, like getting arrested with your boyfriend in finland is really just somebody living their life.  Some folks don’t need to stage stunts to get attention, they get it simply because they are interesting.

    On the other hand, when there is a BLATANT publicity stunt like this and its all ‘oh noes, kris just wants to perform his music man’.

    there is not a single organic thing about this little stunt imo and seriously this whole era has been one colection of stunts so far – banwagoneering with his first single, getting his kit off for concerts, fake arrests on the pier.

    Not a damn thing wrong with any of that, kris is a talented dude and i’m glad he is doing stuff to get him noticed but perlease.

  • Anonymous

    So what if this was a publicity stunt? Haven’t some people commented that Kris is too laid back and he should promote himself more? Well maybe that is what he did and good for him! It was totally harmless and got him some attention and a couple of new fans too. Plus a treat for current fans, it’s all goooood!

  • Paris Cortney

    Kris Allen, please do get bored a lot! It’ll make many happy fans. Love this kinda door-to-door campaign. Just him with his guitar, his voice, his song and his lovely fans. Fun fun fun and OMG Rooftops!!!!

    Though must say, I think he’ll be happier if there was no cop (whether get publicity or not). No musician/artist will be happy if you got stop in the middle of performing. The fact that he got big publicity for this one, and it was happen, can’t see it as bad thing, but a bless. I mean he just so genuine that I believe in his music, him as person,
    and he really means to gave “surprise show” He loves to surprise us, which I don’t mind.

  • Anonymous

    there is not a single organic thing about this little stunt imo and seriously this whole era has been one colection of stunts so far – banwagoneering with his first single, getting his kit off for concerts, fake arrests on the pier.

    I have no idea what any of this is.  What’s banwagoneering? Is that really a thing, as far as I can tell he released a single several months before his album is due to come out, isn’t that what artists do?  

    What’s getting his kit off for concerts?  Are you referring to Vegas, where it was 100 degrees at the show that was being held outside, and Kris wore a tank top?  That’s hardly performing in the nude or stripping.  That’s a pretty big stretch to call that a stunt, but I guess that depends on your perspective.  Who knew that Kris wasn’t allowed to wear pants and a tank top, or that a tank is such a salacious item of clothing.  The arms are a part of the body that most people keep hidden all year round.  I guess.

    I also don’t remember any arrests happening on Sunday, fake or otherwise,  maybe you are thinking about the arrest of another idol.   These charges seem baseless to me, since the facts that your are presenting are more than shaky, so it’s hard for me personally to see anything in this as being evidence that Kris has pulled stunts during the lead up to his album being released.   Sunday was just another example of Kris living his life, and doing what he loves to do.

  • musicality

    All that was missing was an open guitar case with dollar bills in it. E! News put it on according to a poster. That is highly embarrassing. A casual fan tunes in and sees Kris Allen playing on a pier without a band or permit to a handful of people. Kris Allen coming to a coffee shop near you. Publicity stunt? How? To make 10 new fans? I think he had visions that thousands would show up instead of 10’s of people showing up. He probably watched those videos where bands had spontaneous concerts and thousands showed up and shut down the streets. I don’t think he banked on about 25 people showing up & 22 of them were probably passerby’s. He comes off as a pan-handler. 

  • MADEitTO20nowWAT

    There’s no denying he’s been trying to get attention for the new project. I think it’s a good thing. It’s insulting to pretend like he doesn’t know what’s he doing and is some kind of dummy with bad luck and all of it is just an accident.

    He knows exactly what’s he doing by making anti-bullying music video, taking his shirt off or tweeting about sunday night. It’s called PR. 

    If he didn’t care about publicity he wouldn’t tweet about the ‘accident’ as much as he did. He would either ignore it completely or just quickly address it and tried to distract with something else. He’s not been trying to downplay the press in the least. 

    It’s a good thing he’s doing it and even better when it works, but please stop pretending he and his whole team aren’t ecstatic about this and haven’t been trying to get attention like this for moths, it’s insulting for anyone with a brain.

  • Anonymous

    Panhandling would mean that he was asking for or accepting money, but that didn’t happen.  The line about this looking embarrassing along with the admission that other artists have done it too doesn’t seem to fit.  And the other artists have also played to crowds of different sizes.  BTW, I think you shorted him by about 25 people. And the 22 passersby is a good thing, since you’ve said that ten of them became fans. That’s a good ratio, even though I’m curious how you came to that conclusion.

  • Anonymous

    He made three tweets about the “accident” on Sunday, and hasn’t tweeted about it since.  Did you happen to read his tweets?  They weren’t exactly filled with promoting himself, or what happened.  He was apologetic, maybe even overly apologetic, since he seemed to assume that some people would think that he was insulting real street performers.  He didn’t feel the need to go on a tweeting spree, where he ranted against others, and didn’t take responsibility for his actions.  He didn’t even try to make lite of the situation in those tweets, and even if he had, that would have been more acceptable  than making fun of more serious stunts that have gone wrong.

    Right now, it makes sense to take advantage of the attention that he’s getting from the incident, but that doesn’t tell us whether or not he planned on getting the concert shut down, because if he did, it is odd that he wouldn’t make sure that it happened before he got to the last song, or have it happen while he’s singing the current single, so that the videos of the confrontation with the police officer would include a snippet of TVOL.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with some of you who think this was a publicity stunt,but what is wrong with that?Most of you say he is not getting enough with his management company,so good for him to push his song’s himself. Elliegrl:If you are talking about who I think you are,there was no arrest there either.                                      

  • jan

    I really like what I have been seeing and hearing from Kris lately. He seems like a fun, talented, easy-going guy. I didn’t buy his album first time around but he has me looking forward to this one.

    Keep it up Kris – you are impressing me.

  • Anonymous

    Dang, I was hoping RCA & 19 would jump on the publicity & plant a story that the label & mgmt was upset with Kris for doing a unapproved appearance & they were going to have to call Kris in for a face2-face dressing down.  Let that story fester for a week our so closer to cd release time & then release a statement that everything is roses. *snark*

  • mzhallcat

    I’m not an expert but I think if this was a publicity stunt staged by “pros” there would have been a lot more drama. Instead of a clip showing Kris politely trying to shake the cops hand, the clip would show humble Kris being hauled off in hand cuffs by that cop who twice his size and he would be singing Out Alive with special emphasis on”maybe I’ll make it out alive”. lol, now that would have been drama.

  • Anonymous

     I just spilled my drink! But I love you, Ross!

  • Roger Kramjet

    I don’t think there is anything desperate or sad about Kris panhandling or not. I don’t really thing it matters if it was a poorly conceived publicity stunt or not. I just wish that with all those tweets and plenty of notice more fans would have showed up to hear Kris. I agree that was not the greatest visual. Maybe next time more fans can get excited and drive out to see Kris. That could help with the perception of a successful album.

  • Anonymous

    There were 2 people who arrived with Kris. One was his friend Ramsy (who isn’t an actor — that’s John). Don’t know who the girl with them was.

  • Anonymous

    So anyone who busks for money is a pan handler? I disagree.

    I was there and there was nothing embarrassing about Kris doing this. He was simply out to have a good time and play some music. I’ve heard about all kinds of major artists playing impromptu gigs in all sorts of places — on the streets, in dive bars, etc. etc. Most of them don’t draw huge crowds when they do this. 

    I’ve never seen a “spontaneous” show draw thousands of people. When thousands of people show up, the info about the show was obviously leaked well before hand.

  • Anonymous

    I love Kris Allen! That is all.

  • Anonymous

    I just got to say this is really stupid. Why aren’t the cops out catching the real criminals?? Boo on you, Mr. Big Cop Man!!

  • Anonymous

    I am so late to this party, just seeing some of the excellent videos now (thank you, snapcracklypop).  What a show!  KTDO, Rooftops stand out for me of course.  That JT cover – he’s getting even better at improvising when he doesn’t know the lyrics.  And how ballsy is it to perform song requests you aren’t that familiar with?

  • Anonymous

    He got a story on AOL’s Welcome page, so I say good for him for getting some publicity. That’s where I read about this, btw, or else I wouldn’t have known about it.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, late, late, latey, late.  But. I just watched the vid for “Gangsters’ Paradise” and it is so…I don’t even know the word I want.  Cute?  Fantastic?  Hilarious?  Amazing?  If you are a Kris fan, go now, watch it.  And then smile.

  • Anonymous

    I love that Kris did this for his fans.  I don’t think that this was some organized publicity stunt but if it was they could have at least called TMZ or something and timed the cop thing a lot better :)

    Kris sounds amazing with just himself and his guitar.  Of the songs he played I am most impressed by Out Alive.  The emotion he put into that performance  was what I was hoping for in the studio version.  I guess it’s not single material but it’s my favorite song that Kris has ever written.

  • chessguy99

    I can see the rent a cop perspective, any gathering over about 20 people tends to draw the local criminal element to work the crowd. That is just to much to handle without extra rent a cops.