Kelly Clarkson Michele Branch, Tamyra Gray, Blake Shelton, Reba – LA Concert (VIDEO)

Kelly Clarkson & Tamyra Gray before the concert via @tamyragray

Kelly Clarkson was joined on stage tonight at her concert at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles by an assortment of all-star pals.

Fellow Season 1 alum, Tamyra Gray joined Kelly on stage to sing “When You Believe”,  Michele Branch joined Kelly for the  Wreckers song, “Leave The Pieces”, Reba and Kelly reunited for “Because of You” and Blake Shelton replaced the Jason Aldean hologram, on “Don’t You Wanna Stay” (Blake and Kelly together are ADORABLE).

Oh, and the fan-suggested cover? Britney Spears’ “Til The World Ends”.  Are you dancing yet?

Kelly and Tamyra Gray

Kelly and Michele Branch

Kelly and Blake Shelton

Kelly and Reba McEntire

Kelly Covers Britney Spears

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  • Da 1 N Only

    Wow, Kelly really pulled out all the tricks for the LA show.  I hope they got high quality footage for a tour DVD or an HBO special.

  • Zach Leswick

    Kelly and Michelle Branch? Together? I think I can die happy.

  • Brittany Keener

    I should have gooooooooone! I hope my show next week has some goodies! It was *suppose* to be the last show till they added a WA date. 

  • Clarence

    Blake and Kelly was adorable overload. I loved all the treats the LA show got. Really wish I went. Kelly has some talented friends in the industry.

  • Rob

    Has there ever been a more versatile pop singer than Kelly?

    Certainly, she’s the most versatile singer ever to come off idol.

    Pop, rock, ballads, uptempo, Blues, soul, country, jazz, R&B, dance…. There’s nothing Kelly can’t sing and not only sing, but nail. Superb Voice!

  • Listening

    Carrie Underwood seems pretty diverse to me she’s done pop, county, rock, and what ever style it is when she sings w/ Tony Bennet, as well as gospel.

    Carrie’s voice is stunning as well. That’s why Carrie and Kelly are always up in conversations regarding the greatest Idol. Powerful voices, millions sold and longevity.

    Oh also it was so nice of Kelly to let Tamyra sing w/ her I had no idea they were still in touch w/ each other. I am still upset Tamyra didn’t make it into the top 2 w/ Kelly. Her elimination is still the biggest shocker to me. They were the top 2 voices of their season.

  • Jenna

    Seeing Blake with being so adorable with Kelly almost makes me forgive him for cutting Charlotte :k

  • Jason

    Yes, I want a Kelly Clarkson tour DVD! I missed her in my town in February and really would love that. She sounds great like always and my favs were her duet with Tamyra and Reba as well as her Britney Spears cover.

  • Anonymous

    Always nice to see a performance with my all time favorite Idol Tamyra. I wish she would release something . it has been almost 8 years since her first album .maybe if she does she can feature Kelly on the first single which would give her the exposure she needs.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I agree.  Kelly’s versatility always astounds me!  

  • wutwut

    So. jealous.

  • Valentin432

    Amazing concert, I’m jaleous of everyone who could go.

  • Larry

    Tamyra was also at Kelly’s Atlanta show a couple of weeks back and sang the “Shoop shoop” song from Waiting To Exhale.

  • TylerWV

    Im having trouble getting the videos to play.  Is it just me?  I did get an update as soon as I got online this morning that may have messed stuff up.

  • heartly

    I was lucky enough to be at this show and I can safely say that this was Kelly’s best concert ever and it’s really going to be hard to top. Nevermind the great guests, she just nailed everything and was so in the zone.I love Kelly and Tamyra’s genuine friendship.  I love Kelly and Blake’s friendship and how they totally had fun with that song last night.  Seeing Kelly perform with her idol, Reba, will never get old to me no matter how many times they appear together.  Michelle was a great, unexpected surprise.  Nice to see her on stage again. Years ago Kelly had made surprise appearance at a Wreckers show singing Cigarettes with them and Michelle had dubbed her an “honorary Wrecker” then so it was fun to see her keep that up last night on twitter.  lol  And the Britney cover?  She made A LOT of people happy last night with that one.

  • Anonymous

    my brother was at the show last night. i haaaaaate him. but not for long, because i’m seeing her saturday in indio… i’m just a little bummed that i won’t be getting all the guest stars that he got to see. i would have died when reba came out.

  • Anonymous

    That Kelly/Blake duet made my face hurt I smiled so much heh. Love.

  • windmills

    What is it about Kelly & Tamyra singing When You Believe that made me get all teary? It’s kind of a cheesy song but there’s something about that pop/R&B/gospel melody that completely brings out my favorite qualities in Kelly’s voice. And, her vocal chemistry with Tamyra is off the charts, honestly the best I’ve seen out of all the duets she’s done (vocal chemistry with Jason probably comes in a distant 2nd – their tones complement each other really well even though Jason can’t keep up with her). Tamyra sounds fabulous too and it’s such a joy to see those 2 up there singing together.

    I think I also got emotional watching it thinking about Kelly’s intro of the song, about how she was singing it with a person she’d met 10 years ago and at that time, they were 2 among 12 kids who had no idea what would happen. That performance and song took me back to those innocent days.

    I also watched Leave The Pieces, which was good. But, the When You Believe duet is the one that really hit me hard.

  • Van

    Kelly is just the best! Seeing her tear up when she was talking about Idol and Tamyra was so cute. At the end the way they looked at each other was so heartwarming. Blake and Kelly are two big jokers, so funny. I’d love for Kelly to do a tv special someday. She can invite her friends to sing with and have some skits with them. I’m thinking Thanksgiving or Christmas special with a guest like Blake Shelton… you know that will just write itself, haha. She’s just so animated and fun to watch. Cannot wait for Duets. Getting to see Kelly sing and talk music every week is gonna be great!!

  • Anonymous

    I got a little lump in my throat watching Kelly and Tamyra singing too.  They sound wonderful together, and their chemistry is obvious.  I love how idol really forges these lifelong friendships.   It is worthy of a tear or two.