Kelly Clarkson Covers Christina’s “Beautiful” (Throws Shade on Erin Martin!) (VIDEO)

Kelly Clarkson’s fan request of the night in Boise Idaho Saturday night was Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful”. Of course Kelly did justice to The Voice coaches tune. Since Kelly guest starred on The Voice this season as one of Blake Shelton’s guest mentors, she throws a little shout out to the upstart NBC competition reality show.

But you want to let the video continue after Kelly finishes singing,when she throws major shade on The Voice contestant Erin Martin and her “singing style” which consists of a bunch of assy sounding yips and yelps. “I sing my ass off,” says Kelly, “and this girl goes ‘wha ahh ow.'” Dead on impression. Hilarious.

Erin WON a battle against the Sheilds Brothers singing “What’s Love Got To Do With It.” last week.

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  • sweetmm

    Is there a video? I can’t seem to see it or find the link :(

    – Ok now it’s up – :)

  • fuzzywuzzy

     Lovely rendition!  I don’t blame Kelly for being “WTF?” about Erin Martin.  lol

  • sweetmm

    I can do that all night long; I can’t look like that.  Keh3 love her banter :)

  • superfudge

    Kelly comes off kinda bitchy here. You would think someone who also came from a reality show who has been under scrutiny herself wouldn’t throw shade like that. Unnecessary and really wasn’t funny anyway.

  • Michael Bishop

    You fail to take into consideration a few things:
    1. We have only seen what had been edited for us to see, thus Kelly may have every right to return fire with fire.
    2. It was not a shady comment.
    3. It makes no difference if Kelly was on a reality show once.  Her comment was not “mocking” whoever this Erin lady is because she is on a reality show, her comments were toward Erin the inferior singer.

  • Andrew Lurker

    Superfudge, it was hilarious.  Gotta have a sick sense of humor I guess.  

  • superfudge

    1. Return with fire? If she were to have some personal beef with Erin then why be the one to take it to a public crowd? Say it to her face.
    2. How was it not shady to say how you sing your ass off and mock her singing?
    3. Who said she was mocking her for being on a reality show? I’m saying Kelly herself has been picked on for her weight and other nonsense. Having been in uncomfortable positions of being criticized you would think someone associated with being a mentor would try providing confidence to upcoming artists instead of cutting down her style of singing for being different. It’s one of the reasons why music is so generic nowadays because when something that isn’t the “norm” comes along people just close themselves off from it and would rather listen to the same song that’s ripped off from another song.

    That’s just my take.

  • Landon Cox

    The library is open!  I’d love to see Kelly read a bitch

  • Anonymous

    What does Kelly’s weight have to do with that girl being a horrible singer. Why can’t Kelly say it publicly? The woman sounded like the unseen parents from a Charlie Brown Peanuts special. True? Why must she say otherwise?

  • superfudge

    “Horrible” is in the ears of the beholder. Erin was clearly good enough to have one of her songs featured on Pretty Little Liars and there’s artists out there like Lana Del Ray who is pretty polarizing herself. Just because Erin’s voice isn’t conventional doesn’t make it horrible.

  • Christa Bailey

    I thought Kelly was hilarious and OMG her voice is freaking amazing!!! Erin Martin should never have won against those brothers. What a joke. They were so much better than her. Kelly is so naturally funny. I cannot wait for her new show. I am excited to hear her sing every week!!!

  • Christa Bailey

    Kelly is honest and tells it like it is. Loved the video!

  • Christa Bailey

    Relax. Erin could not have been serious or she does not belong in a singing competition. Those brothers were better and should have been chosen. Kelly is honest to a fault. Maybe it bothered her that the girl was making dumb noises instead of singing. Kelly tells it like it is. I love her honesty. And she is funny as hell.

  • heartly

    This cover isn’t my favorite of the ones that she’s done this tour, but it was pretty darn good still.

    I got a kick out of her banter.  Very off the cuff and open.  oh and Kelly, can you maybe do What’s Up before the tour is over?

  • Pam

    Kelly was dead on about Erin.  That impression was hilarious with a capital “H”. Hee!

    That cover of Beautiful was ridiculously good!

    Thanks mj!

  • Leandro

    I saw even some of The Voice’s contestants indirectly criticizing Erin, why shouldn’t Kelly? Just based on her disgusting attitude and the fact that she renovates with her gimmicks the expression “can’t sing”, everyone gets a free pass to criticize her.

  • Justin


    Why can’t Kelly say it publicly?

    She already did.

    Now people can criticize her for it, love her for it, agree with her or be meh about it. And they are allowed to say all of it.

    I personally don’t like when reality show alumni criticize someone still in the competition (unless it is constructive well-meant criticism), no matter who they are, because they are in certain position of power with their careers already being established. And Kelly was part of the Voice on top of that. She should know better than go after a cheap laugh.

    I’m sure the girl whoever that is is feeling pretty sh*tty right now. It’s just not the nicest thing to do. After the competition is over everything is fair square but now? keep it to yourself Kelly.

  • Dillon

    It wasn’t bitchy at all and she has the right to think what she wants. It sounds like you may be a fan of Erin, which I have no idea why you would be, she is a terrible singer and is only in the competition because of her looks.

    The difference between Kelly being on a reality show and Erin, is that Kelly is actually a good singer and won, Erin, not a good singer and wont win. The end.

  • Chrissy

    I thought the comment was funny and it’s true. Kelly’s voice is amazing. <3

  • Anonymous

    Kelly is dangerously close to becoming a b****, and not in a smart or powerful way.  She’s always snarking on someone,
    it seems.  But she gets a pass because so many think of as QUEEN KELLY. 
    I don’t know how Erin sounds, but I find Kelly to be rude and uses the
    “I’m just so honest” shtick to cover for her snotty attitude.  For
    someone about to hit 30, Kelly acts like a teenaged brat.  She has a
    right to her an opinion, but it can’t be expected that all of us will
    appreciate it or find it funny.

  • Anonymous

    Would Kelly have mocked Erin if she had chosen Blake instead of Ceelo? Just asking.

    I liked Erin’s blind audition, but I agree with Joel McHale when he said that her battle performance with the Shields Brothers (“Wayne’s World! Party time! Excellent!”) sounded like Bjork trying to sing with Tenacious D.

    Joel McHale, however, is a comedian, and it’s his job to make fun of everyone. I don’t think it was very nice of Kelly to take a cheap shot at Erin. The girl is just trying to launch her career. It felt like bullying to me.

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    I know right…Erin Martin scares me. The yelps, hiccups and ungodly noises emitted from this amazon that are, apparently, pleasing to Cee Lo, are lost on me. Is Cee Lo just a real horn dog or is he ‘seeing’ (hearing) something I am not?

  • Anonymous

    Loved Kellys response to Erins singing, she said what the judges really wanted to say, Erin is a condescending, conceited nut and sings like one.  If she was anything other than that I would not agree to what Kelly said but the girl opened herself up to that.  It made me sick to see her go through because of her outfit, because it most certainly was not because of her voice

  • Paul Xander

    It’s really hard to achieve a cover song, especially is the song you are singing belongs to such a great singer. I think Kelly is also awesome, so she did an amazing job at this song. Covers are hard, because when you are listening you already have an idea in your head of what the song sounds like, if you think you have what it takes to make a cover of ‘beautiful’ you should go to makeastar dot come and submit your very own song and make some cash (if you win ;)

  • Sassycatz

    I had stopped watching The Voice, so I had to go and look the performance up on Youtube. Yeah, that girl’s voice was … um, “strange” and she seemed to be getting by on her “other assets.” However, the guys she sang with were also pretty dire. The whole thing kind of sucked to my ears and Kelly didn’t mention the guys. Which leads me to ask, has Kelly been calling out other bad reality show singers and I just haven’t been paying attention? There certainly have been others — on The Voice, on X-Factor, on AGT, on Idol. Have we forgotten, Idol used to devote weeks of its season to bad singing? And the fact that she mentions Erin Martin’s looks also makes me wonder, has Kelly noticed all the actual artists out there getting by on their looks with limited vocal ability? (Some of them even “win” Grammys!) Why, we just had one such person on Idol as a guest last week! And, Katie Stevens did a marvelous impression of her on that THR web program that Shirley hosts. But, in that case, it’s an artist “shooting” upward to someone with way more connections, money, notoriety, fame than she has, while Kelly was “shooting” downward at someone trying to break into the business, which does, on the face of it, come off seeming mean spirited.

  • Landon Cox

    Cee-Lo was voting with his genitals, we all know it